Friday, January 30, 2015

Mutant Vinyl Hardcore's "Wasteland Warrior" Berserker Lottery

     I feel that whenever I look at a Mutant Vinyl Hardcore toy there should automatically be some brutal music playing in the background cause these toys get me hyped up and ready to fight!  So we're gonna make this happen right now by you clicking on this video while you read:

   Much better right?  Now let's talk about the Wasteland Warrior Berserker.  This dude looks like something that epic tales would have been written about to scare Viking kids into not being wussies, lest they be dragged away to his troll cave and nibbled on for eternity.  Who wants that to happen?  Plus, and maybe even worse, he would totally make out with your mom in front of you after having ripped off your arms and legs, leaving you with that image to ponder until the end of time.  This dude is no joke!  Think about that next time you wanna skip sword fighting practice to go hang out with your loser friends.  

    If you want one as a trophy to decorate your mead hall you're gonna have to enter a lottery for the chance to buy one. All the info you need on that can be found at  May the toy gods smile upon you.  

Li'l Gotham Keshi Style Mini Figures from Kotobukiya

     Check out these little dudes.  The residents of Li'l Gotham have gotten a keshi style makeover from the folks at Kotobukiya.  Each one comes in 6 different colors and they will be sold blind in little bags that will contain 2 figures.  And at less than 2 inches tall they are very tempting to shove into your nose, but I wouldn't do that unless you have really good health insurance with a low deductible, because it can be a very expensive and humiliating lesson to learn.  Not that I would know from personal experience, but I've heard stories.  Expect to see these soon wherever you prefer to buy your toys.  

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Funko Launches Exclusive Marvel Subscription Program

    I like the idea of these subscription services where you get mailed a surprise box of goodness, because I like getting mail.  Well, I like getting mail when it's not bills or those irritating newspaper supplements telling me what I missed in the newspaper this week which I didn't actually miss because I have the internet and anything that's of any importance is located where?  ON THE INTERNET!  Now when toys arrive in the mail I am super excited.  So I tried one of those things where you pay x amount of dollars and they send you a box with stuff in it, but I only did it because I wanted a specific figure.  The rest of the stuff in the box I gave away because I wasn't interested.  None of it, beyond the toy I wanted, catered to my specific interests.  I get the fact that the idea is "hey you're into nerdy stuff, well here's a pile of nerdy stuff for you" but that's a pretty broad way to look at things.  Let me now show you a subscription service that is getting it right.

     Funko and Marvel have announced the creation of Collector Corps, a focused box of stuff you'll be excited to own.  Each box is $25 and will be mailed out every 2 months.  The first one focuses on exclusive products from the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron film, including this 6 inch Hulkbuster Pop! Vinyl:

    If you sign up for their Founder's Program, which is a year long commitment, you get a swanky 8 inch tall statue on the anniversary of the first box shipment:

    Sign up by visiting

Kidrobot Clarifies It's Position on Customizing vs. Bootlegging

    By now most of you have probably read Kidrobot's newest blog post where they have defined how they feel about people customizing a toy they bought versus manufacturing their own versions of their property.  Basically if you bought a toy and decided you had a bang up idea for your own creation, you can paint, sculpt, cut holes in, let your cat chew on, set on fire, or anything else weird you can think of to make it unique and call it your own.  Now on the other hand, if you decide that the Dunny would make the perfect shape for you to cast up 100 of in resin, or wax, or monkey spit and sell as your own art, then there's gonna be a problem.  Cause that's called copyright infringement.  The same reason all those rappers get sued when they don't get permission to just rewrite a few words of a song and release it as their own.  And Kidrobot is being pretty nice about it too, just asking you to contact them first so they can decide whether to give you the required permission or not.  Most companies would just send you the standard cease and desist letter which may or may not be delivered by a heavy-set Italian guy carrying a crow bar (I'm from New Jersey, our courier systems are a little different).  Are people gonna be butt hurt about this?  Of course, cause there's the internet, which beyond cat pictures and e-commerce is really only good for complaining.  But look at it this way: it's not only protecting the existing work of artists but it's forcing other people to be more creative, which is far from a bad thing.  Push your own boundaries while respecting those that are defined by the law.  

You can read their entire post by clicking here.  

