Friday, May 31, 2013

Aloha Diggler from Splurrt x D-Lux

    Check out this bro in his bright summer colors.  And he glows in the dark like a kid from Chernobyl?  Sold.  I love the toys Splurrt makes, and while I wouldn't normally be into these bright colors, they really do work for this figure.  D-Lux did the custom paint on these and you can pick one up from jis webstore tomorrow (June 1) at 3pm Eastern time.  You better bookmark if you hope to score one.  These guys will sell quickly and if you don't get one you will be thrown into a deep depression made all the darker because you don't have this toy to glow like a beacon of hope.  This is how you die.

Weirdos In Space: Wave 1 featuring Rampage Toys and Blurble

    Does a title ever get more descriptive?  There is no ambiguity about what you're going to get here.  You're going to get some freaky looking dudes that some how found their way into the final frontier.  It's a drastic difference from when you buy one of those tv dinners and it looks so delicious on the box, yet when you heat it up in looks like a possum got sick on a plate.  Disappointment and diarrhea every time.  

    These space travelers are the work of Rampage Toys and Blurble, while their alien craft was made by Tru:Tek.  Ten of each design were made in random colors and they will be $24 each.  You can pick one up when they go on sale today (May 31) at 9pm London time at

Rock 'n' Roll Uamou at Toy Art Gallery

    I would gladly trade all of the casinos near my house for a ton of folks that were into toys and a place like Toy Art Gallery to put them on display.  You can have all the elderly women in their sequined sweaters that guard rows of slot machines like a pit bull in a junk yard while they chain smoke and gamble away inheritances.  You can have the barrage of prostitutes and drug dealers that peddle their wares with a tenacity of a used car salesman.  You can't have the Ripleys Believe It or Not Museum though, that place is worth keeping.  But you can take the bootleg t-shirt shops and the guys whose hair gel weighs more than all of the books in their house.  Let me know when you're ready to deal.

    I am envious of anyone who is lucky enough to live near Toy Art Gallery, and I remind you of that every time I write about them.  Tomorrow they will be opening their new show, Rock 'n" Roll Uamou with special guests RealxHead and Skull Toys.  I love those Nirvana inspired toys pictured below featuring a body clad in the best thrift store fashion and a face with that iconic smiley face logo.  I really started to get into music in the '90's, so the grunge era will always hold a special place in my heart.  They always post the remaining pieces from their shows in the days following the opening, so maybe I'll get a chance to snag one.  Keep the dream of the '90's alive!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Terror Boys Ooze from Brandt Peters x Ferg

    This is the guy that will show up when you try and park your 1970's van at an abandoned camp ground to get fresh with your girlfriend.  I'm just trying to save lives here people, because no one ever learns anything from all of the horror movies out there.  At best anyone wearing a bag over their head might just have one of those weird tumors with a tooth growing out of it and a lack of health insurance to get it dealt with.  Add in the machete and sawed off shotgun, and you know they aren't from AAA looking to help you fix a flat tire.  

    It's not ever day that I'm really impressed by a toy, but this one has managed to leave me in awe.  I love everything about it, but especially his melty face and droopy eye.  It's grotesque while still retaining a sense of innocence about it, like you could almost feel sorry for the guy and the obvious problems he's had with women.  I mean, he is running out of space in his freezer for them, which is a huge problem because he can't just go to Sears and buy another one and I've never heard of a killer with good credit, so even ordering one from the internet is out of the question.  

    You can purchase on of these dudes that Brandt Peters and Ferg made this Monday, June 3rd, at noon Central time for $105 (and that includes shipping anywhere in the world).  Only 225 were made and you can get one at

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

New Walking Dead Pop! Vinyl from Funko

    I'm about to admit something that will probably make a lot of you mad and may even get me deported.  I don't like The Walking Dead.  There,  I've said it to all 6 of you.  The benefit of admitting such a thing on the internet is that I can go about the rest of my day without having to be looked at as if I just admitted to kicking a puppy.  I also don't have to answer questions like "but what's wrong with you?" or "do you have a vitamin deficiency?"   Here are my problems with the show.  For one, I could care less about zombies.  You want to know when the zombie apocalypse is coming?  If you've ever seen anyone who thinks they have "swag" or have ever used the term "yolo" while clearly not being ironic, then you would know it's already here.  And the second reason I don't like it is because everybody is essentially the exact same person.  What makes a scenario like this interesting is the diversity of the characters.  The people of their group come from all walks of life, but over time they have all morphed into people who are just trying to survive and have lost a lot of what makes them unique.  It was far more interesting when they would have moral issues with killing the zombies, or when they would still question what was going on in the first place.  Now its just accepted as normality.

