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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Mr. Puff Vanilla Edition from Andrea Kang x myplasticheart


     I'm adventurous in certain ways in my life, but with food I like to play things OSHA-level safe.  But I've been trying to branch out like the sad little culinary tree I am, and some times I'm even pleasantly surprised by the results.  Last Sunday was not one of those times.  

    My wife and I were in a large food court type place (the names of the offenders shall remain hidden) and I was dying for a cheesesteak.  The line was a killer though, and my wife returned from checking out all of the other options with something that was intriguing to me: a cheesesteak crepe.  I like crepes and I like steak, so what could go wrong? Well, much like professional wrestling and antiquing, not all things you love are meant to happen at the same time.  I was so hungry I powered through the overwhelming vanilla flavor but it took a solid 24 hours for the idea of what I'd done to allow the nausea to fade.  I really hate learning lessons via my digestive system, but there I was, a cautionary tale to no one but myself.

     This is not only the debut of Mr. Puff from Andrea Kang, but it's also the Vanilla edition, which ties my story back to the toy in a way you probably didn't expect.  Not only is that completely surprising to you, but you'll be surprised that this toy is available right now from myplasticheart (who also produced this little sweetie).  In hindsight I probably should have just told a cute animal story, but this has been a week all about what I should have done instead of what I did.  See, I just tied the story to the toy AGAIN.  Some one should pay me for this stuff.

    Standing 4 inches tall and made from soft vinyl, you can welcome one into your life by visiting


Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Wonder Woman Signing Event with Tara McPherson at myplasticheart

    I remember the first time I met Tara McPherson.  It was in New York at the now shuttered Kidrobot store for the release of her Bubble Yucky Dunnys.  My wife and I stood in line for about an hour and a half in the snow and sub freezing temperatures for the chance to see one of our favorite artists.  Now a days you kids have it easy, what with your comic conventions and whatnot, but back then you had to suffer mentally and physically to take part in an event like that.  And I still only have the pink one and have searched in vain to get its blue companion at a reasonable price.   Not to mention any time there is a chance Sharon and I will have to wait in line for anything she brings up the fact of having almost died to buy this Dunny.  She isn't a big fan of the cold.

   According to the weather app on my phone, it will be a mild 54 degrees during her signing this Saturday at myplasticheart, so you are in no danger of frost bite.  This event is in celebration of her beyond beautiful Wonder Woman figure from Kidrobot, of which I eagerly await delivery of from our esteemed postal service.   I won't be able to attend her signing, but for anyone that can all of the info you need is right there in the picture.  


Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Halloween Pocket Pork Dumplings from Shawnimals x Squibbles Ink x myplasticheart

     My wife's cast iron stomach is the type of thing they make up folk tales about, but I don't know if she would even eat mummified pork dumplings.  Not that I would rule it out entirely either, because there have been times when we've travelled down roads that were only on forest service maps and not even GPS could find us that she probably would have considered it.  A month ago we were traversing through the Idaho back country (which is pretty much the entire state) and it was hours past our lunch time.  We were trying to see a bear in the wild because I have never seen one outside of a zoo and I have this idea that it would be some magical experience when in all likelihood I would be telling you a story about how the thing ended up carjacking us and we had to hitch a ride back with some sketchy fisherman who wouldn't stop commenting on how purty I was.  We didn't find a bear, but she was kind of lamenting the fact that we didn't try and cook the two dead salmon we saw in the river.  I was even hungry enough that I didn't think it was the worst idea I had ever heard.  

    You won't have to worry about intestinal worms with these aged pork dumplings though because their ability to brighten up your collection far exceeds their nutritional benefits.  These delightful creations from Shawnimals, Squibbles Ink, and myplasticheart are available now in blind boxed form and feature two different styles to obtain.  If you're like me and need them both don't worry, because if you buy two they guarantee you'll get one of each.  And they glow in the dark, which is an added bonus if you are stuck on a lonely dirt road and nightfall approaches.  Pick them up now at this link.  

