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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Spirit and Ether Legacy Labbits from Frank Kozik


     Doing this whole blog thing has been a way for me to consistently write outside of an academic setting about stuff that I liked. Each figure is a prompt where I can exercise my creativity and form narratives around objects that didn’t necessarily have them already. Even if they did I’d at minimum try and come up with some weird way in which I could tie an aspect of them to my life and tell a ridiculous story in the process. I’ve written about having to get rabies shots, drug use, medical procedures, and other wacky thing I could think of just for a cheap laugh and a modicum of recognition. Never would I have realized that Frank Kozik was paying attention to me. So much so, in fact, that when he took over as creative director of Kidrobot he asked me to write their blog posts.  I met with him at Toy Fair in New York, tried to act like I wasn’t a complete and utter idiot, and started on a journey that lasted nearly four years. I learned a lot about crafting stories to highlight products and nothing made me happier than when I wrote something that got his stamp of approval. I never told him that because I thought it would make me look uncool or like a fan who didn’t have any business doing what I was. But that was a mistake. I should have told him. I should have said exactly what I was thinking and how much the opportunity meant to me. I always figured I’d connect again with him sometime but of course that won’t happen. I know in the scheme of things my blogging was a blip on the radar of someone who stood larger than life itself, but it made me feel like I did something right. That I wasn’t just the weird kid who was always furiously writing down his ideas in a speckled notebook when he should have been taking notes in school. That the wads of scrap paper I cleaned out from my pockets everyday with random thoughts scribbled in messy script actually added up to something. Wherever his spirit may reside I’m sure they have internet access so I hope he sees it now.

    The influence of Frank Kozik will live on through the work he created and the people he inspired. It also lives through his wife Sharon, who has thankfully continued to make his iconic creations available for  all of us. This Friday will see the release of the Spirit and Legacy editions of the iconic Labbit. Each one is cast in solid resin with an ethereal smoke effect captured throughout their forms. They will retail for $500 each, are limited to one of each style per customer, and go on sale April 19th at noon Pacific time from

Friday, November 13, 2020

Mega Construx Labbit from Frank Kozik x Mattel Creations


    My cat Wednesday has decided in the past two weeks that she would start sitting in my lap.  I was completely charmed, as I have been her caretaker for eleven years and she has never done this.  Then I remembered reading about a cat in a nursing home that used to go around sitting on all the people right before they died.  The cat was completely accurate in predicting who was next to cross over; either as some grand gesture of comfort at that person's time of need or as a way to exploit his psychic abilities to win cash from the staff.  So of course now I'm worried that my demise is imminent because this is 2020 and that is in no way the most irrational thought I've had this year.  I will not be sharing with you what currently holds that number one position.  

    While I sit here and wait to become a corpse I could pass my time putting together one of these new Mega Construx Labbits.  Frank Kozik's creation has had a lot of different iterations over the years, but never one that required so much involvement from collectors.  Now you can be a small part of the history of the Labbit by building your own, which I'm sure will turn out way differently than anything you've ever attempted to build from IKEA.  The joy I felt when I finally broke apart our entertainment center and threw it in a dumpster should be bottled and sold on every corner in America.  

    This construction set was designed and produced by the toy geniuses from Mattel Creations and will be available beginning today (Friday, November 13th) at noon eastern time only at

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Celebrate Labbit Appreciation Week with Kidrobot

    Ooooooooooooooooooh the greatest week long holiday is back suckas!!!!!!   It's Labbit Appreciation Week and Kidrobot is helping you celebrate the most responsible way by offering sweet discounts on your favorite bun buns.  Check out every day to see expertly written posts by a man that has been called "the H. P. Lovecraft of our time, but with more poop jokes" and get a discount code to beef up your Labbit collection.  You can also share your favorite Labbits on social media with the hashtag #labbitweek.  

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Band Camp 3000 Labbits from Frank Kozik x Kidrobot


    You know what genre of music I just can't abide?  That no matter how much of it comes out I just can't find anything remotely listenable?  New music.  New music is the absolute worst.  New country music, new rap music, new rock music, it doesn't matter because I have hit the age in which it all sucks.  What's really bad is if you try and listen to the radio it's either new terrible stuff or the same five bands over and over again until you begin to hate that too.  Sometimes I'll be driving around and I turn it to whatever station is playing commercials.  What is wrong with me?

    These Labbits are going to fix it all though, I can just tell.  They're going to make me revert to my teenage self when music was new and adventurous (no pressure at all there, guys).  They're getting a heavy does of practice in at Band Camp 3000 and they've certainly got their work cut out for them to bring me out of my old man funk.  I'm thinking the alien dudes are gonna have the most success.