Black Porcelain Skull Brain from Emilio Garcia x K. Olin Tribu

    This dude is horror movie freaky.  You can just picture him lurking around a boiler room, goo dripping from his brain face.  His only real manner of defense would be how scary he looks though, cause the second you smack him upside his squishy head the whole thing's over.  Unless he has a skull underneath his outer brain with another mini brain stowed safely away inside.  I just blew my own mind.  

   Whatever anatomical anomalies this guy may be hiding, the Skull Brain from Emilio Garcia is a fantastic design.  And K. Olin Tribu have elevated it to a true work of art by casting it in cold, matte black porcelain.  Limited to only 50 numbered pieces, it is available right now from  You can also get there by clicking the handy link at the right side of the screen.  

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Peanut Butter Micros from Super7

    Fun fact:  I eat peanut butter sandwiches just about every day.  Not only are they chock full of protein so I can become the oldest ever rookie in the WWE, but they are an economical alternative to going out and buying lunch while I'm at work.  Plus, not that I'm some health nut or anything, but I hate fast food.  When you're little you at least get a toy with your meal, but as you get older all it gives you is a feeling that the four horsemen of the apocalypse are riding through your colon.  

   How many people do you think are gonna forget that these are toys and try to eat them?  They look delicious, but as we've learned through trial and error, plastic is not a food substitute.  Tomorrow at noon pacific time Super7 will be offering up these Mummy Boy and Rose Vampire mini figures for $10 each.  Get em at

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Debut of Sextopigon from Skinner x Unbox Industries

    I don't have kids because they are frightening little creatures.  The reasons I feel this way are too numerous to list here, but one of the big ones is how expensive they are.  If something is ridiculously pricey you can bet your life that they're not only gonna want it, but they're gonna probably break it as soon as they get home.  They're risky little investments that may or may not disappoint the crap out of you when they mature.  No matter how dicey the stock market gets, you will never have to visit your portfolio in jail because it turned out to be a little psychopath.

    You just know that Sextopigon's mother had a heart attack the moment he was born.  Not just because he was doomed to a career in the sideshow, but because he had all those feet.  Feet that would want the newest Air Jordans and put her in bankruptcy.  And you can just tell he's not gonn take good care of his stuff.

    Skinner and Unbox Industries are proud to release the first version of this monstrosity, which is an exclusive for Medicom.  Get one for yourself by visiting this link.  

The Last Knight "Classical Edition" from Andrew Bell

  Look how classy this is.  This is rap video prop classy.  You have to put this in a place of prominence, so when MTV Cribs shows up all the viewers at home can be jealous.  It must be the white and gold color scheme that makes me think about it belonging to someone who owns cars they've never even driven.

   The Last Knight from Andrew Bell might make you think you're a baller, but just use some caution before you upload a video of yourself rapping to Youtube, cause being Tosh.0 famous ain't gonna mean the money's rolling in.   Work on your lyrical skills while you're waiting for this to land at your favorite toy stores.  Limited to 200 pieces and priced at $75 each, it's perfectly priced for those of us still waiting on our recording contracts to come in the mail.  

Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Iron Giant Deluxe Figure from Mondo

    If you can watch The Iron Giant and not become an emotional wreck then you might need to reconsider the state of your feelings.  It's a great film and one of the first instances of animation that I can remember that really transcended the Saturday morning cartoon for me and showed me how much more that medium could be.  

   Obviously that film effected a lot of other people in the same way because it continues to inspire the creation of new art. Like this impressive new figure from Mondo.  Known for their amazing poster releases, their new venture into toys has so far been pretty impressive.  This toy is made from the actual digital files they used to create him in the movie, features 30 points of articulation,  and comes with a bunch of different accessories.  You can preorder him now for $300 from  

    If you can't quite swing the cash for the whole figure but are still feeling nostalgic, you could purchase this life-sized replica of his bolt (if you've seen the movie you'll know why this is important).  It features a flashing light and at only $65 you can own this piece without feeling too guilty about your bank account.  

Battlesaurs from Small Angry Monster x Goodleg Toys

    If this picture is not what the new Jurassic park movie is based on then I can guarantee I'll never see it.  This is why Hollywood sucks, because they'll never understand the need to have a big budget robot dinosaur movie.  They're so focused on remaking things that have already been successful that something this insane would probably send them into meltdown mode.  Who of you wouldn't go to see a movie with characters like this?  If we could mix in professional wrestling then we'd have an instant classic on our hands.  

