Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Shub Zeroth Permafrost Edition from Metacrypt x DSKI ONE

    It is not the claws, or the teeth that man should fear, of those beasts that have gone unseen by anyone living today.  It is not their rise from oceanic depths, flooding our cities in their massive wakes.  No, man's fears shall be realized just in the fact that such beasts exists.  Beasts beyond anything the human mind can fathom.  And when you stare up at the monstrosity before you, this knowledge will render all of your notions of the world into useless mush.  Behold Shub Zeroth, destroyer of world's, reckoner of mankind, lover of shrimp cocktail.  Seriously, you would poop if you saw this in real life.  And so many people would die just from trying to record him on their cell phones so they could put it on Youtube later.  Oh, the horror of trying to gain more followers!

    DSKI ONE has brought this behemoth from Metacrypt to life with a rather awesome paint job and you can welcome it into your home this Thursday, May 1st at 11am Pacific time.  Very few of these are in existence and will be sold exclusively through  

More Bedtime Bunnies from Peter Kato to be Released Tonight at Midnight

    The timing of these Bedtime Bunny posts always coincide with a night that I didn't sleep very well.  Last night I didn't sleep well at all.  The younger cats decided that they were going to practice their wrestling moves by recreating last week's Smackdown, while my stomach burned with indigestion and I was too tired to get out of bed to take anything for it.  And of course this never happens when I don't have to get up early and drive an hour to work.  Uggh, it's gonna be a long day.

    But how can I possibly have a bad outlook on the day in the face of such cuteness?  I can't, though I would still like to sneak a nap in somewhere.  How long do you think I could sleep in the bathroom at work before anyone would notice?    Peter Kato is releasing more of his uber popular sleepy time rabbits tonight at midnight and they will include all black versions, Pepto pink, and white ones with either blue or pink slippers.  They come in two different sizes and will most likely sell out quickly, so make sure you're wide awake tonight so you can get a few.  If you need any help staying awake I've got a few ill behaved felines I could send your way.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Orange Bugbites and More from Chris Ryniak on Sale Today!!!!

    The first thing I do when I check into a hotel room is lift the mattress and look for evidence of bed bugs.  Usually after I am satisfied that I will not be transporting an infestation in my suitcase, I then move on to determining whether or not the blanket stains are fresh, where the standing water smell is coming from, and if the peeling wall paper is concealing anything sinister/valuable.  I really should step up my hotel game, but I can't see paying a ton of money just for somewhere to sleep for a little bit.  The three days of itching afterwards are totally worth the savings!

    I have yet to find any bed bugs in my hotel rooms, but I wouldn't mind finding one of these in the nightstand.  If all critters were this adorable exterminators would all be out of business, cause no matter how harmful they were you couldn't bring yourself to poison them.  These little resin dudes are called Bugbites and you can start your own plague of Biblical proportions when they go on sale today at 2pm Eastern time through Chris Ryniak's new webstore.  He'll also have some drawings available so you can freshen up your home decor game.  

Monday, April 28, 2014

Dripple Series 1 Platform Toy from Sket-One and Mighty Jaxx

    I enjoy a good platform toy.  I like the fact that it's one basic shape and it's up the artist to really bring it to life while making it unique.  Mighty Jaxx has teamed up with Sket One to produce their first ever platform toy, Dripple.  There are two things about this figure that I think make it successful.  The first is a huge area in which to put designs.  They're not limited by little stubby arms or legs or really harsh angles, so the art really has a chance to be unrestrained.  The second is that the arms are all interchangeable and they will be making more accessories to go along with the figures, so you can mix and match them however you want.  Not only does that give you options for display, but customizers will have more choices when making their own creations.  

    Now, they need your help to get this series into production.  They are raising the funds right now over at and it works the same way as Kickstarter.  There are different levels of rewards for your contribution, including some hand made figures, complete sets, and even a three foot tall Dripple.  They've actually just hit their main goal a few hours ago, but they still need help in hitting those stretch goals and unlocking more cool stuff.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Grody Shogun x Cojica Toys x Shirahama Toy Release Today from Lulubell Toy Bodega

    What's this?  I'm actually doing a post on a Sunday?  That's right, because I am like the mighty cobra and can strike at any moment.  I may go back in time and do a post last week, that's how crazy I can be.  I like to keep you on your toes and sometimes I just get some info so cool that I gotta get it posted so you can get all the cool stuff that makes life worth living.  So I guess I'm like a cobra that would sneak up on you and give you a hot stock tip.  I'm such a nice snake.

