Tuesday, November 12, 2019

DesignerCon Exclusives from The Toy Chronicle

    You may have heard of The Toy Chronicle, the designer toys news website that pretty much has the lock on reporting nearly every release in this crazy niche world we've all found ourselves a part of.   Seriously, they posted five articles yesterday about toys people haven't even thought of yet.  Crazy, right?   And while it has yet to be proven that they have kidnapped the Oracle of Delphi, they do work hard sharing what they love with collectors all over.

    In a few weeks they'll be heading to DesignerCon and will have some special release in tow. As of right now I'm aware of two of their exclusives that are bound together by their common appreciation for the color yellow.  First up is BigShot ToyWork's popular Tiny Guardian Shi Shi sofubi cat.  Cast in school bus yellow, this kitty is limited to only 30 pieces, priced at $50 each,  and will both figuratively and literally brighten your day.  He's a beacon of friggin light, that little guy is.

    Next up is Dribble, who reminds me of that meme where the kitten has his entire muzzle covered in some sort of ick and then the bottom is captioned "I frowned up".  In case you haven't seen it here it is for your viewing pleasure:

      Like these figures, this post has developed a distinct theme, and that theme is KITTENS!!!!!  Dribble was created by Skeletonbolts and Choots and their six inch wide blobby drool monster is limited to just 5 pieces and will sell for $150 each.  Both of these releases and other assorted Toy Chronicle branded items can be had by visiting booth number 3424 during the convention.

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