   Movies will never be this cool, but thankfully we have the people at Goodleg Toys to keep the dream alive with their War on Prehis line of figures.  For these Battlesaurs they enlisted the help of Small Angry Monster to give them a super sick paint job.  These reptilian warriors go on sale Friday at 11pm GMT+1 (that's Berlin time) over at



Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Pushead's Snotblower Verdigris Edition from Medicom

    Oh, I'm a sucker for a good patina and this my friends, is A-1 Antiques Roadshow grade.  Not to mention the figure itself is quite stunning/disturbing.  If you bought a house and found something that looked like this wrapped up in stained linen behind the basement stairs you should legally be allowed to burn the place down and get your money back.  

    Thankfully this figure from Pushead is made from plastic and not the biological remnants of some weirdo's enemies.  That's not to imply that it won't prevent your kids from sleeping until they move away to college, but the only permanent damage will be mental and not to their eternal souls.  

   I want one of these pretty badly, so I'm gonna go ahead and officially start my Christmas list for this year with this at the top of it.  You can get one for about $134 in hard American currency when it goes on sale this Saturday, January 24th through  They are based in Japan, so you might wanna consult the world clock and get your timing down so you don't miss it.  

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Wanted: The Masked Marauder from The Sucklord

    Ol Cobra Commander looks like he may be riding a horsie too big for him.  I'm just concerned that he's gonna pull his groan playing cowboy and no ones gonna take him seriously as a super villain if he walks around like he's got a poop in his trousers.  I don't care what acts of horror anyone may have committed, as soon as they display the hint of having soiled their britches the effect is ruined.

   Sucklord has been on a cowboy kick recently, this being the second of his western bootleg offerings.  He made 29 of these and somehow you can still buy one.  You waiting for your W-2's to come in or something?  Buy now, regret later.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Breaking Bad's Infamous Crystal Ship Pop! Vinyl from Funko

    When young people ask me for career advice I always say two things.  First, I ask them why the hell they're bothering me, then I recommend they become drug dealers.  I'm just kidding, I would never say that.  But when you think about it, it is a stable job.  There's plenty of demand and every day is an adventure.  You never know if someone will rob you, or try to kill you, or if the police will lock you up and seize all your earthly possessions.  Talk about never getting bored!  

    Breaking Bad sure made it look like fun, kinda sorta.  I just tried to focus on the barrels of money buried in the desert and not so much all the violent parts.  When you look at it like that it's pretty much living the dream.  They even had a sweet Winnebago, which I wouldn't mind having without all the meth equipment in it.  Funko has captured this now iconic caravan as a Pop! Vinyl with a little Jesse figure included.  Hopefully they made it so he can't lock the keys in it again.  This sweet ride will be available next month.  

A Clockwork Carrot: Lil Alex Haunted Edition from Frank Kozik x Blackbook Toy

    I'm glad that the "haunted" part of this toy is just implied and not really a testament to the fact that a malevolent spirit has taken up residence in it.  I have enough things in my house with the potential for bad juju without having to worry about the toys I buy needing a young and old priest.  For my birthday my wife bought me an antique glass eye cause I've kinda been obsessed with them for a while.  The craftsmanship on them are mind blowing and they really are stunning little works of art that just so happened to have once resided in a real human being's vacant ocular cavity.  No big deal right?  But on the off chance that the previous owner is not too happy about not entering the afterlife with his prized prosthetic, the wife and I found a vintage pill box, propped it up with some cotton, and gave it a display fit for royalty. Or hopefully fit enough to calm any angry ghosts.  When you have peculiar tastes you sometimes have to go out of your way to prepare for anything.

    This is my favorite edition of Frank Kozik's Lil Alex figure by far.  I like the fact that it's made out of what I can only describe as a smoky vinyl.  Sounds classy right?  Like you could be sipping Absinthe and discussing art with Marlene Dietrich in Weimar-Era Berlin.  

Snap out of it doll face and flick your cigarette already before you burn yourself. 

    Blackbook Toy has this guy available right now on their website:  

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Goodleg Toys Presents The Masters of the Underworld

    You ever see professional wrestlers when they stop competing and they don't have to work out 13 times a day?  They shrivel right up and look like normal dudes.  When you're a skeleton you really have to stay up on your fitness game or you deflate like an untied balloon.  Just look at my boy Skeletor here.  Bro stops chasing He-Man around and he loses his physique.  Personally, I think he was juicing the whole time, but I'm not trying to get a lawsuit thrown my way.  I can't afford those legal fees.