    The lone bright spot of The Walking Dead for me are the product tie ins.  They're are some clever ones out there, but I think the Pop! Vinyl toys from Funko are the best.  Why?  Because you could make anything as a Pop! Vinyl figure and it automatically becomes cool.  They could make a Charles Manson one and it would be adorable.   Even if it's something I'm not into, I come close to buying one of these whenever I see them.  These will be released July 11th.  And I still love you even if you like The Walking Dead.  But just as friends though.  Stop trying to kiss me.  

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

GI Joe Custom Show from The Loyal Subjects x Tenacious Toys x Suburban Vinyl

    We all know the GI Joe movies were garbage.  It's not debatable, as the top scientists across the globe have confirmed it to be true.  Delaying the second one a year to redo it didn't even help.  The Loyal Subjects helped remove some of the tarnish by releasing a cool blind boxed series of vinyl figures that people went nuts over, and now you can see those reinterpreted by some of the best toy customizers out there.  Tenacious Toys teamed up with Suburban Vinyl to put together this custom show that will be happening this Friday, May 31st.  All the details you need are in the pictures, so you have no excuse not to go.  Unless you live, like, really far away or have surgery scheduled for that time.  Then its ok.  

Dunny 2013 Series from Kidrobot

    As you all know, blind boxes drive me insane and for the most part I have sworn against buying them.  Except for Dunnys.  I don't know exactly what it is, but I never get tired of these little dudes from Kidrobot.  And I get especially excited when they do their yearly series and the wife and I get to spend a few hours at a trading party, sitting on the floor and opening up toys with other people just as addicted to these things as we are.  If you've never been to one they're kinda like if AA meetings served beer.  These suckers will be coming out June 14th and all of your favorite stores will be having get togethers to celebrate.  I'll be spending my 401k at Jinxed in Philadelphia.  

Friday, May 24, 2013

New Rat Fink Items from Blackbook Toy

    Ed "Big Daddy" Roth designed and built some of the craziest cars that have ever existed, but even if you've never seen one of his customs, you probably recognize Rat Fink.  He's been featured on every product type imaginable, tattooed on countless bodies, and reinterpreted by artists for decades.  Now you can class up your garage with these latest releases from Blackbook Toy.  

    First up is the new 10 inch resin big head statue.  This thing must weigh a ton and would be the first thing I grabbed if someone broke into my house.  One whack to the head and they won't remember their entire childhood.  You could also just look at it too I suppose.  

    They also have these new blind boxed mini figures.  While they won't do you much good in the realm of home defense, they are pretty cool.  And if you buy a box of 12 you're guaranteed to get the whole set.  Should all blind boxed toys be like this?  Yeah, yeah they should.  I'd consider buying them again if they were, but as of right now I get too stressed out when I get 30 of the same figure and want to punch babies.  

Super Series Sunday from Dead Hand Toys x Tenacious Toys

    These guys kinda remind me of those scrubbing bubbles that are supposed to raise hell on the grime in your bathroom.  When I was little I thought that those guys were legit and really did all the work for you, so I never understood why my mom griped about cleaning.  Imagine my disappointment when I found out this was not in fact the case and those bubbles are just as lazy as anything else that comes from a spray bottle.

    Dead Hand Toys made these Greeds by mixing three different shades of blue resin together, so each one is unique.  They will be blind bagged as part of Tenacious Toy's Super Series Sunday sale for $20 each.  These will be available this Sunday (May 26th) at

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Maskless Deadpool Pop! Vinyl from Funko

    It's a good thing Deadpool has a sense of humor, cause he's not winning anyone over with that face.  This scarred Pop! Vinyl figure from Funko will come in grey and red suited versions and will be available next month.  Of course you could preorder them now, forget about it, then be traumatized when the box gets to your house and this carved up face is staring back at you.  It's like added value or something.

Sue Resin Figure from Buff Monster x Healeymade

    This is the cutest ice cream headed, cyclops girl I've ever seen.  And I've seen a few in my day.  I grew up in Virginia after all and there's some crazy stuff going on in the woods down South.  Stuff that would blow your mind and shake the very foundations of everything you knew to be true.  