    Super Festival has been going on in Japan this weekend and I have been at home drooling all over my computer at all the plastic goodness I wish I could have.  But what's this I see?  Something for those of us that are extremely jealous and depressed right now?  Grody Shogun got the dudes from Cojica Toys and Shirahama Toys to paint up these bad boys for a special release dropping today.  You get both of these for only $55.  They go live on today (April 27th) at noon Pacific time.  That's really really soon, so get your typing fingers prepped and your credit card on high alert folks.  

Friday, April 25, 2014

Eternal Cloud Red Dragon Edition from Restore

    I can't even make jokes when talking about something this amazing.  Restore is known for making some mind blowing toys, but this one is by far their best creation to date.  The Eternal Cloud figure is made up of Japanese soft vinyl and resin and is created out of about 15 different pieces.  This thing is like an amazing tattoo come to life.  Seen here is the Red Dragon version of this figure, which is available for preorder right now for $125 from the fine folks at Lulubell Toy Bodega.  The preorder window is open until the 29th of May at noon Pacific time and the figures are expected to ship in August.  

Sharknado Pop! Vinyl from Funko

    This is, by far, the greatest Pop! Vinyl toy that Funko has ever made.  I hope whoever designed this just straight up quite afterwards and went to work as a landscaper or something, because how do you top this?  Not only do I hope they quite, I hope that upon it's completion they stood up, flipped their desk over and walked away in slow motion as it burst into flames.   This titan of toys will be available in June, just in time to get you psyched up for the sequel.  

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Jade Green King Jinx from Paul Kaiju

    You can't tell me stuff like this isn't going to creep out of the ocean one day and enslave us all.  It's gonna happen, and they're gonna be extra pissed cause of you throwing your Miller Lite cans in the water while you're out fishing with your buddies.  You've doomed us all to a life as crab slaves.  

    Everybody wants a King Jinx toy from Paul Kaiju.  Maybe it's so we can decode their weak points and have a defense when their relatives come attacking.  Or maybe it's just cause of how cool they look.  If you want to get this Jade Green version you've gotta enter a special lottery for the chance to purchase one.  This Sunday, April 27th, at noon Pacific time you can go to and put down all your pertinent information for a chance to win.  The lottery is only open for 24 hours, so take your useless stuff to the pawn shop and scratch up some funds.  

Willo Resin Sculpture Kickstarter from Kyle Kirwan

    I think I've told this story before, but it warrants a retelling.  While living in my first apartment with my wife I made a custom figure that utilized fake antlers from a taxidermy supply company.  They needed to be shaved down a bit at their base so they would fit into the head of the figure, so I grabbed my trusty Dremel, sat out on the front stoop, and began grinding them down.  Just then two degenerates who just bought drugs from our upstairs neighbor (that's a looooong story that ended with the US Marshalls and the fastest eviction you've ever seen) come walking by and I look up at them from behind my respirator (don't breath that crap in folks) and nod so they think I'm cool and won't want to steal my tv.  One looks at the other and says, and I quote, "That's some real Jeffrey Dahmer shit."  That is when I learned that if you live around sketchy people doing sketchy things, it doesn't hurt to have them think you might be a sociopath.  

    I'm a sucker for a nice rack (of antlers) and this Willo figure from Kyle Kirwan certainly has that.  This dude needs your help to become an actual toy and you can show your support via a Kickstarter campaign going on right now.  This thing is very very close to getting funded and just needs a little extra push to make it happen.  Be a part of creating this unique toy by clicking here.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Rootbeer Corn Float Unchimen from Skinner Release Today!