    This blind boxed series from Kidrobot is available right now from and wherever designer toys are sold.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Scott Tolleson's Pipken Labbit from Kidrobot

    I haven't been wearing glasses for very long and actually I see ok without them, or so I thought.  For years I've just had an astigmatism in my right eye and a meager prescription in my left, but I wanted to be able to see as clearly as possible and they do make a noticeable difference.  Then a few weeks ago I had an eye exam and I learned I have a VERTICAL IMBALANCE!!!!!!  I'm completely flawed!  One eye has just gone and done his own thing and decided to see things higher than the other one does, like they totally have never heard my talk about teamwork that I give the cats every so often.  And I never noticed it, but I tilt my head slightly to the right as some unconscious hillbilly fix to try and correct the problem.  I still haven't gotten my new glasses yet, so who knows if the entire world has been a visual lie my whole life or not.  I'm about to go and emotionally eat lunch like I'm main eventing Wrestlemania.

    Speaking of glasses, look what we have here!  A couple of brand new Labbits from the folks at Kidrobot.  This time Scott Tolleson has worked his argyle magic on Frank Kozik's little bunny friends and turned them into a couple of nerds, which is not a derogatory term at all, unless being incredibly smart and making tons of money and having good fashion sense is something to be frowned upon.  I do prefer a good flannel to a sweater, but I'm open to new ideas.  

    Both are available right now at, with the pink one being their online exclusive.  


Thursday, September 29, 2016

Death Dealer Labbit from Frank Frazetta x Frank Kozik x Kidrobot

   This is the most metal designer toy to ever exist.  Not like basic girls giving the metal horns because pumpkin spice is back in season; I'm talking men in an ancient world battling the onslaught of demons as they spill forth from a great chasm in the Earth.  I'm talking about reading Lord of the Rings and wishing that it was real life and how much better it would be to raise an army against evil rather than stocking another damn shelf at the Wal Mart only to have people not control their little heathens as they tear the place apart.  Yeah, you know what I'm talking about.  You've already got the power chord heavy soundtrack playing in your mind and the thunder in your heart and you're ready to set a fire, roast a mythological creature, and feast at a table made from the bones of your enemies.  I just got myself way too hyped.  I always do that, then I have to go about my day pretending I'm not thinking about cleaving punks in half with a broad sword.  My therapist is gonna have fun with this one.

    Worship at the feet of Frank Kozik's interpretation of Frank Frazetta's legendary Death Dealer.  He is mounted on his mighty Labbit steed and is ready to send any and everyone on a nasty trip to the afterlife.  Open your home to the darkness when this beauty is released on Friday, September 30th from Kidrobot.  We are not worthy.

Produced by Bigshot Toyworks.  

Monday, September 26, 2016

Hooverville Labbits from Frank Kozik x Kidrobot

    You need proof that times are still tough?  I made a joke in a post once about selling a kidney and I got legitimate solicitations from a dude in Africa willing to act as the surgeon/middle man.  He sent me a link to his clinic's website which had a surprising number of goats wandering around outside of what was termed "the operating room."  Now call me a germaphobe if you will, but one goat inside a hospital is really one too many if you think about it.  And I love goats and would be excited to see one just about anywhere else that didn't involve putting a gaping wound in my body.  Plus airplanes are uncomfortable enough as it is without trying to recover from major surgery on one, unless they started stocking those little drink carts with morphine when I wasn't looking, but I doubt it.  They won't even give you the full can of soda, like that extra bit is gonna bankrupt them.

    Being broke doesn't mean you have to be depressed all the time.  Just check out this Hooverville Labbit from Frank Kozik and Kidrobot.  Dude may be traveling down a rough path but he's just happy to be alive and doing his best to keep a positive outlook on his future.  He's available right now in a vintage colorway and in blazing Technicolor orange that can be found exclusively on

Friday, September 9, 2016

Frank Kozik x Frank Frazetta "Labbit The Barbarian" Print from Kidrobot

    You know who doesn't decorate their walls?  Weirdos.  I bet Ted Bundy never put so much as a Jimi Hendrix poster on his wall and look where that got him.  Luckily for you I am here to help you avoid traveling down that same dark road by telling you about this killer (no pun intended) poster from Frank Kozik.  This is of course inspired by his epic "Labbit the Barbarian" collaboration with the late great Frank Frazetta, which is the most manly piece of vinyl this side of a Manowar record.

