Wednesday, November 4, 2015

"It's a F.A.D." Funny from J*RYU in Kidrobot Exclusive Patina Finish

    You see this tombstone here?  I have no idea who this lady is, but I feel we would have been great friends.  It all has to do with my belief that she planned to have her final resting place adorned with super sick patina.   Now I have more reason for thinking this than just being a nut ball, because I took this picture in Laurel Hill Cemetary, which was actually created as a tourist attraction by who else, the Victorians.  So I figure the people buried there really put some thought into giving visitors something cool to see and remember them by.  This woman was acutely aware of the oxidation process and knew that years down the road, the patina covering her marker would increase in how bangin' it was.  That's some thinking I can get behind.

    I am completely in love with this toy, admittedly a lot has to do with the sick finish that everyone knows I'm so fond of, but J*RYU and Kidrobot really outdid themselves with this Dunny in every aspect.    I love how the figure is not necessarily a character, but is focused on the various ornamental details covering it.  Just go ahead and throw out some of your other toys to make room for this monstrous 20 inch beauty.  Or better yet sell em off, cause something this stunning, and large, don't come cheap.  It's gonna run you $500, which is a little too rich for my blood, but I desperately wish it wasn't.  In fact, my new goal in life is to get to a place of financial security where making such a toy investment would be like buying a loaf of bread.  Maybe I should give that nice man a call that offered to harvest my kidney a few months back.  Hopefully he's cleaned the place up a little and stopped letting the goats sleep in the operating room.  I better have my tombstone picked out just in case.

    You can only get this edition from, or their locations in San Francisco and Las Vegas starting this Friday, November 6th at 9am MST.

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