Thursday, December 6, 2012

Holiday Foster from Super7

    Every year for Christmas my mom makes cookies that leave me crippled. They're so good I sometimes replace entire meals with them. I eat them until I feel sick, lay down until I feel better, then I eat some more. I don't know if you can bake with heroin, but the addiction level is right up there with the strongest opiates. Then in January, when my supply runs out, I'm left a shaking, paranoid mess for about a week before I can rejoin society. I need more but she won't make them. Why do they only have to be for Christmas? It makes no logical sense other than it's keeping me from growing to 800 pounds and becoming a shut in who relies on Chinese food delivery people for companionship.

    This is the holiday edition of Foster from Super7. He's all decked out with red and green sprinkles and pink filling. You know a smiling cookie that has already taken a bite out of himself is gonna mess you up. You'll be in rehab in no time after partaking in this guy. So don't eat him, just put him on your shelf and pretend he's not tempting you with his addictive deliciousness. Add him to your collection today at noon Pacific time for $25 by going to

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Nathan Hamill Holiday Sale

Nathan Hamill is one of the good guys in the toy world. Are there bad guys? Of course there are, cause how else would we know who is cool if they're weren't any jerks that made in painfully obvious? He's such an awesome dude that he has decided to make everything in his webstore 25% off starting tomorrow, December 6th until January 1st. All you have to do is enter the code HAMILLHOLIDAY at checkout and you'll save some cash. Check out all the cool stuff he has by going to

New Stuff from Dudebox

    Dudebox has had a pretty amazing first year.  They've released a ton of product, had the biggest booth at New York Comic Con, and are exposing the toy world to even more artists that we may have otherwise never discovered.  So how do you wrap up such a big outing?  Well, you release even more toys.  

     The guy you see above was created by 2much.  He stand nearly 8 inches tall and is limited to only 300 pieces.  Thats a pretty big toy and it will only set you back $35 to add him to your collection.  Someone can actually make affordable, large scale vinyl toys?  It's like wizardry or something.  

    But why stop there?  They also decided to release another set of mini figures as well featuring the artistic talents of Attaboy, Dust, and more.  These guys are blind boxed and sell for $9.95 each.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Molten Lava and Sewer Sludge Dunnys from OsirisOrion

    If you were to have these guys infest your home the only thing you could do is burn it down.  Just look at em.  They want to eat you.  You don't get teeth like that from being a vegan.

    These are the Molten Lava and Sewer Sludge Dunnys from OsirisOrion.  These frightening little things are available for preorder until December 7th for $60 each or a set for $100.  Only 5 of each will be sold individually and 5 sets will be made available.  If you like scary critters this is the deal for you!  Hurry, operators are standing by at

Apocalypse Calaverita Skull by The Beast Brothers

    Well, we've almost reached the end my friends.  If that whole Mayan calendar is correct we only have a few weeks left to go before hellfire and brimstone overtake the Earth and turn the lights on human existence.  Or if you're reasonable you already know its a bunch of crap and haven't yet quite your job in a effort to fit everything in from your bucket list.  Either way, buying one of these won't be something you'll regret now or in your impending after life.  

    This Apocalypse Calaverita from The Beast Brothers is limited to only 21 hand painted pieces and go on sale this Friday, December 7th, at 1pm eastern time.  

    If you don't get lucky enough to snag one of those you could always pick up the sofubi version for a mere $60.  Whatever you decide to do you can get them at

Monday, December 3, 2012

Seven of Nine Femme Fatales Statue from Diamond Select

    Ok, so this figure of Star Trek's Seven of Nine doesn't come out until the summer, but I thought knowing of it's impending release may help some of you brave the cold like good little troopers.

    You don't have to kid yourself any longer, we know this is the only reason anyone watched Voyager.  She was the hottest robot on tv since that maid from The Jetsons, and now you can set up a shrine to her in your very own home courtesy of the folks at Diamond Select Toys.  Seems like all of the websites offering preorders have their prices set around the $40 mark, but you have plenty of time to squirrel away your lunch money.  

Silver Gipper Bust by Frank Kozik

    Yeah, I post a lot of things that Frank Kozik makes.  And it's not just because he's promised me a play date with Edward Goralsky either.  It's because he makes stuff that I want to own.  That's pretty much the whole premise of this website, it's a giant wish list that I add snarky commentary to and hope that someone will take the hint and buy me all of it.  So far I have failed at everything but the commentary.  

    This is the silver version of his Gipper bust.  This Ronnie Raygun bust stands 16 inches tall and is limited to only 50 pieces in the entire world.  It's a great way to start your own presidential memorial library/litter box room.  They're $200 a pop and only available from the Kozik family themselves at