    Anything having to do with poop is hilarious.  You know you still laugh whenever someone lets out a fart in public.  If the biggest, scariest, most prison-rapey dude you've ever seen let one rip there would be nothing you could do to stop from laughing.  Sure, he may kill you for making fun of his gaseous indiscretion, but even the thought of being choked to death by his tattooed hands can't stop it from being funny.  There is only one time that poop is not funny and that's when it's happening to us.  But even that is only momentary, because afterwards you can laugh about how you "wrecked the pipes" in your house, or that time you almost had to poop in the ditch on the way to the Bob Dylan concert because you swore your bowels could no longer take the torture of the Kentucky Fried Chicken you ate earlier and it was really hard to hold back their fury and operate the clutch of the truck you were driving without there being a breach in your backdoor security.  But then like an oasis in the midday desert heat you saw rise an Exxon station in the horizon, and you knew your salvation was at hand and you would not lose a good pair of underwear or your dignity on the side of a highway in Delaware after all.  

    Skinner has painted up three of these turd men by Paul Kaiju so you can finally own something nice that your mother can be proud of.  They go on sale today (Wednesday,April 23rd) at noon Pacific time at  And by the way, if anything ever comes out of your body that looks like this, don't bother consulting WebMD or even your local emergency room.  You need a priest and a will.  

LiverDiet Custom Semi Korosiya from Cop A Squat Toys

    LiverDiet sounds like a good nickname for a viking.  Like, Harold LiverDiet.  It would strike the fear in your enemies that once they are defeated you will eat their iron-packed organs while they are still alive!!!!!!!!!!!!  That's pretty brutal.  Mine would probably be lame if it were left to other people to make it up based on my life.  I would end up Chris Litter Scooper, or Chris Crooked Toe.  I don't see my enemies running in fear of either of those.  

   In real life, LiverDiet is no marauder raiding monasteries and carrying off slave girls to Scandinavia, but a maker of clothing and toys.  Which is pretty brutal on its own, if you think about production runs and profit margins.  He has customized 8 of these Semi Korosiyas from Cop A Squat Toys and they are things of beauty.  The nice, subtle paint job goes a long way to bringing out the qualities of the figure itself.  Each one will come with an 8x10 serigraph (seen below) and one lucky collector will also get a snapback hat so you don't get sunburn on your head this summer.  Have you ever sunburned your scalp?  It sucks, don't do it.  You never think about that exposed part in your hair until it's too late and it feels like it's been licked by the fires of Hades.  

    These guys go on sale this Friday, April 25th at 7pm only at

Monday, April 21, 2014

Street Spirit Artist Series from Suburban Vinyl featuring The Sucklord

    These guys would be kinda scary is they weren't bright pink.  You can't take anything in pink seriously.  Like, if a dude came up to rob you and he was wearing a pink track suit you would probably just laugh and then beat him up and take his wallet.  Pink has the ability to drain the threatening aspect out of any situation.  

    But pink is the signature color of The Sucklord and he has used it liberally in customizing these Street Spirit figures from Nemo.  And he even covered the bottoms of them with the goings on in Asia as found in a Chinese newspaper.  What do they say?  I dunno, I studied useless things in school.  

   Sucklord only made 6 of these for Suburban Vinyl in what will be an ongoing series of these figures featuring different artists.  Spruce up your living space by getting one from

Friday, April 18, 2014

Entertainment Earth Exclusive Sons of Anarchy Figures from Mezco

    Oh, let's just make all my posts about Sons of Anarchy today.  This October we will be in the thick of the last ever season of this show, and while I'll doing my best to try and not be an emotional cripple, I'll also be buying up all of these figures that are coming out.  It's how I deal with the sadness that my favorite show is ending.  And while my wife is at work and unable to judge me I can reenact the entire series.  Hopefully they come out with a dead hooker expansion pack because Barbie is not to scale.  

    Mezco has made these versions of Jax and Clay exclusively for the nice folks at Entertainment Earth.  Both will be released this October, but you can preorder them now by clicking on the Entertainment Earth button on the right of this page.  You better do it or your collection won't be complete and you'll have to buy them from some jerk on eBay who will mark them up 200%.    

