Friday, March 29, 2013

Dynamite Rex at Wondercon

    I want one of these!  Dynamite Rex will be at Wondercon starting today and look at the neat stuff they're bringing with them.  These resin figures are really cool.  I've always loved the double cast, visible skeleton look and it really adds a creepiness to an otherwise cute figure.  They have both 3 inch and 6 inch versions of these guys.  

    They also have a 3 inch clear Candy Series of resin figures and a 6 inch DIY vinyl toy for those of us that attempt to be artistic every now and then.  Pay them a visit at booth #977 all weekend.  

Papabehr Kickstarter

    Most of the time when you rip the head off of a toy you get thrown out of Target for scarring children.  For some reason people have a thing against plastic decapitation, but pretty soon that's gonna change because of this guy right here.  Meet Papabehr, a crazy, mechanized mammal that is hiding a USB drive in his neck.  Just pop his head off and store all your important documents/pictures that will prevent you from ever holding public office.  And of course they'll be safe there, cause this bear has a sword and a hug shoulder-mounted gun thingy.

    If you want one of these for yourself you gotta help make him a reality by checking out his Kickstarter page.  We all know how these work by now:  there are different levels of pledges you can make and different rewards that go with each one, like t-shirts and art prints.  So check out their page here and get this dude funded.  

Super Series Sunday from Kid Ink Industries x Tenacious Toys

    Forget dragging your kids to the mall to take their pictures with some weirdo dressed up as a rabbit.  This Easter, save the money you would normally spend on traumatizing them for life and get yourself something nice instead.  Or two somethings.  

    Tenacious Toys continues their ongoing Super Series Sunday releases with Kid Ink Industries and these resin Sumo Troopers.  The blue one will be offered through Tenacious Toys, while the red one will be for sale through the Kid Ink Industries Hazarai shop.  They will be sold blind bagged because mixed in the editions will be glow in the dark and hand painted versions.  Only 25 of the blue and 15 of the red exist and they will be $30 each.   Get yours on March 31st at 4pm eastern time.  

Wondercon Exclusives from DeKorner

    So many things are going on at Wondercon it makes me wanna call in sick and hop a plan to California.  Yes, we all know that's not gonna happen, but once the money starts rolling in from this website that's how I'm gonna live.  Flying all over the world and buying toys.  Wait, there's no money in being a toy blogger?  I'm going to shoot my life coach in the face.

DeKorner will be at Wondercon with a ton of exlcusives so let's run down the list of what they have:

    Andrew Bell's Can of Worms from Bic Plastics will be debuting its Bloodworm Edition.  $50 for you good sir.  

    They will also have a special Yellow Gummy Deadbeet set from Scott Tolleson.  You get one full size figure in clear yellow and one mini figure in solid yellow.  Scott himself will be there tomorrow from noon to 1pm to sign 'em for ya.  They'll be $77.

    Attendees will also be able to pick up the new Apologies to Banksy figures for the first time in the US. These are 3d interpretations of some of Banksy's well know stencil work.  Visit the DeKorner at booth #1179.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Despicable Me 2 Pop! Vinyl from Funko

    I'm so out of touch with what's going on in the world that I didn't even know they were making Despicable Me 2.  I really need someone to give me a daily briefing like the President gets every day so I don't get caught of guard by such things.  TMZ sure didn't inform me of it this morning.  All I know is some dude got spit on by Justin Bieber and is filing an assault charge on him.  I'm sure he's only doing that because he'll be able to sue and win lots of money, but how embarrassing would it be to be the guy who got assaulted by the Biebs?  You may get rich, but you'll forever be the biggest wuss in history.

    Back to business.  A new movie of course can mean only one thing.  Pop! Vinyl figures from Funko!  You can get them all at the beginning of May and there is still an uber secret bad guy dude that they have yet to reveal.  He is represented by the black shape at the bottom.  Just in case you thought I was going crazy and just putting random pictures up instead of ones that actually have to do with the subject matter.  Which, if you ask my wife, is a fair assumption.  