    Sue is the creation of Buff Monster and Healeymade, and they are changing her sculpt after this release.  So you better get on this before she goes under the knife, cause you never know how surgery will turn out.  These go on sale tomorrow (May 24th) at  

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Blue Wooper Looper from Gary Ham

    My wife is a fan of Tiffany's and unless I hit the lottery this may be about as close to their iconic shade of blue she's gonna get for a while.

    Gary Ham will be releasing his latest Wooper Looper this Friday (May 24th) at 11am Pacific time.  He is limited to 30 pieces and will be $60 each at  This is what a real life Wooper Looper looks like:

Eeeeek!  It's the cutest little salamander thingy you've ever seen!

Sulu Finally Gets His Own Mimobot

    Who is the most entertaining person on the internet?  The answer is George Takei (Grumpy Cat is a close second, though not necessarily a "person").  The man posts funny stuff all day long and manages to mix in doses of social awareness without it coming off as contrived.  How does he do it?  Cause he's the King of Cyberspace.  Four million people on Facebook can't be wrong.  

    Now you can finally store your favorite moments from George Takei in a device of his likeness!!!  Mimobot has created this flash drive based on George's character Sulu from Star Trek.  It even talks to you when you put it in your computer.  Oh my indeed!  They only made 1,000 of them, so act fast or be sad that all your friends got one and you didn't.

Curiosity "Pop Bomb Edition" from Nathan Hamill

    Every night when I come home from work there's this ice cream truck driving through my neighborhood playing that god awful carney music.  It wouldn't be so bad if it were a legit looking truck and not a conversion van with a air conditioner installed in one of the doors and the menu spray painted on the side.  I bet it's a mystery to him why he never has to stop even once while slowly creeping down the road.  It would be safer to answer a Craigslist ad giving away free meat than to buy ice cream from this dude. 

    And so it goes that I haven't had one of those rocket pops in years.  Those things are the best and i've suffered this injustice for too long.  So while I try and find a less serial-killy ice cream man in a nicer neighborhood, you can gaze upon these Curiosity resin figures from Nathan Hamill.  Sculpted by Julie B. and produced by Oni Creations, these 5 inch tall figures will be available this Friday at Comicpalooza in Houston, Texas for $80.  Just don't try and lick them.  I can't imagine resin tastes that great.  

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

New Arts Unknown Figures from Frank Kozik, Gary Baseman, and Doktor A

    Arts Unknown went quiet for a little while after the original release of these figures, but now they have returned with a new website and new color ways of their original trio.  I like the black and white treatment of William, Reginald, and Henry from Frank Kozik.   They look ready to jump into a classic detective scenario under a sweltering Moroccan sun.  It would probably involve a precious artifact and a beautiful girl who teeters between being good and being oh so bad.  Or they're just hipsters, hard to say.  Only 150 of these exist.

    They've also updated Gary Baseman's drug-loving Slugilicious.  Limited to 100 pieces, this guy can't wait to get into grandma's arthritis medicine and trip the light fantastic.   

    This lady has a mystery under her dress, and not the kind you find at 3am on Pacific Avenue.  This tentacled beauty from Doktor A is an edition of 250 and will no doubt devour your soul in some manner from the pages of Lovecraft.  

    Snag one, or snag them all by going to or any of your other favorite places to buy toys.  

12th Anniversary Lucky Bags from Super7

    I live pretty darn close to Atlantic City but I never go to the casinos.  You know why?  Cause I like to get stuff for my money.  I'm not big on the idea that I may empty my wallet without something to show for it.  So while these Lucky Bags from Super7 may be a gamble, you'll at least have a pile of figures for your cats to knock over.

    For $300 you get a total of 9 toys, including brand new sculpts, custom painted versions, test colors, and more.  They go on sale this Saturday, May 25th at 7pm at their San Francisco store and May 26th online.  Take a chance at

Paint Your Own Tripus with Max Toy Co. x Monster Kolor

    Let's face it, most art classes suck.  Painting pottery?  Lame.  Making friendship bracelets?  Who gives a crap.  Where are the art classes for righteous dudes, where you can learn things that are cool and you wouldn't be embarrassed to take the results home and show your mom?  Monster Kolor doesn't want you to to suffer through boring art classes any more and instead wants to teach you how to paint monsters.  They've teamed up with Max Toy Co. to offer a "Paint Your Own Tripus" class.  Finally, no more ceramic ash trays!