Old Spice has taken it too far. 

    Increase your property value when this print goes on sale later today through  

Monday, June 27, 2016

"Labbit the Barbarian" From Frank Frazetta x Frank Kozik x Kidrobot

   Good Lord have mercy, did you see that Game of Thrones finale last night?  That is easily one of the best episodes of any show I have ever seen.  Don't worry, I won't spoil any of it for you, but if you recorded it you may want to try and leave work early or cancel any other plans you have to watch it.  HBO aired the season finale of Silicon Valley right after it and Sharon and I missed most of it because we were talking about Game of Thrones.  All tv stations should have gone black for an hour afterwards out of respect for the conversations that would take place.  Speaking of which, the one person I work with who has good taste enough to watch the show is off today, so I literally have no one to talk to about it.  Whatever my next job happens to be I'll be sure I ask different questions in the interview process to avoid such a situation again.  "Oh, everyone here only talks about their favorite Seinfeld episodes over and over?  Yeah, I just forgot how much I enjoy unemployment."

    Watching Game of Thrones always makes me want to sword fight afterwards and build an empire upon the broken bodies of my enemies.  It's the same feeling I get when I look at the artwork of Frank Frazetta, which transports you to a world where men were men and it was totally acceptable to crush an orc's skull without fear of arrest.  Now that world has merged with that of Frank Kozik's Labbit and the results are begging to be airbrushed on the side of a van.

    Available as a San Diego Comic Con prerelease, this beast of a figure (artfully produced by Bigshot Toyworks) is ready to stand as the centerpiece of your collection.  Just don't be surprised if it also beheads your other toys and tries to make out with your mom.

    If you're going to the aforementioned comic con you can preorder it for pickup from Kidrobot's booth.  If not, you can preorder it from wherever you normally buy toys and have that sucker shipped to the door of your mead hall/condo.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Kibbles and Labbits Blind Box Series from Kidrobot

    Kibbles and Lab-bits, get it?  Oh, you gotta love a good pun.  And who doesn't love puppies?  Sickos, that's who.  The only thing that could make puppies better, besides them being able to train themselves, would be to also make them Labbits.  So Kidrobot has done some genetic wizardry and combined your favorite breeds with Frank Kozik's little bunny dude and the result is this blind box series.  They will be available starting Friday, June 3rd at or wherever else you buy your toys.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Labbit With Littons Box Set from Frank Kozik x Kidrobot Available Now

    If you thought Labbits came from a factory somewhere in Asia you couldn't be more wrong.  Well, you could be more wrong if you also enjoy listening to Nickelback while you thought that, but then you'd be so wrong there's no hope for you.  Sorry, but it's fatal.

   Labbits are born, not created silly goose.  There are farms located all over the world responsible for breeding these majestic creatures.  They're no joke to raise either, because God forbid they could eat something cheap like carrots.  They require the finest in snack cakes and caffeinated beverages and woe is the farmer that dares buy store brand.

     This pack of momma Labbit and her five bey beys is on sale right now at for $19.99.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Seen at Toy Fair: Kidrobot

    Toy Fair is a weird experience for a website such as ours.  Most of it is filled with stuff for kids and doesn't really cater to the adult collector.  In the days leading up to it we get bombarded with emails from different companies wanting to show us the latest in technology for entertaining toddlers, which if they'd ever seen what we write about they wouldn't want us anywhere near them.  But Toy Fair can still be insightful and a good time for those of us that collect designer toys and my favorite booth to visit every year is the one manned by Kidrobot.

    Unlike past years where everything was a surprise when I got there, I had some ideas about what they would be showcasing because of the various teasers that have popped up on Instagram.  Lest you think that diminished my excitement level at all, because two toys in particular had planted their images in my head and I just had to see them in person.  

    Gaze upon the glory that is the collaboration between Franks: Kozik x Frazetta.  I feel like these two vinyl titans should come with their own fog machine and Norwegian black metal band.  These were the prototypes on display and we should be expecting at least one of them to be available this Summer.  I already have a space ready.

   Now for something a bit more on the precious side.  These vinyl renditions of Horrible Adorables felt sculptures are going to be must-own figures for me.  Not only will they look great in any toy collection, but they look like they could be used as accent pieces in some fancy home decor magazine shoot.  

   I believe these will be sold in window boxes so you can pick the ones you want, which is obviously all of them.  