Second Series of Sons of Anarchy Coins from Mezco Toys

    While the first series of Sons of Anarchy coins was to commemorate those characters that had succumbed to their vicious lifestyle, the second set features characters that are still, for now, with us.  But as the last season of the series is quickly approaching, their time in this world is most likely coming to an end.  I'm both excited and sad that my favorite show is coming to an end.  I'm excited to see how all of the insanity is wrapped up and how much further everything can spiral out of control before they reach any form of resolution.  But I am saddened that these characters that I've invited into my home for the past seven years will be gone forever.  You build an emotional investment in their fictional stories and it's hard to let that go.  I am grateful that the show will be allowed to go out on it's own terms and we will all get to see the completion of Kurt Sutter's vision the way he intended it.  Not a lot of programs get that ability.  

      I went a little off course there, but I'll try and right the ship.  These coins were produced by Mezco to go along with the actor's that portray these characters appearing at Chiller Theatre in Northern New Jersey April 25th-27th.  I haven't been to that convention in a few years and am seriously tempted to go, if for no other reason than to meet Katey Sagal who portrays Gemma.  She is by far one of the most complex characters on television and I can't imagine anyone else bringing so much life to that role.  

    You can only get these coins online by visiting  

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Rotofugi Exclusive Jyujin from Mutant Vinyl Hardcore and GEEK!

    Is this what everyone is always looking for on those monster hunting shows?  I hate those programs, because they never find squat.  Actually, I hate any program that goes hunting for the supernatural or mythological creatures because there is no payoff.  Let me dramatically recreate for you every episode of every one of those tv shows that have ever existed:

****Bunch of idiots with expensive equipment walking around in places that will require a tetanus afterwards.  Picture it in your mind's eye.****

Idiot one:  (stops suddenly and puts out his arms to signal everyone to stop as well)  "Shhh Shhh.  Did you hear that?"

Idiot two:  (looks spooked and turns up his super sonic listening device then holds his headphones tight to his ear)

Idiot one:  "Let's check our traps."

****The gaggle of morons walks slowly so they don't scare the majestic creature/raccoon away.***

Idiot one:  "I knew that sounded like a bigfoot.  Look at the trap.  He took a big bite out of that fruitcake we left here and must have run away when he heard us coming.  This is the real deal fellas"

    Multiply that by 13 and you have an entire season of stupidity.  

    When one of those dudes brings back something that looks like this Jyujin from GEEK!, then I'll be impressed.  This big hunk o plastic was expertly painted by Rich from Mutant Vinyl Hardcore and is an exclusive to Rotofugi.  You want to add this mythical beast to your collection?  Well, you've got till tomorrow (Friday, April 18th) at noon Central time to enter the lottery for your chance to get one.  If you win you then gotta pay $165.  If you lose, well, you lose.  Enter it now by going to

Freddy Krueger Bishoujo Figure from Kotobukiya

    The rules of horror films state that if you're a scantily clad attractive female, you can expect to die in a pretty horrible, often times humiliating, way.  But what if the killer was the scantily clad girl?  Who then is the number one victim?  Do they go around killing monsters and escaped mental patients?  Now my head hurts.

     Kotobukiya is turning the world of horror films upside down with their Freddy vs. Jason Bishoujo figures.  Do you realize how many dudes would get killed if she was in an actual film? It's easy to stay the hell away from a dude that is covered in burns and has steak knives taped to his fingers, but no guy would ever run from this girl.  He'd be like "so, can I uh, call you sometime?" right before getting his bowels strung up from the rafters.  The male population would dwindle down to nothing.  And every guy would want to watch this film cause of the half naked girls, regardless of whether they're sociopathic murderers or not.  Call me Hollywood,  this is box office gold.  

    Freddy is the first movie monster to get the hot chick makeover, but they are creating a Jason version as well.  Look at the abs on her?  Evidently she does Crossfit to prepare for a night of slaughtering campers.  Freddy is up for preorder now on Entertainment Earth and if you click on the link to the right there to place your order, I make a few bucks, which helps me feed my cats.  Those guys eat like a plague of locusts.  