Libertas Resin Skulls from Jon-Paul Kaiser x Tru:Tek

    I would like to refine my collection a bit.  Or maybe just start a new collection, as that seems much easier and plays into my hoarding tendencies.  I want to collect art skulls.  How cool would it be to get a nice antique cabinet and fill it with nothing but brain shells?  So many have been released recently that it would be pretty easy to do, and this is where I would want to start.

    Jon-Paul Kaiser got together with Tru:Tek of Man-E-Toys to create these Libertas skulls.  These will be available at ToyConUK at Jon's booth (which he is sharing with Richard Page of UME Toys).  There are 10 of the regular version available for £65 and only 5 of the Scribed version for £80.  These guys are stunning and if you're able to pick one up you should email your address so I can come rob, I mean visit, you.  I'll bring cookies.  

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Shmurfy Dead Beet Sets from Scott Tolleson

    You can't pay kids enough to actually eat them, but in plastic form they sell out like they're made of solid gold.  No, I'm not talking about cyanide pills, I'm talking about Scott Tolleson's Dead Beet figures.   They're insanely popular and are always snatched up moments after they go on sale.  This time he's paying tribute to everyone's favorite blue midgets with a set of Shmurfy Beets.  You get one of the blue bodied ones and one of the white bodied ones all for $130.  They go on sale this Friday at 10am Pacific time at and only 20 sets are available.  

Fossilized Morrow from Taylored Curiosites

    When I was in kindergarten I was positive I was going to grow up to be an archaeologist.  I was going to travel the world and dig up dead things for fun and profit.  It seemed like a great plan, but then I thought "I should really work retail instead, it seems more lucrative."  No one said I was the best at making decisions.  

    Taylored Curiosities is taking the leg work out of searching for ancient corpses by creating these Fossilized Morrows.  They're weird critters who lived a long time ago and have now left behind little hints of their existence.  Each one is hand made and comes with a miniature book explaining their story.    If you would like one that's more personal you can even create your own to order.  They're available now at

Wondercon Exclusives from Jesse Hernandez

    That's some serious shine coming off of these figures.  Jesse Hernandez and Kuso Vinyl are trying to add some treasure-worthy items to your collection this weekend at Wondercon.  You're gonna need some lasers, a few nasty guard dogs, and a crack security team to keep these safe.  Only 15 of each were made and they will retail for $130, which is nothing when you think of what Indiana Jones is gonna go through to try and steal them.  

    You don't think Jesse would come with just two exclusives?  Thats not how he rolls.  He comes with an entire Uhaul truck of goods.  This Jaguar Knight from Pobber Toys is an exclusive to Bait and they will release 15 of them per day at booth #1173.  And it glows in the dark.  And it does your taxes.  Only one of those things is true.  

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Wondercon Exclusives from Super7

    Have any of you seen House of Cards on Netflix?  Normally I'm not one for political anything, but that show is phenomenal.  The wife and eye watched all 13 episodes in 2 days, which will tell you how good it is and also how we need to get out more.  The rest of this post has absolutely nothing to do with what you've just read.

    Wondercon is this weekend in Anaheim, and while it is a tad to far for me to drive to, some of you other lucky folks can go and pillage all the exclusive toy releases.  Super7 will be there and will have 3 figures in an attempt to bleed you of your money so that your Netflix account gets cancelled (see, I tied it all together).  I really really really want that Happy Cola Pocket Mummy Boy.  He looks just like that gummy cola candy that tastes yummy as it rips your dental work out.  Only $25 and you can mail one straight to me.  Sure I'll pay you back, maybe before you even have to take me to Judge Judy.  

    Maybe a Glowing Frost Rose Vampire is more your speed.  Well guess what?  They'll have one of those waiting for you.  It won't have your name on it because that would deface the figure, but you'll be able to tell it's yours when you hear it whispering the lyrics to your favorite Taylor Swift song.  Again, only $25.  I'm sensing a theme here.  

    "You know Chris, I'm more into collecting anthropomorphic ice cream cones than anything, it's a shame that they don't cater to my interests."  Don't be silly pee pants, of course they have that.  And why not make it pink and glow in the dark, just to throw and extra bit of something something on there for ya?  Done.  "But I only have $25 in my budget the whole convention."  Let me see what I can do for you, oh wait, done.  I actually had nothing to do with any of it but I will take the credit.  Visit booth #1166 to buy cool stuff.  

