Thursday, April 17, 2014

Rotofugi Exclusive Jyujin from Mutant Vinyl Hardcore and GEEK!

    Is this what everyone is always looking for on those monster hunting shows?  I hate those programs, because they never find squat.  Actually, I hate any program that goes hunting for the supernatural or mythological creatures because there is no payoff.  Let me dramatically recreate for you every episode of every one of those tv shows that have ever existed:

****Bunch of idiots with expensive equipment walking around in places that will require a tetanus afterwards.  Picture it in your mind's eye.****

Idiot one:  (stops suddenly and puts out his arms to signal everyone to stop as well)  "Shhh Shhh.  Did you hear that?"

Idiot two:  (looks spooked and turns up his super sonic listening device then holds his headphones tight to his ear)

Idiot one:  "Let's check our traps."

****The gaggle of morons walks slowly so they don't scare the majestic creature/raccoon away.***

Idiot one:  "I knew that sounded like a bigfoot.  Look at the trap.  He took a big bite out of that fruitcake we left here and must have run away when he heard us coming.  This is the real deal fellas"

    Multiply that by 13 and you have an entire season of stupidity.  

    When one of those dudes brings back something that looks like this Jyujin from GEEK!, then I'll be impressed.  This big hunk o plastic was expertly painted by Rich from Mutant Vinyl Hardcore and is an exclusive to Rotofugi.  You want to add this mythical beast to your collection?  Well, you've got till tomorrow (Friday, April 18th) at noon Central time to enter the lottery for your chance to get one.  If you win you then gotta pay $165.  If you lose, well, you lose.  Enter it now by going to

Freddy Krueger Bishoujo Figure from Kotobukiya

    The rules of horror films state that if you're a scantily clad attractive female, you can expect to die in a pretty horrible, often times humiliating, way.  But what if the killer was the scantily clad girl?  Who then is the number one victim?  Do they go around killing monsters and escaped mental patients?  Now my head hurts.

     Kotobukiya is turning the world of horror films upside down with their Freddy vs. Jason Bishoujo figures.  Do you realize how many dudes would get killed if she was in an actual film? It's easy to stay the hell away from a dude that is covered in burns and has steak knives taped to his fingers, but no guy would ever run from this girl.  He'd be like "so, can I uh, call you sometime?" right before getting his bowels strung up from the rafters.  The male population would dwindle down to nothing.  And every guy would want to watch this film cause of the half naked girls, regardless of whether they're sociopathic murderers or not.  Call me Hollywood,  this is box office gold.  

    Freddy is the first movie monster to get the hot chick makeover, but they are creating a Jason version as well.  Look at the abs on her?  Evidently she does Crossfit to prepare for a night of slaughtering campers.  Freddy is up for preorder now on Entertainment Earth and if you click on the link to the right there to place your order, I make a few bucks, which helps me feed my cats.  Those guys eat like a plague of locusts.  

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

"Our Father" Darth Vader Resin Sculpture from Sket One

    Guess what?  I just spent your tax return for you.  I apologize in advance to all the people you swore you'd pay back when you got your "taxes did", but this is more important.  This massive Darth Vader resin is the work of Sket-One, who has just upped the game when it comes to religious-inspired art.  And he wasn't shy about it either, cause this sucker stands a little over two feet tall and weighs 10 pounds.  This may be the greatest thing you will ever own that can double as an anti-burglary weapon.  Now, before you lose your mind past the point of no return, this Lord of the Sith ain't cheap.  For this massive piece it will set you back $999.  Also keep in mind that Sket estimates that this will cost about $200 just to ship but he will make accommodations for you to pick it up in person if you wanna go to California.  It could be like an awesome pilgrimage!  Only 25 of these behemoths were produced and will go on sale this Friday, April 18th.  For those of us that already blew our tax returns on wrestling tickets and trips to the vet, he will also be offering prints and prayer candles (oh, I'm gonna need one of those my friends) through  I better see some serious shrines created by anyone that buys this.  You might wanna go ahead and empty a room of your house just so you can do it justice.  

Pieces from Monster Brawl Group Show Available Online Now!

    While I was slaving away at work last Saturday the folks at Monstor Kolor were holding a killer group show featuring Plaseebo, Jay222, and Miscreation Toys.  And by killer I mean that everything on display looks like it could kill you.  These toys are serious nightmare fuel and they are available right now for you to purchase online.  Check out a few pieces below.  If you'd like to buy these or a ton of other equally awesome creations, visit

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Freaky Fritz Hateball Sets from Frank Kozik

    Yesterday I had jury duty.  I've never had jury duty before so I really didn't know what to expect.  They never have episodes of Law & Order where they focus only on the jury selection process, but it turned out to be kind of interesting.  At first we just sat in a room for three hours and I listened to everyone gripe about how they didn't want to be there, but when we got to the actual courtroom things got real interesting real quick.  The dude was on trial for murder and I desperately wanted to be on this jury.  Things were going swimmingly until the defense decided they would exercise their right to toss me out. When I was in college I had completed an internship with a local police department's forensic unit and I think that's what made him think twice.  Now I have to go to my regular job and listen to people gripe about why they don't want to be there.  

    That story is decidedly unrelated to these toys.  I just wanted to share with you how I spent my Monday.  I'm really excited to finally see these Freaky Fritz figures from Frank Kozik become available.  The great thing about the internet is it's allowed me to follow the process of their creation along, from his original drawings, to the digital sculpture by Bigshot Toyworks, to their eventual 3D forms in Japanese vinyl.  These sets come with two different size heads and two lucky customers will win one of the full figures as seen in the third picture.  They're limited to 30 sets and go on sale tomorrow, April 16th, at noon Pacific time for $65 with signed and numbered header cards.  

myplasticheart Exclusive Bedtime Bunnies from Peter Kato

     Cancel your plans today folks, cause this is more important.  Unless you didn't file your taxes yet, in which case you better fill out those forms and make a quick trip to the post office so you don't have to go to jail.  Happy tax day everyone!

    The last time Peter Kato released these Bedtime Bunnies they sold out pretty quickly, so I would expect the same thing to happen with this batch when they release today from myplasticheart.  This assortment of 20 figures will be sold blind with a special gold chase version included in the mix.  And they're only $20, so keep an eye on their website for when they're available.  

Friday, April 11, 2014

Monsters & Mecha/Skelevex Offerings for ToyCon UK

    Do you like fuzzy monster critters? Do you like skulls?  Do you like professional wrestling?  Well, two out of three of those will be available at the Monsters & Mecha/ Skelevex booth at tomorrow's ToyCon UK.  Just look at all this cool stuff they have.  I'm officially jealous of all of you that get to go to this event.  Booth #32 is poised and ready to take all of your money.  I would probably buy all of the Skelevex because each time I look at one I want it more and more.  And then I'd be broke and I'd have to paddle across the Atlantic Ocean to get back home, which would probably make me extremely late for work.