     Goodleg Toys is proud to present their newest mash-up entitled Masters of the Underworld.  You can pick one of these carded versions for $65 (limited to 5 pieces each) or one of the $40 bagged versions (5 one colored pieces and 5 two color pieces).  They go on sale January 15th at 11am GMT time only through

The Four Horsies of the 'Pocalypse Kickstarter is Now Live

    Let me tell you something, I've now watched two documentaries on the whole "Brony" thing and I am not a fan.  Each movie was filled with countless socially awkward men waxing poetic about friendship and other life lessons taught to them by little horses intended to amuse little girls.  Stop being wusses with your wussy shows!!!  Horses can be tough, and cool, and you don't have to try to hide them from your biker friends.  Just look, look with your man eyes and behold horses that are so tough they could bring about the actual end of the world!!

    Keep your man cred while filling your toy shelves with The Four Horsies of the 'Pocalypse.  But like anything sinister and fun, they need you to open a door to this world and welcome them in.  Don't bother dusting off your Necronomicon though, cause the only way to make this set of figures from Bigshot Toyworks a reality it by supporting their Kickstarter campaign.  The coveted reward in obviously the four figures you see, but there are tons of other items for everyone's budget and interest, including a pretty amazing bust of their previously funded Maddie.  Leave those other ponies for the kids and get your hands on these by visiting this link.  

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2015 3A Membership Packs

    You know what I miss?  Fan clubs.  How you used to be able to write away to your favorite band and they would send you newsletters and other random stuff in the mail.  Now everything is done through the internet, and the excitement of opening an email is not nearly as great as rushing out to the mailbox every day to see if you received a letter.  Plus, I'm more of a tactile person anyway.  I like physical objects to hold in my hand, actual pages to flip through and pour over.  When I was younger most music magazines had addresses in the back for just about every popular artist at the time and I would write my sappy little fan letters and just hope that I would get any response at all.  Some of my favorite bands (or the people that worked for them) sent me guitar picks and post cards and various other things that I still have.  I'll post some stuff on Instagram later if you're interested.

    3A's membership pack brings back all of those memories of fan clubs and postal stalking.  Not only do you get four awesome figures from the newer 3AGO line, but you get a t-shirt, a print signed by Ashley Wood, and most importantly that 15% off discount at for the entire year.  Membership packs go live January 15th at 9am Hong Kong time for 24 hours only.  $190 will get you one and they will ship out in May, so you don't have to camp out waiting for the delivery man.  

Mini "Our Father" Resin Sculpture from Sket-One

    I love Star Wars.  Those original three films basically sum up everything that was good about being a kid.  The last three films taught me about disappointment and how to harness my murderous rage into something more productive. The seventh film comes out this year and I'm holding out hope that it doesn't make me want to stab an usher at the theater.  

   I've got so much Star Wars stuff that I can't even display it properly.  What it really needs is a focal point, something that can elevate every piece to the status it deserves.  What it needs is the statue you see above.  This sculpture from Sket-One is the perfect centerpiece for any shrine dedicated to light sabers and chicks in gold bikinis.  Standing a foot tall and made of resin, this is something your grandchildren will beat each other senseless to inherit.  It would be worth it to fake your own death just to witness the carnage.  Pick one up at  

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Judge Death Gets the 3A Treatment

    You know that panicked feeling you get when you're speeding down the road with not a care in the world and all of a sudden you pass a police car hiding in the woods?  And you're looking in your rearview mirror, alternating between curses and prayers and just hoping that you don't see him pull his car onto the road and if he does trying to think quickly about whether there's a side street you can duck down without being seen and therefore avoiding a ticket whose fine could be utilized for something way more important.  Now imagine if it was this guy that pulls you over.

    I'm not cracking any donut shop jokes within earshot of Judge Death.  You can just tell he's never let anyone off with a warning.  This insanely detailed 1/12 scale figure is courtesy of the folks at 3A and will be available for preorder January 14th at 9am Hong Kong time for $60.  If you order from you also get free shipping world wide.  

Monday, January 12, 2015

Squatting Dog Sofubi Kickstarter

    Ummmmmm.  You would think that I would have a field day writing about a pooping dog toy, but I'm seriously having some problems with this one.  Maybe this is just too easy, and being handed such a gift has created a huge blockage in my mind.  It's like I need a mental laxative to get the ideas flowing again.  Okay, we have a dog, and he's desperately trying to dot your yard with little brown land mines, and it's captured in Japanese vinyl for all of eternity.  I'm kinda wondering what's on his mind as he performs the most humiliating of acts for all to see.  I bet he's laughing on the inside as he watches his owner cover his hand in an old shopping bag, ready to retrieve the mess.  The human/dog relationship is really one sided when you think about it.  Any relationship that requires you to handle turds is kind of abusive.