    Jason Freeny is a man of curiosity, which is mainly focused on the inner workings of some of the world's most beloved characters.  Soon you'll be able to own this anatomical representation of Bugs Bunny and marvel at all the bits and pieces that make him tick.  I've got a cabinet of curiosities just begging for a bit of humor, and this would look lovely next to the electro shock machine.

(By the way, all of these toys were expertly produced by Klim and his team at Bigshot Toyworks, who are on point when it comes to making cool stuff.)

    Ok, if you don't own a really nice table top display case yet, let me give you a great excuse to buy one.  This Dunny Chess set from Otto Bjornik is truly a work of art and when you're not busy owning your friends in the classic game you're going to want to make sure it has a place of distinction in your house.  You will be able to buy the pieces in packs of two or you could just skip all that and get an entire set.  Either way, the figures come with squares that form the game board and buying them will probably impress your mom with how much culture you have.  

   Of course these are not all the new things Kidrobot had on display, these just happen to be my favorites.  There's new stuff coming from The Simpsons, Street Fighter, TMNT and more Labbits and Dunnys than you can shake a stick at.  Have you actually ever seen anyone shake a stick at a group of things?  That whole saying would be way more effective if you saw people doing that.  

    See more pictures at 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

I'm Tired of Shoveling Snow so I'm Reviewing Some New Plush Labbits from Frank Kozik x Kidrobot

    You may or may not be aware, but it snowed a butt ton where I live a few weeks ago.  Snow literally ceases to be an exciting thing the moment you get a job and responsibilities, because unlike when you're a child, most of the time a little frozen precipitation is no reason to slow the world of commerce.  Once we got over two feet of snow and the person I worked for didn't care that I sent her a picture of my car covered in a snow drift, she only wanted to know if I'd be able to make it to open on time.  My car was buried more securely than King Tut and she just wanted to make sure I was willing to risk my life in case some random idiot braved the storm to buy a T-shirt.  Thankfully I know longer work for such an unreasonable company and spent the storm safe at home where periodically I would pray not to have a heart attack while shoveling my car out.

    Being out in the snow made me think of soft things, like these new plush Labbits from Frank Kozik and Kidrobot.  It also made me think of frostbite and Civil War style amputations, but let's just focus on the fuzzy bunnies.  (I also don't currently own any toys inspired by archaic surgical techniques, but I'm open to it).

    These dudes have obviously been the product of some interesting love connections going on in the animal kingdom.  Now, I can kinda see a Dalmatian and a bunny getting a little tipsy and spending some time together, but the giraffe thing is beyond all comprehension.  There are particulars of that coupling that boggle the mind and yet here we have proof of it.  Science doesn't lie, folks.  

     Labbits, as it oddly turns out, are about as interested in helping with freeing your automobile from an icy prison as they are with discussing the complexities of their gene pools,  and being that my heart felt like it was going to explode I decided to return inside and take my bunny companions with me.  

    Look at how lovely they look in their more natural, leisurely habitat.  You may recognize this little gathering of books on top of my dresser from other toys reviews or Instagram posts.  Not only does it make me look studious to have them, but if you're able to see the titles it further pushes my status as an international man of mystery.  We have books from comedians and noted authors and even graphic novels working hard as mere background fodder, but are they doing more?  Is there a secret message hidden within their spines that reveals something more about your humble narrator?  Actually, there's not.  My wife just happened to put them up there one day because our bookcases are beyond capacity and the lighting in my house it not that great but things look kinda nice here and I was hoping you thought I was smart.  Love me, damnit!!!!!!

    I love plush Labbits cause they're not wimpy plush like you get at a regular toy store.  These things are soft but they're also firm as hell, which I think describes my authentic personal brand.  And I wish it described my pillow.  Do you realize how hard it is to find a pillow that is as firm as a Labbit plush?  These things have spoiled me because I can't find a pillow that would be nearly as comfortable as sleeping on one of these.  Now I'm gonna need Kidrobot to make flat ones with the exact same material inside so I can finally get a good nights rest and start to make sense to the people around me.    The above picture was taken inside my bedroom on what I refer to as the landing pad for my cat Daenerys.  She likes to jump from the bed and skid across this table in order to get into the window, which is ok because it is shorter than the window and therefore prevents her from just sliding right through the glass and into the open air.  My therapist would be proud of me for opening up like this to you all.

    These soft little critters are available right now from or wherever you like to buy your designer toys.  Get a whole pile of them and lay naked right in the middle and I'm pretty sure the meaning of life will hit you like a right hook.  Or your wife will come home early from work that day and you will never be able to buy her enough shoes to get her to stop making fun of you for it.  Either way.  


