Thursday, April 30, 2020

Introducing Splat from Splatoys

   I can assure you that when I was 15 years old I never had any inclination of making my own toys.  I mostly thought about football, girls, metal, making unearthly noises on my guitar, girls, getting out of my podunk town, and my sweet 1983 burgundy Volvo station wagon.  And I'd still be driving that car if the engine hadn't died.  The brains behind Splatoys is a mere 15 years in age and he got more direction than most people twice his age.  His debut figure is also the namesake of the company and he reminds me of those little Scrubbing Bubbles that I may of may not have thought were real when I was a tiny child and could never understand why my mom just didn't hire them to clean everything instead of wasting her time. 

    This kid is also a master of merchandise, because not only does he have the figures,  but he has already branched out into t-shirts, pins, and even prints.   Check out everything that's available by visiting

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Nordic Lucky Cat Enamel Pins Available Now

   What better time to launch a new product than during a worldwide pandemic! Timing has never been my strong suit, but what can ya do?  Just in time for all of those stimulus checks to hit, you can now buy one of these killer Nordic Lucky Cat pins from me.  I designed em, worked with a factory to produce em, and now they're ready to be the ultimate accessory to your already fabulous wardrobe.  Each pin is 1 and 1/2 inches tall and are $10 each which includes free shipping in the United States.  They're limited to 100 pieces and can be had right now by visiting  

Friday, April 17, 2020

Prismatic Resin Shard Dunnys from Scott Tolleson

   What magic is this?  Scott Tolleson's Shard Dunny has seen many iterations, but this version is insane.  But Chris you say, what makes these so special?  I'm glad you asked, cause these Prismatic edition Dunnys change color depending on which angle you view them.  I have no idea how this effect was achieved, but imagine the fun you could have stoned out of your gourd while in quarantine, eating all of your Oreo rations and watching the colors change as you spin one of these in your hands.  Hell, you may just unlock the secrets of the universe, or you may just forget to shower for a week.  Anything is possible in these uncertain times.  Also don't do drugs, or whatever.  

    Hollywood prop maker and all around resin magician Task One made these 3 inch resin figures and they will instantly become a cherished piece in your collection.  That is, if you're lucky enough to score one of the 30 available when they go on sale today, April 17th.  They are $60 each and will be available starting at 10am pacific time only from  

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Apoc4lypse One Off Release Lottery from The Devil's Kaiju

     When you elect the Antichrist to run the country why should you be surprised that the Apocalypse was soon to follow?  Ok, the second part of that was a little dramatic, but don't act like the thought hasn't crossed your mind.  Though watching the news is enough to make you wish it would hurry up and get here already, and don't tell me you won't be excited to see all the morons in their little red baseball caps as they realize the elevator they're on only goes down.   Pack your aloe vera in case you burn easily. 

   The Devil's Kaiju has a fitting name to go along with such a doomsday themed release.  He's calling it the Apoc4lypse, as there are four sets of one off figures that call out to the most famous of horsemen.  Each set consists of one of his GØD figures and one companion Aleister.  You think they're gonna scoop the poop of their beastly pets? Just imagine what a beast like that leaves behind on his daily walks.

    If you want the chance to purchase these you have to enter a lottery to do so.  Here are the details:

1. Send ONE email only please to:
2. Email title MUST be: The Apoc4lypse Lottery
3. Email Body (English please/ No special characters): 
4. List your preferred one-off colorway selection in order of 1-4, 1 being your favorite. 

     1. Green
     2. Pale
     3. Red
     4. Black

Your full name:
Shipping Address:
Paypal Email Address:
Outside US only: Phone Number:

Winners will be chosen at random Monday (4.20.20) and will receive an email notification and Paypal invoice at that time.
Winners have 48 hours to pay or another will be selected. Thank you so much for your support and interest. Namaste & good luck!

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Brick Red Edition Kub from Mike Fudge x UVD Toys

  The world is crazy right now, as I'm sure you know, but the weather in New Jersey has been all like "hold my beer" and turned things up a notch.  The other day it was 60 degrees out and it magically starts snowing out.  Granted, it only lasted for five minutes, but it was really weird and almost more snow than we had all winter.  Yesterday we were under tornado watch all day, which is one of those things that never happens here.  Today I wore my heavy jacket and I have my hard hat in the car just in case the intensity of these weather events ramps up to Biblical plague level.  Frogs look soft until they're smacking you in the head from the cruising altitude of a 747.

    Mike Fudge's wildly popular Kub vinyl figure seems well dressed for anything this apocalyptic weather could throw at him.  This version is knows as the brick red edition, well, because that's what color it is.  Not everything has to be overly complicated.  UVD Toys will have this 7 inch figure available starting tomorrow, Wednesday April 15th, at noon eastern time.  Limited to 100 pieces and retailing for $75 each, they can be had directly from the source at

Friday, April 3, 2020

Huge 40% Off One Day Sale Happening Now at Tenacious Toys

   You know what makes me happy when I'm stressed out?  New toys, of course!!!  What did you think I was gonna say, ya weirdos?  The times are indeed uncertain and we all could use a distraction right now, so for today only (Friday, April 3) Tenacious Toys is offering 40% off a huge selection of toys on their website.  And we're talking about good stuff too, I know cause I looked.  If saving a ton of money wasn't enough of an incentive to invest in your happiness,  you also have the ability to score a free 8 inch Gorilla figure designed by James Groman.  To get one you just have to spend $110 after the discount if you live in the United States and $200 after the discount if you live anywhere else in the world.  Why you're still reading this is beyond me, so click this link and start shopping.  Don't  forget to use the code FRIDAY40 so you get your deal.