    The class will take place on June 22nd, but there are only 8 spots available, so you better get on it sucka.  For $99 you get your own Tripus and they supply the paint so you can make him look however you want.  Then you can put him in the window of your house to let the world know what a talented S.O.B. you are.  Reserve your spot by going to

Monday, May 20, 2013

Deathstroke New 52 ArtFX Statue from Kotobukiya

    Yeah, this Deathstroke statue may be based off of his updated design from the New 52 series of books from DC Comics, but all anyone is thinking about right now is that he will be prominently featured in the Batman: Arkham Origins video game.  It's a prequel, which everyone knows how I feel about those, but if it even closely resembles the last two games then I will be extremely happy to lose countless hours of my life to it.

    Kotobukiya created this ArtFX statue  and he stands 12 inches tall and features a removable mask.  He'll be released in November for $119.99, which is a pretty big chunk of change until you see one of these in person.  The amount of detail, let alone the size of it, will blow you away.    

New Bones Colorway from Mike Egan

    How is it possible there are any of these left to be had?  Only 13 of these red glitter with white paint Bones figures from Mike Egan were made, yet they're not sold out yet.  And they're only $60, so just put it on one of those credit cards you never plan on paying off and just forget about it.  No big deal.  Visit and help these guys sell out today.  

The Imp from Fos x Unbox Industries

    If there was a serial killer on Adventure Time this is what he would look like.  This is The Imp from Fos and Unbox Industries and it's kinda scary looking.  As if it wouldn't freak you out enough just knowing that it's in your house while you sleep, it also glows in the dark from the inside out, probably from some black magic that allows it to devour souls.  This walking skin mask stands about 6 inches tall and will sell for $30 when it is released later this month.  

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Thunder Puss "Mace of Fur-y" Releases Today from DuBose Art

    I often wonder what my cats dream about as they're sleeping all day.  There has to be some crazy stuff going on in their furry little heads.  I really really hope that there dreams resemble something close to this.  

    Dubose Art is making every cat's fantasy come to life with Thunder Puss.  This edition comes with a pretty sweet mace that is good for tenderizing mice or pounding the skull of a vet who gets a little too grabby.  Only 10 of this version were made and they go on sale today (May 18th) at 2pm Central time. Realize the unbridled fury of Thunder Puss at

Super Series Sunday from Task One x Tenacious Toys

    Tomorrow will mark the final release of Task One's hand made Pillaging Pop Culture Series 1.  These last three figures will again be part of the Super Series Sunday releases from Tenacious Toys.  And to make these even more unique, every Animal figure will feature a different t-shirt.  Like always, these are available for $40 for one blind box or $100 for the set of three.  You can still purchase a full set of 18 figures plus an exclusive chase for $600, but only until June 1st.  After June 1st you will be forced to live with the regret of not buying these and face the crushing pain that comes with it.  Don't live with regret, live with toys!  Get em at 4pm eastern time tomorrow (May 19th) from

Friday, May 17, 2013

Nex Preorder from Dead Hand Toys

    This brain has gone rogue!  I'd like to think this is what your brain will do to you if you watch that Honey Boo Boo show.  That it would just completely rebel and wage war on you for subjecting it to something so dumb.  A boy can dream.

    This is Nex and he/she/it was made by Dead Hand Toys.  It's hand cast in resin and hand painted and a deal at only $40.  Plus the arms are articulated, so you could actually play with it in the bath tub with your GI Joes.  Don't act like you have no idea what I'm talking about you cheeky monkey.

    Preorders go up today (May 17th) at 5pm Easter time at

Harley Quinn Bombshell Statue from DC Comics

    While my birthday isn't until December, I am not above accepting early gifts.  Of if you have any housework you need doing, I'd be happy to come and help supervise in exchange for this.  I'm very good at delegating, less so at actual cleaning.

    I am completely smitten with this pin-up inspired Harley Quinn statue from DC Collectibles.  This is by far my favorite incarnation of the Joker's psychotic companion and I might have to actually cave and buy this one (if the whole begging for gifts thing doesn't work out that is).  Would it be wrong to put a donation button up on my blog so you could sponsor me and my toy buying addiction:

For the price of a cup of coffee a day, you could help an obsessive collector realize his dream of owning every toy he could ever want.  For your donation you will receive a monthly newsletter and a picture of your sponsored collector, hugging his most prized possessions.  And unlike Sally Struthers and those other crooks who only actually give those kids 10% of your donation while spending the rest on buckets of chicken, you can sleep soundly knowing that every penny has gone into buying objects to make Chris happy.  