Plush Labbit With Littons Coming Soon from Frank Kozik x Kidrobot

    Ahhhh the miracle of child birth.  Nothing in the animal kingdom is more beautiful, or at times horrifying, than new little critters being brought into this world.  When I was a wee little lad one of our dogs got loose and fell in with a bad crowd, returning home with shame written all over her face. A bit later she gave birth to puppies right on our front porch, essentially making the corner of it forever unclean and needing to be covered by a decorative bench.  I remember watching as each new doggie squeezed his way out of an impossible situation and plopped into the world covered in the most disturbing flavor of Jell-O one could imagine.  Then the mother proceeded to clean them off, which seemed very impractical to me being we had more than enough paper towels on hand and would have helped if she had only asked.  And where was the father you asked?  Completely absent from the picture!!!!!  He never took them to their tee ball games, or bothered sending checks.  Do you think puppies eat for free?  They surely don't.  

   I learned many lessons that day about life, but there are always new mysteries to uncover.  For instance did you know that like the seahorse, the male Labbit carries the young (known as Littons FYI) until they are ready to be adorable and then a magic zipper appears on his belly so they can spread their cuteness unto the world?  I just learned it today and I had to share it with you in case you were also in the dark about this phenomenon.  

    Frank Kozik and Kidrobot will be releasing this ultimate biology lesson sometime this month.  This 24 inch plush Labbit comes filled with 5 little babies that will make you smile and will make having that talk with your kids about reproduction a whole lot more interesting.  Keep your eyes peeled for when they are released on and in stores around the world.  

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Is This Project Runway or am I Just Reviewing the New Stache Labbit Hat From Frank Kozik x Kidrobot

      I'm not an accessory kind of guy.  I don't wear jewelry other than my wedding ring, and I feel dumb wearing sunglasses.  All the time people are trying to get me to wear sunglasses all like "you gotta protect your eyes from the UV rays or you'll get horrible disfiguring tumors" and I'm all like "mind your damn business cause I'm mad self conscious and would rather not feel silly."  Not the most compelling argument, I'll give you that, but it's all I have.  So then Kidrobot sent me one of these Labbit hats and I admit I'm a tad skeptical.  I don't even know if I'm a hat person.  Certainly I'm not a fedora person, cause no one other than well respected character actor Jon Hamm should be.

Can't we just accept that he's the only man alive that can wear these and not be mocked?  I'm looking at you, neckbeards.  

   But what about other hats?  Aside from the odd beanie I've owned for survival purposes in the frigid northeast I've never explored my hat side.  But this is 2016 and the lines are forever blurring between who we know ourselves to be and who we can become, so with that in mind I donned the Labbit hat:

*****Sexiness levels will vary.  Results pictured are not typical.

    Good Lord Almighty I have unlocked the key to visual enlightenment!!!  Just look at me, holding my kitty Jorah like a straight up G.  And what you can't see is the line of kitties, both mine and stray, lined up waiting to get their snuggle on with me.  I think this might be what the kids call swag, but I refuse to Google that in case it's something I don't want in my browser history.

I have made a terrible mistake.

    How dare you think that wearing a Labbit on your head is merely a fashion statement.  Like Luke stuffed into the body of a fallen Tauntaun, my head is toasty warm and free of dreaded frost bite.  And unlike Tauntauns, which are endangered now after the rebel alliance learned that they don't actually dig the cold weather that much, Labbits are so plentiful that to not gather one up and make a hat of it just means their population will soar to absurd numbers which may or may not hamper the development of strip malls.  I'll be damned if some little moustached bunny is gonna stop me from the manifest destiny that is my need to buy Chinese food and go tanning without having to make two stops.

    I'm just kidding of course, I love little critters and detest all areas of commerce.  This hat is made only with imagination and synthetic fibers, which at no time ever roamed wild or had their habitat stolen from them by some jerk butt.  Besides, do you think any creature with a stache like that could be taken down by puny humans?  They would put a hurtin on anyone that disrespected them.  Instead, these hats are a tribute to their superior facial hair and serve to protect us from their wrath should they decide that we are in the way of their new Labbit casinos.  At least, we hope that's what will happen.

    Endear yourself to our future overlords by getting your own warm and toasty Labbit hat right now at

I just blew your mind with this picture didn't I?