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

"Our Father" Darth Vader Resin Sculpture from Sket One

    Guess what?  I just spent your tax return for you.  I apologize in advance to all the people you swore you'd pay back when you got your "taxes did", but this is more important.  This massive Darth Vader resin is the work of Sket-One, who has just upped the game when it comes to religious-inspired art.  And he wasn't shy about it either, cause this sucker stands a little over two feet tall and weighs 10 pounds.  This may be the greatest thing you will ever own that can double as an anti-burglary weapon.  Now, before you lose your mind past the point of no return, this Lord of the Sith ain't cheap.  For this massive piece it will set you back $999.  Also keep in mind that Sket estimates that this will cost about $200 just to ship but he will make accommodations for you to pick it up in person if you wanna go to California.  It could be like an awesome pilgrimage!  Only 25 of these behemoths were produced and will go on sale this Friday, April 18th.  For those of us that already blew our tax returns on wrestling tickets and trips to the vet, he will also be offering prints and prayer candles (oh, I'm gonna need one of those my friends) through  I better see some serious shrines created by anyone that buys this.  You might wanna go ahead and empty a room of your house just so you can do it justice.  

Pieces from Monster Brawl Group Show Available Online Now!

    While I was slaving away at work last Saturday the folks at Monstor Kolor were holding a killer group show featuring Plaseebo, Jay222, and Miscreation Toys.  And by killer I mean that everything on display looks like it could kill you.  These toys are serious nightmare fuel and they are available right now for you to purchase online.  Check out a few pieces below.  If you'd like to buy these or a ton of other equally awesome creations, visit

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Freaky Fritz Hateball Sets from Frank Kozik

    Yesterday I had jury duty.  I've never had jury duty before so I really didn't know what to expect.  They never have episodes of Law & Order where they focus only on the jury selection process, but it turned out to be kind of interesting.  At first we just sat in a room for three hours and I listened to everyone gripe about how they didn't want to be there, but when we got to the actual courtroom things got real interesting real quick.  The dude was on trial for murder and I desperately wanted to be on this jury.  Things were going swimmingly until the defense decided they would exercise their right to toss me out. When I was in college I had completed an internship with a local police department's forensic unit and I think that's what made him think twice.  Now I have to go to my regular job and listen to people gripe about why they don't want to be there.  

    That story is decidedly unrelated to these toys.  I just wanted to share with you how I spent my Monday.  I'm really excited to finally see these Freaky Fritz figures from Frank Kozik become available.  The great thing about the internet is it's allowed me to follow the process of their creation along, from his original drawings, to the digital sculpture by Bigshot Toyworks, to their eventual 3D forms in Japanese vinyl.  These sets come with two different size heads and two lucky customers will win one of the full figures as seen in the third picture.  They're limited to 30 sets and go on sale tomorrow, April 16th, at noon Pacific time for $65 with signed and numbered header cards.  

myplasticheart Exclusive Bedtime Bunnies from Peter Kato

     Cancel your plans today folks, cause this is more important.  Unless you didn't file your taxes yet, in which case you better fill out those forms and make a quick trip to the post office so you don't have to go to jail.  Happy tax day everyone!

    The last time Peter Kato released these Bedtime Bunnies they sold out pretty quickly, so I would expect the same thing to happen with this batch when they release today from myplasticheart.  This assortment of 20 figures will be sold blind with a special gold chase version included in the mix.  And they're only $20, so keep an eye on their website for when they're available.  

Friday, April 11, 2014

Monsters & Mecha/Skelevex Offerings for ToyCon UK

    Do you like fuzzy monster critters? Do you like skulls?  Do you like professional wrestling?  Well, two out of three of those will be available at the Monsters & Mecha/ Skelevex booth at tomorrow's ToyCon UK.  Just look at all this cool stuff they have.  I'm officially jealous of all of you that get to go to this event.  Booth #32 is poised and ready to take all of your money.  I would probably buy all of the Skelevex because each time I look at one I want it more and more.  And then I'd be broke and I'd have to paddle across the Atlantic Ocean to get back home, which would probably make me extremely late for work.  

