Tuesday, August 18, 2020

The Toy Chronicle Exclusive Lil Qwiky 5oz Canbot by Czee13 x Quiccs

 If you think I don't have a story about the New York Knicks, who inspired the colorway of this latest Lil Qwiky, then you have underestimated me my friend.  Buckle up while I take you on a journey back to the 1993 NBA playoffs.  When I was a wee little Chris I liked basketball, probably because I was tall and if you're taller than everyone else in your class then you are destined to be picked first no matter your skill level. And I was all about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls so naturally when they played the Knicks me and my best bro hunkered down to watch.  We were at his house and before the game we got the brilliant idea to run around outside and throw hunks of dirt at each other.  Why? Because teenage boys make no damn sense and we have no concept of our own mortality.  It was dark out and he lobbed some god forsaken mass of earth towards me and I never saw it until it hit me in the head.  It hurt like the dickens (I lived down south, everything hurt like the dickens) but apart from the headache I thought I was fine.  Until the warmth cascaded down my face and I realized I was bleeding.  We both ran into the house; my friend scared to death cause he was afraid his creepy uncle he lived with would kill him, and me scared that I'd have to go and get stitches.  A ruined towel and and a lot of pressure later, I managed to stop the geiser in my forehead, we ate some chicken nuggets cooked in grease that had seen the Civil War, and the Bulls went on to win the championship.  'Merica.

   That story and the subsequent scar in my hairline will last way longer than this Toy Chronicle exclusive figure from Czee13 and Quiccs.  Some of you will rather easily guarantee yourself one of these 100 figures produced by Clutter Magazine.  Others of you will destroy your keyboards trying to secure one when they officially release on August 20th.  There are a few different ways you can ensure you're not forced to pay eBay prices for this insanely popular figure and you can find out all about them by clicking this link.  

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