    I wonder if I can get Sarah Mclaclan to do a commercial for me and depress the crap out of you.

    While I'm working on my sad face and trying to find a filthy cage I can fit into, you can go and preorder this statue right now so it can be delivered to you when it releases in November.  I eagerly await your sponsorships. 

Six Inch Double Cast Raar!s from Dynamite Rex

    I never get tired of looking at these.  The fact that anyone can make them blows my mind, let alone how cool they are to begin with.  These six inch Raar! figures from Dynamite Rex are now available in blue and green and limited to only 20 pieces.  They're on sale right now through and  

Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Little Stranger Shows You How A Plush Toy Is Made

    I've always been fascinated to learn how things are made.  I don't really care what it is either, I just want to see it start from raw materials and then make its way to a finish product.  I love huge machinery that was built for one simple little job.  While this guy doesn't involve any mechanical monstrosities to bring him to life, it is still fascinating to see how he went from a mere drawing to a cuddly, 3 dimensional toy.

    A Little Stranger prototyped Bartholomew Punchyface based on the work of Scott Tolleson and Luke Chueh.  I wouldn't have had the faintest idea how to do this, and probably would have just glued a bunch of random stuff together, gotten frustrated, and taken a nap.  Thankfully for you, no one asks me to make plushies.  See the entire process with tons of images at

Custom Vinylmation Figures from Evilos x Dopevinyl x Monster Kolor

    This totally looks like something that's edible.  How could it not have a delicious flavors?  Evilos painted up 15 of these Vinylmation toys with Monster Kolor paint and the entire process was filmed by Jordan Ahern (Dopevinyl) who is making a documentary about designer toys.  The color on these is pretty awesome and looks more like a paint job you would see on a car rather than a toy.  You can add one to your collection tomorrow (May 17th) at 9am Pacific time by visiting

    And you can check out the video of how they were made by going to

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Want Every Funko SDCC Exclusive Toy? Here's How

    This might be the most insane thing I've ever written about.  The sheer madness/brilliance of this idea has literally reached out from my computer screen and smacked me in the face.  Funko will have a whopping 57 exclusive items at this year's San Diego Comic Con, and if you are attending the event or happen to have a wholesale account with them, then you can secure each and every one of them at a discounted price.  So not only will you not have to spend the entire convention hovering around their booth waiting for toys to release, they'll also ship them to your house for you for free (if you live in the US, other countries have to pay they're own shipping).  They would sell all of these toys normally for $950, but if you buy before July 1st you can secure them all for $799!  They haven't announced specifics yet, but there will be Pop! Vinyl, bobble heads, and other vinyl figures included in the mix.

    There are a ton of clues about what toys you will get and all the other important info you need to buy them at this link:

Harley Quinn Preorder from Sideshow Collectibles

    Psychosis is an attractive quality in any woman.  Sure, you could be into girls who "have there stuff together" or that "lack felony convictions" but what fun is that?  You'll have much better stories to tell your grand kids if your special someone has a murderous gleam in her eye.

    Everyone's favorite former Arkham Asylum employee is getting the Premium Format Figure treatment from Sideshow Collectibles.  And she ain't a cheap date.   There are 2 different versions of this figure, but both of them cost $359.99.  The exclusive version comes with a switchable head that features her without her makeup.  I don't know why there is a difference when the prices are the same, maybe one is more limited.  What I do know is that they start taking preorders for these tomorrow (May 16th) and they offer payment plans.  You can totally justify this to your significant other by saying you're trying to build your credit.  Unless you took my earlier advice and are with a sociopath.  Then you should just be quiet.

BEVIL Aqua Edition and Sushi Kaiju Sakura Flavored from Paul Shih

    Vegetable are the devil's work.  Sure, they make up a huge portion of that huge pyramid, but you know who created that?  The government.  You know what else the government created?  Taxes and speeding tickets.  So naturally I distrust the pro-vegetable agenda.  And now that I've seen this broccoli with his fangs a horns, I know that I've been right all along.  

    Paul Shih is the creator of both BEVIL and Sushi Kaiju.  He obviously has a thing for anthropomorphizing the things he eats,which is cool.  Most of what I eat tends to come alive after I've made futile attempts to digest it and it then wages a holy war on my guts.  That's another story for another day, hopefully involving Oprah Winfrey and some inspirational music.  Then I cash in.  

    Both of these resin food dudes will be available this Friday (May 17th) at 1pm Pacific time from  They're limited to 10 pieces each.