    Right now there's a campaign on Kickstarter to help fund these little plastic poopers and get em into production and on your shelf.  Yeah, it's different,but you have to admit that dropping the old deuce is and always was hilarious, so for pure comedic factor alone buying one is kinda worth it.  And imagine if you get someone one as a present.  Their reaction could be Youtube gold.  Help move these further down the pipeline and into reality by supporting their campaign here.  

Friday, January 9, 2015

Tenacious Toozie Scloozie Shagghoulie from We Become Monsters

    This time of year I wish we had shag carpeting covering every square inch of our house.  Hardwood floors are nice to look at, but when it's freezing out I feel like I'm trekking barefoot over a glacier.  The struggle is real my friends.

    I would settle for an entire suit made out of shag carpeting, baring in mind that it is coated on the inside with luxurious fleece.  That would be the height of warmth and comfort and still less stupid looking than Ugg Boots.  Look how happy this Shag Ghoulie from We Become Monsters is.  Dude is completely toasty and feeling fuzzy in all the right places.  He's part of Super a Series Sunday from Tenacious Toys and will go on sale...wait for it...this SUNDAY, January 11, at 7pm eastern time.  Limits to only 10 pieces at $100 each, you can only get one from

Nozzel S001.50 Squadt from Ferg

    I have some ridiculous dreams and my wife can't wait for me to relay the nonsense that kept my brain entertained while I'm asleep.  Most of the time I have bits and pieces that I remember that don't really add up to a complete narrative, but every now and then I have something pretty memorable worth sharing.  Like the dream I had once where some group of people was trying to invade a farmhouse we were living in and I somehow had the ability to bring all of my toys to life to fight and defend us.  I ran around the house, frantically opening packages of Star Wars figures and vehicles, standing them up on the floor and watching them as they went off into battle.  Don't lie, you wish that could happen in real life.

    The moral of the story is that you need to have toys capable of armed combat in case your house is ever assaulted by an unknown group.  Consider your domicile safe if your a Squadt collector, cause these dudes are armed to the teeth and ready to take on all comers.  Now they've gone mini; at only 3.5 inches tall these little dudes are perfect for sneaking behind enemy lines and wreaking their own special brand of havoc.  If you wanna add one of these little guys from Ferg to your collection, you'll have 24 hours to do so starting this Monday, January 12, at noon central time.  These are only available at for $40 each.  

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Silver Demeru-Kun from Bounty Hunter

    Ooooooooh shiny. Everyone knows the craziest toys come from Japan, like this classic Demeru-Kun from Bounty Hunter. He's kind of a giant half skeleton monkey with a brain for a head and hands that look like they'd love to wrap their fingers around your neck. I can't explain it, but I like it. This sucker is going on sale this Saturday, January 10th for international customers through

Stock Up Now During K. Olin Tribu's Winter Sale

    I know how it is.  You want something desperately but you can't bring yourself to spend the money. I just spent $600 getting my wife's car repaired and that gave me an ulcer and this twitching under my right eye that hasn't stopped.  Even if I didn't just give a mechanic all my money I still have a hard time buying stuff for myself.  Unless it's on sale.  I love a good sale, and there's no better feeling than getting something you've been longing for AND getting it cheaper than you thought you would.  Right now K. Olin Tribu is running a sale on everything they make, from prints to those amazing porcelain sculptures we would all die to own.  They've even made it easy for you by becoming one of my site's newest sponsors and having a handy button over there on the right hand side for you  --------->.  Just click it and buy everything you want and don't forget those coupon codes posted above to save you some cash.  

"Feminamorphe" Opens This Saturday at Toy Art Gallery

    Pretend I'm saying this in a smooth, Billy Dee Williams voice: "This Saturday, it's all about the laaaaaaaaaaadies."  I'll admit it, that was kinda lame, but it's also true because Toy Art Gallery is set to open it's latest show "Feminamorphe" featuring some of the best female talent in the toy/art world right now.  New work from Candie Bolton, Uamou, Teresa Chiba, Tasha Zimich, Okokume, and Helen Vine will be on display and available for purchase.  The show opens this Saturday from 7-10pm and will be on display through the end of the month.  