Monday, January 11, 2016

Hold On To Your Britches Cause I'm Reviewing The Stache Labbits from Frank Kozik x Kidrobot

      Moustaches are tricky.  Depending on the style and the shape they can mean so many different things.  Sometimes they mean that you may drive a sketchy van and just happen to lose your puppy whenever you're near a grade school.  They could mean that you're a trying to get the start up money to fund your artisanal vegan corn dog restaurant.   The moustache is the mixed signal of the facial hair world and it's time we push aside all the negativity it could convey and let it shine like the beacon of manhood it once was.  So before we continue on with this review I'd like to take a moment to reflect on some important moustaches that really should set the tone for how all you bros out there choose to man up going forward:

Burt Reynolds

Yosemite Sam

The Iron Sheik

Lando Calrissian 

Vlad the Impaler

     Now that the follicles on your lip have some folks to look up too, lets get down to Labbit business.  Frank Kozik and Kidrobot released these 10 inch Stache Labbits at the end of last year and boy are they pretty (in a strict manly sort of way of course). Each one features a high gloss finish that will force you to not take pictures of them while only wearing your underpants in case you ever want to run for public office.  

The things his high gloss finish has seen would break a lesser being.

    Of course the main feature of each is a moustache that is both full and unapologetically luscious.  This is what every man dreamed of as his teenage self tried desperately to cultivate the few weed-like hairs that sprouted on his upper lip.  No matter how many adults berated him with the old wive's tale of shaving to make the hair grow in thicker, he only focused of making his wispy little crumb brush the greatest chick magnet it could be.  Some of us, such as myself, were successful in our endeavors and have enjoyed the life that our moustaches have afforded us.  Others, like the sad fellow you see pictured below, live as a basement dwelling Gollum, responding to personal ads on Craigslist while needlessly combing the almost barren landscape beneath their nose.  

   I feel a nun should be following him through the streets yelling "shame" as he is being whipped.  Also, this may or may not be Justin Bieber.

    Having these Labbits in the house has already upped the previously high testosterone levels to unprecedented heights.  Right out of the box this one proceeded outside to berate me on the inefficiency of our heating and cooling unit and demanded we make a trip to Home Depot so he could gather the necessary tools to rebuild it:

We're gonna get this thing pumping air cold enough to store sides of beef in your living room.

    Then this bro went out looking for buffalo that we could turn into sides of beef and store in the living room:

    There is a distinct lack of buffalo in this place you call "New Jersey".  

    Look how good they look outside.  Maybe I can get a meeting with Kidrobot and we can work on a whole lawn decoration line to replace those creepy gnomes that everyone always buys.  Not that I don't like the creepy gnomes a little, but I want something standing guard over my tomatoes that represents me and not what the evil gardening conglomerates shove down my throat.  I don't need your whole Illuminati Powerball cause I'm gonna get rich the old fashioned way: by making stuff to confuse my neighbors.  

    I got a little off track there, as I sometimes do when genius strikes.  You know you want to have more Labbits in your house, cause duh why wouldn't you?  All of this has just furthered your conviction that there's been a void that can only be filled by the manliest of man bunnies.  It's ok, because that very realization is the first step on your way to enlightenment, or something.  The second step is welcoming these follicly-superior beings into your home today by visiting or checking out your favorite places to buy designer toys.  They can be the father figure you've so desperately needed all these years.  


Friday, December 11, 2015

10 Inch Stache Labbits from Frank Kozik x Kidrobot Available Now

    The best performance in the history of film by a mustache would have to have been the stellar acting job featured in Smokey and the Bandit.  Not that Burt Reynold's furry little buddy is mentioned in the cast list on IMDB, or was rewarded for his hard work during award season, but the entire plot of the film could not have advanced to such stellar heights without his subtle, yet strong presence.  At the end of filming Mr. Reynolds should have shaved him off and had him bronzed like a pair of baby's first shoes.  The he could have been enshrined at some worthy museum, most likely a branch of the Smithsonian, where his fans could gather to pay respect to Hollywood's most important facial hair.  God bless you Burt Reynolds for continuing to inspire my follicles to reach for greatness. 

    Look at these Labbits,  with mustaches so glorious they could run for public office.  It's impossible not to trust a face accented in such a beautiful way in what can only be described as art.  They would embarrass a lesser man, bringing shame to the wispy little baby hairs that plague the upper lips of some folks from adolescence through death.  The fact that they are not left in the woods to fend for themselves is a testament to their family's compassion.

    Frank Kozik has finally made some more giant sized big ol Labbits for me to line my entertainment center with.  You can choose from back or white, but I say in the spirit of plastic bunny racial harmony you get em both and set a good example for the rest of the world.  They are available right now at for $49.99 each.