More Goodness from alto for ToyCon UK

    I did terrible in geometry class the first time I took it in high school.  By then I had already discovered that grunge music was my calling and I was gonna be the next Nirvana.  What the hell did I need to know about acute angles and such when I was gonna be on tour playing songs that teenagers would listen to just to piss off their parents?  So I failed.  I failed hard.  Not only at geometry, but my music career never got off the ground, pretty much because I have crippling anxiety that prevents me from stepping foot on a stage, let alone playing guitar or singing in front of someone.  But I still think about it sometimes, that I'm not too too old to write some angsty anthems.  However I never think about geometry, or the fact that it took me two times to pass it.  

    alto was much better at the weird math than I was, because he makes his living making cool geometrical objects.  I love the Wired editions of his Evil Origami and Skelevex toys.  Stripping these down to a complex frame work makes them interesting to look at in completely different ways.   You can buy these right now from his Shapeways store by going to  


    They will also be at ToyCon UK tomorrow for those of you in attendance.  He will also be involved in's Power 5 series, in which 5 different artists created 5 resin pieces in 5 different colors.  This little one inch tall guy is his offering to the series:

    And be the first to see in person his collaboration with RunDMB entitled "Project X".  This thing is massive and crazy looking and I'm sure you'll be able to learn much more about how to buy one very soon.

Heavy Metal Wookie from I Break Toys/Lisa Rae Hansen at ToyCon UK

   When Wookies aren't ripping your arms off and beating you to death with them for defeating them at space chess, they like to form bands and tour around the galaxy.  And they only play metal that would melt the skin right off your face.  You won't necessarily find this bit of information in any of those Star Wars books, but I've never lied to you before.  Except that one time about that thing.  

   Lisa Rae Hansen/I Break Toys/international woman of amazing art toys fame, has outdone herself with these Heavy Metal Wookies.  Each color is limited to 10 pieces, with 5 of them being available at ToyCon UK tomorrow and the other 5 going online shortly after at  She'll have a bunch of other cool stuff at her booth if you're lucky enough to be going to the convention, so stop by, say hi, and buy lots of toys.  

Artransmitte Exclusives for ToyCon UK

    You know what I always say: "The best hippie, is a dead hippie."  Actually, I've never said that, because hippies were long extinct before I was born.  I guess hipsters are sort of the same though, because they both have that natural, unwashed look.  Who cares about that nonsense though, cause these Dead Hippies from Patrick Wong are pretty awesome.  These little dudes are exclusives to Artransmitte's booth at ToyCon Uk tomorrow.  Only 30 exist and are sold blind with a 1/6 chance of getting a mint green chase.  

    Even more limited are these Wrong Mask 3 Dunnys from DrilOne.  Only 10 of these guys doing their best raven cosplay were made and were inspired by the artist's visit to the Tower of London and the raw-meat eating ravens that hang around the place.  Maybe they are the souls of the dead who were executed there.  Or maybe they're just hungry birds who love a free meal.  

Any leftovers from the con will be made available at  

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Ultrus Aqua Bog from Frank Kozik Releases Today

    Aqua Man is lame.  What the hell kinda super power is being able to talk to fish?  I don't want to talk to most people, so I don't know what a fish could say that would be that interesting.  I guess it would be mildly convenient if you could talk a shark out of eating you, but being that I don't ever go in the ocean that would be a waste.  Maybe you'd be mildly entertaining at parties if their happens to be an aquarium around and the fish tells you about all the weird stuff your friend does when he thinks no one is looking.  Now I'm starting to sell myself on this fish talking thing.  
   If Aqua Man looked like this more people would take him seriously.  In fact, if you wear pants made out of human skulls, its pretty much guaranteed that you're the baddest dude around.  Frank Kozik painted up 13 of these figures from Skinner and will be releasing them today (Thursday, April 10th) at noon Pacific time.  $200 will get you one of these hand painted critters that you can form your own Justice League around.  

Crypt Creepers from We Become Monsters Are Available Now!

    According to We Become Monsters, this here Crypt Creeper is meant to keep your crypt clean.  See, this is why science infuriates me.  Instead of bioengineering something like this for use in our houses, they're to busy making fat burning pills and putting lipstick on monkeys.  Do you know how much money you could make if you could create something like this that just roamed around all day eating dust and pooping it out in a trash can?  I would buy 100 right now, cause I suck at cleaning.  I could put a few in the cat's bathroom to eat their stray bits of litter.  Maybe stick a few in the tub drain so it never gets clogged.  Forget cloning sheep, this is where a good mad scientist could really make his mark.  