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Mass Produced Figure for Cheapskates from the Sucklord

    You would think the title to this post was in some way derogatory, but it isn't at all.  I'm just helping the Sucklord maintain his personal brand of taking all your money then calling you an idiot for making it so easy.  The Sucklord is absolutely what the world of designer toys needs; someone who's bold, brazen, and more interesting than your art-school drop out cousin.  You can't help but admire his rebel spirit and even try to capture some of it for yourself by making the best outlaw-ish toy website the internet that refuses to make posts that involve the cut and paste function (wink wink).  

   I always want more Sucklord stuff, but I have to admit, I'm kinda cheap.  I'm cheap in the way that I believe doctors are for rich folk and when I take my trash to the dumpsters I'm looking at it just as much as a discovery expedition as it is one of disposal.  Were you aware that you can get $20 for a busted hot water heater?  And you can use your trash selling skills to buy new, affordable, toys.  Possibly you'd be interested in a new Sucklord 72 figure?  Snag yourself a silver one for $40 (open edition), a gold one for $60 (limited to 100) or a pink one for $65 (limited to 25).  Fo you uber fancy folks who are more liberal with your credit cards you could get one of the Jason Freeny Dissected versions in silver for $75 (limited to 20).   All of these and many more wonders of plastic await you at

Monday, January 5, 2015

Meet Nathan Jurevicius at Woot Bear This Weekend

    Have you ever been so tired that you start dreaming while you're awake?  Like, for whatever perfectly legal reason that doesn't necessitate police investigation, you've been unable to sleep and you start seeing weird stuff that isn't there.  I used to work as an overnight dj for a commercial radio station, which meant I had to attempt to sleep during the day so I could stay up all night and entertain long haul truckers and drug addicts.  Sometimes my sleep plans didn't always work out the way I wanted and I would find myself driving home at 6am and seeing imaginary people walking across the otherwise empty Garden State Parkway.  When I went back to college it would happen as well; I'd be half asleep in one of those painfully boring 8am classes and would dream that I yelled out something ridiculous about "not petting the lions" then I would snap awake and wait nervously to see if I had actually said it out loud.  Thankfully I was able to keep my nonsense firmly packed away in my own head.  

    This dude reminds me of something that would come to you in those foggy states of consciousness, maybe leading you on an epic adventure that seems like it would make for a great book or movie until you think about it later and realize how you can't even make sense of it.  Nathan Jurevicius has teamed up with Pobber Toys to offer his take on Gary Ham's Sylvan vinyl toy, and the results resemble your new spirit guide.  You can pick one up this weekend at Woot Bear in San Francisco, as Nathan will be doing a signing there Saturday evening, and you even get a free print with purchase so you can spruce up your living quarters.  


Friday, January 2, 2015

Preorder the Latest Jax Teller Figure from Mezco Toyz

    Please tell me you've watched the series finale of Sons of Anarchy by now?  I'm still gonna be a nice guy and not ruin it for you in case you were trapped in a coal mine or you just spontaneously awoke from a coma, but those are two of the only acceptable excuses you could possibly have for missing what was a fitting send off to seven years of mayhem and heartbreak.  I have only been more depressed one time in my life while watching television, and that was when the Flyers lost the Stanley Cup to the Blackhawks in 2010.  I don't pay much attention to other sports, but I love hockey and that one gutted me.  Sons of Anarchy is the only work of televised fiction that has ever come close to that.  

   Now that I've stopped weeping like a school girl I can get back to business.  Mezco has been releasing action figures from the series for a while now, and just cause the show is over doesn't mean they're gonna stop any time soon.  This version of Jax Teller doesn't come out until the summer, but you can preorder him now to ensure you get one when the time comes.  Head over to for this and all the rest of their SOA toys.  

Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year's Hedoran Release from Gargamel x Super7

    I bet many of you today are feeling how this guy looks.  Hopefully you're at home, nursing your hangover and trying to piece together all the bad stuff you did last night so a legal team can mount a proper defense.  Amnesia never holds up well in court, fyi.

   While much of the world was out trying to get alcohol poisoning, Gargamel and Super7 were busy releasing this Hedoran figure.  Look how pretty he looks in marbled orange and black, which I'm a bit partial to being a Philadelphia Flyers fan.  And he kinda looks like he got into a classic hockey scrum with that face of his.  He's available for purchase right now by visiting  Buying him may be the best decision you've made in the past 24 hours.