Alice: Madness Returns Figure from Diamond Select Toys

    I'm not gonna lie to you, this game bored me to tears.  The idea was sound, the graphics and design were cool, I just couldn't bring myself to enjoy it.  But since I do enjoy a good revamp of classic tales I gave it my all.  

    As I mentioned before, I did enjoy the design of the game and thankfully that's all that matters when it comes to this figure from Diamond Select Toys.  This is the title character dressed in her royal suit, looking rather fetching and murderous at the same time.  You can pick her up next month from comic shops and specialty stores.  

Monday, March 25, 2013

ToyConUK Exclusives from The Hang Gang

    Every time I write about this guy I feel the need to remind you that there is an actual animal called a wooper looper and that is it's real name.  Google that sucker and marvel at how cool nature can be.  

    This Wooper Looper was made by Gary Ham and is an exclusive to The Hang Gang at ToyConUK.  Only 35 were made in this color and they also will have 5 unpainted ones that you can make look however you want, or just leave 'em naked and exposed to the elements.  Your choice says a lot about you,  and I won't tell you which one makes you a sociopath.  Bwahahahaha.   

    Of course they didn't stop there.  They also teamed up with Jeff Lamm and Unbox Industries for this exclusive Spike Wad.  Only 10 of these guys were made and they have pink flocking!!!!  So fuzzy!!!  Jeff Lamm will be in attendance so you can get him to sign it, or give him a high five, or buy him lunch.  He's probably down for all of that.  

UME Toys Resin Releases for ToyConUK

    You know what I've accomplished today?  I beat Tomb Raider while in my underwear.  That is literally it.  Granted, it's snowing outside and the roads are bad, but I could have done something more productive. I could have at least put pants on.  Richard from UME Toys has managed to be much busier than me as he has created a ton of new resin pieces for ToyConUK.  These are but some of them and if you would like to see more you can check out his Flickr page here

Friday, March 22, 2013

Big Metal Fan Resin Figure from Hungry for Imps

    It seems like everyone is making their own toys now.  Which is good, cause it's better to be out there creating stuff than sitting outside of a 7-11 with a brown bag of party juice trying to pick up soccer moms and reliving your glory days to the local juggalos.  I applaud creative endeavors, which is why I'm always happy to get emails from someone who's out there making things happen.

    This guy, who looks like he would haunt Judas Priest's tour bus, was made by Hungry for Imps.  He only made five of them and you can pick one up today at 5pm from  for $20.  

Super Series Sunday from Task One x Tenacious Toys

    Who doesn't love the Muppets?  Well, maybe communists and violent felons, but just about everyone else does.  Hell, I'll go and watch Muppets Take Manhattan right now and thoroughly enjoy it and there's not much you can do about it.  My favorite guys are the rats that work as cooks in the diner.  Still cleaner than eating at McDonald's.

    Task One is continuing his Pillaging Pop Culture blind box series with three new figures this week.  Buy one for $40 or all three for $100.  These will be on sale through Tenacious Toys for their Super Series Sundays release on March 24th at 4pm Eastern time.  Once these figures go on sale, the previous three will no longer be available, so act now if you want to complete your set.  Or if you want to prove you're a baller, you can get all 18 figures for $600 and not worry yourself about on sale dates.  

DC Comics Mystery Minis from Funko

    Can you ever have too much Batman?  All signs point to no (remember Magic 8 Ball?  do they still make those?)  Funko is releasing these Mystery Mini blind boxed figures on April 24th and they look pretty cool.  My only gripe would be that there's no Harley Quinn figure, but other than that I like these little guys.  You can check out all the variations and the assortment rate below.  

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hug The Killer Glow Edition from Mighty Jaxx

    You need Hug the Killer in your life.  I got the original version in the mail yesterday and I love this murderous worm.  Now Mighty Jaxx have added a glow in the dark version to add to your collection.  They only made 50 of them and they are available right now from  If you buy a lot of them you could save money on your electric bill.  Or you'll just have a creepy army of glow critters that want to eat your face.  Either way is cool.