    While your house will still be dirty no matter how many of these you buy, they're still fun/kinda creepy to look at.  And if you use the power of your imagination you can pretend that they're eating whatever that weird sludge is in your kitchen sink.  This is a limited edition of 25 in a random assortment of colors and they're available right now from  

Springtime Takoshi from Yakimon x Toy Art Gallery

    I'll admit it:  I'm a sucker for a good reality tv show.  Mostly I like the ones that are some sort of competition because I'm always hoping that at the end no one will win because the producers will be disgusted by how horrible all of the people are.  Seriously, it's like they're collecting names for the national douche bag registry when they cast for these things.  There's so many that my wife and I can never remember their proper names, so we just make up ones that are more fitting.  Tough Love, a show about people who can't find success in the dating word, becomes "Unlovables" and we hope that maybe a fire will break out in the house that that can't be tamed.  Are You the One, a dumb show about  idiots trying to figure out who their perfect matches were, became "Sticky House" for the careless amount of coupling that went on.  I could go on and on, but it would be embarrassing to let you know how much of this junk I've actually seen.

    If I were in charge of naming toys, Yakimon's Takoshi would be renamed "Super Hyper Squid Face".  I just think it would be more fun to explain what it is to your friends if that's what it was called.  Regardless of his moniker, you can buy one this Friday at noon Pacific time when they go on sale from Toy Art Gallery.  

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

R.I.P. The Ultimate Warrior

    I've always loved professional wrestling.  Though there have been times when my interest fluctuated, I've always come back to this unique form of entertainment.  My grandfather got me into it and we spent a lot of time in front of the television, predicting who would win and arguing with the screen when things didn't go the way we thought they should.  Of course we knew it was scripted, but it felt so easy to suspend disbelief for those few hours a week.  My grandfather passed away last October and shortly after my wife and I started watching the WWE again with more interest.  It felt like being a kid again and sitting in his living room.  He took me to my first ever live event when I was five and I can remember being ringside and being awestruck at these larger than life characters who were more famous to me than anyone else in the world could possibly be.  

   One of my favorite wrestlers of all time was The Ultimate Warrior.  I spent a large part of my youth reading about him in magazines and glued to the television anytime WWE was aired.  He was something beyond human, like an evolution of man that had somehow skipped the rest of us.  Just a few days ago he made his return to television as part of Wrestlemania and later on RAW after being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.  And then he was gone.  The timing of his death is probably more shocking than his actual passing, as the years of punishing one's body usually doesn't usually lead to a healthy retirement.  But he got to thank everyone that grew up watching him, and we in turn got to thank him through the emotional responses he received this week.  If it had been a movie no one would have ever believed it could have ended that perfectly.  But real life will always be much stranger than anything we could ever conjure in our imaginations.  And another piece of my childhood, of many of our childhoods, is gone now forever.  

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Glow In The Dark Heathrow from Frank Kozik on Sale Today!!!!!

    It's been an interesting week with the critters in my house.  Our two kittens got spayed and neutered and while the boy did fantastic, the girl has been a pickle.  Her incision was glued and she was wearing that cone of shame to prevent her from licking it, but somehow she got a hold of a Diamond Dallas Page Yogo tape and learned to bend in such a way that she ATE ALL THE GLUE!  So she had to make a return visit to the vet last night to get staples and a new behemoth cone that is the size of a wok.  She weighs all of 4 pounds and it's heartbreaking/kinda funny to watch her maneuver with this green plastic monstrosity around her neck.  And then she looks at you, with her big eyes like pools of sadness, and all I can think of is that damn ASPCA commercial with Sarah Mclachlan and I swear I can hear the song in my head and I race to turn the channel before it completely ruins my day but it's not on tv it's in my walk-in closet where she has to be confined for the next few days to keep the other cats from conspiring with her to pull the staples out an I feel like I'm going to have a psychotic break if I keep looking into those sad eyes and the little tears that have pooled at their bottoms.  

    So how's everything with you guys?  Good, good.  Heathrow from Frank Kozik is ready to omit a soft glow to keep you calm at night when Canadian songstresses have burrowed into your ears with tales of animal sadness.  You can buy one of these big dudes when they go on sale today at noon Pacific time from  Only 30 exist and 1 in 6 customers will win a unique little Heathrow that I believe is a test pull.  Check em out.