Reason I'm Slacking Today: Tomb Raider

    I can't be productive every day of my life can I?  Add to that a foxy treasure hunter with an English accent reminiscent of a teenage Nigella Lawson and rest assured that my responsibilities in life will pass by unnoticed.  Yes, I've gotten my hand on the newest Tomb Raider game and it has sucked me in.  It's like Uncharted but with eye candy.  And she's not just a looker, because 5 minutes into the game she lands on a piece of rebar that pierces her back and pops clean through to the other side.  Does that deter her?  Nope, she just reaches down, pulls it out, and hobbles on.  She didn't call in sick, or sit around in her pajama pants all day, she got things done.  Things like shooting guys in the head with a bow and arrow, and shooting guys in the head with a pistol.  You know, girl stuff.

New Tee from Matt Anderson x Outsmart Originals

    Matt Anderson makes some crazy stuff.  His work moves well beyond the boundaries of what a toy is and brings it to the level of art.  They're big and unapologetic, which makes them interesting.  Now you can wear the maverick toy sculptor's work with you wherever you go.  Just remember to wash it every once and awhile so you don't smell like a yeti.

    This tee is available now from Outsmart Originals for only $20.  Get one now or risk getting throat punched.  I think that would hurt.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Purple Haze Zombie Fighter from Secret Base x Super7

    There's this big controversy over whether or not to let this lady who was once a dude fight other ladies in MMA.  It's kinda strange I must say, but it doesn't address the real issue of our times.  Do we let zombies fight regular humans?  They don't feel pain (unless you shoot them in the head), they will never yield to whatever submission hold you try, and they bite which is a big no no in the rule books.  Now if we started a zombie fighting league that would be entertainment.  And 100% better than that robot fighting crap that SyFy is trying to sell us as being cool.  It's not.

    If zombie fighting were a legit, sanctioned sport, my money would be on this guy from Secret Base and Super7.  After all, he's got two heads, which equals twice the concussion-sustaining power.  And he also looks like he's taken some serious damage and still come back for more, kinda like Lindsay Lohan.  You can add him to your stable of fighters tomorrow at noon Pacific time at

Game of Thrones Series 2 Pop! Vinyl from Funko

    HBO is expensive and mean.  Why won't they put their programming on Netflix?  Why do they charge so much for DVD box sets?  They drive me insane, but luckily I don't have to play into their corporate tyranny any longer and I can reenact their best show with these figures for a fraction of the cost.

    Funko is releasing the second series of Game of Thrones toys on April 11th just in time for the return of the show (for all of you rich folks).  But who needs it when a camcorder and a few of your friends will do.  Plus you can cut out all the weird incest parts and add more dragons.  

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Megaseth from Lisa Rae Hansen x

    We've all seen dudes like this at shows.  He has tour t-shirts older than you are.  He used to roadie for Motorhead in '86 before they got fired for getting more groupies than Lemmy.  He is the world's biggest metal fan.  Megaseth is the original disciple of loud guitars and songs about wizards and now he can come home with you to guard your record collection against infiltration by the likes of Justin Bieber.

    Created by Lisa Rae Hansen and produced by, this resin figure is limited to 10 of each version at ToyConUK; one at Lisa's (I Break Toys) booth and the other at the booth.  There is also a special chase version of each figure, so they are blind boxed.  Each one also comes with guitar picks, buttons, mini print, and concert ticket.  If any are left over they will be put on their respective websites.  May the gods of metal shine upon you, or something.

Sons of Anarchy Die Cast Motorcycles from Maisto

    Is there any guy out there that watches Sons of Anarchy that doesn't wish they could be a part of the craziness?  Sure, you're pretty much guaranteed to get murdered, but it seems like a great time up until then.  Your day job involves riding around on your Harley, being a bad ass, selling guns and getting women.  It's the American dream condensed into hour long episodes.  But since I don't think I would have the best time in jail, I should probably stick to writing about toys and petting my cats.  Seems a bit safer that way.

    Now it's easier to live out our outlaw fantasies with these die-cast bikes from the show.  Maisto has released the rides of Jax, Clay and Opie.  They're popping up in stores now and most online sites have em priced at around $30 for the set of three.