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

"Play" New Works by Erika Sanada and Calvin Ma at myplasticheart

    If I had a ton of money lying around I would totally start my own toy company and the first person I would contact about making a figure would be Erika Sanada.  Mind you I would have already purchased a herd of alpacas, a Harley, and an El Camino for my wife, but producing toys would happen soon after.  How Erika has not been approached about making the jump from ceramic to plastic baffles me, because her work would translate perfectly.  Who wouldn't want a little puppy with blank eyes and devil horns on their shelf?  I'll take one of those any day of the week.  Somebody give me some money and let's convince her how awesome of an idea it is.  

    You can see Erika's work in person beginning this Saturday at myplasticheart in New York.  She will have new work on display along with Calvin Ma, who has an interesting take on some very familiar characters.  If you still haven't gotten me anything for Christmas this would be a great way to remedy that.  

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

myplasticheart Exclusives for NYCC

    New York Comic Con starts tomorrow!!!!!!  I know, I can't even believe it myself.  This is how I used to feel as a kid for Christmas, and Christmas Eve always took FOREVER to get the hell out of the way.  There was nothing you could do to keep yourself occupied and not stare at the clock.  If you're going, you're going to want to check out myplasticheart's booth #113.  Here is a ton of their exclusive items they'll have waiting for you.   Commence drooling.  

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Daioh Negora from Konatsu x myplasticheart for NYCC

    As you may or may not have known, my wife and I spent a week out of town recently, which can be a perilous thing when you take care of five cats.  Not that they weren't well taken care of by my mother in law, but we still expected to be shunned like lepers when we came back.  That's usually how it works:  we arrive home, excited to hug them all on a rainbow, and they refuse to have anything to do with us.  I figure it's because they had come to terms with our demise and were trying to sever any emotional attachment they may have had and our sudden reappearance takes some getting used to.  Or they're just punishing us for having the audacity to not take them anywhere, even though attempting to get them into a car should be rewarded with medals and special recognition from Congress.  The last time I took Icarus to the vet the lacerations on my arms ended up getting more medical attention than he did.  They are a confusing bunch.

    If you want a cat that makes sense you should probably get a dog, or one of these sweet plastic ones from Konatsu.  myplasticheart will be doing a special release of this mega Daioh Negora during New York Comic Con and it is at the top of my list of things to try and get.  Hopefully everyone will be busy taking pictures of the thousand or so girls dressed as Harley Quinn and I can slip by without any problem, claim my prize, and celebrate with a mighty feast of convention food.  

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Christmas Dunny Has Returned Courtesy of Frank Kozik x Kidrobot

    I'm a sucker for a good theme.  Even though the food is usually terrible I love a good themed restaurant and have eaten at Planet Hollywood, The Hard Rock Cafe, and even the WWE joint when that was still a thing in Times Square, just to be able to see the decor.  How can you not love an excessive display of grandeur all made in an attempt to make you eat otherwise unpalatable food?  I had my own idea for a theme restaurant once, but it was all based on the employees.  I wanted everyone that worked there to constantly be involved in dramatic situations throughout their shifts.  One server would pretend to have a nervous breakdown, two more would get into a verbal altercation, maybe another would fake an amputation at the hand of a deli slicer.  I'm nosey and I figure lots of other people are too, and what better way to enjoy a good meal than have a bit craziness thrown in.  For some reason Gordon Ramsey won't return my calls looking for an investment.  

    What was the point of all that again?  Oh yeah, I love themes, and it broke my heart last year when Kidrobot didn't release a Christmas Dunny.  Ok, that might be over selling it, but I do look forward to them every year which is why I was excited to find out that Frank Kozik's little elf buddy you see there will be released in time for the holidays.  myplasticheart broke the news last night on Instagram and is now taking preorders for these, with more stores sure to be following suit.  Now if I can just convince them to release a Dunny for Leif Erikson Day.  

Thursday, April 30, 2015

New and Improved Robo Top from Kevin Nam x myplasticheart Available Today!

    Most of the time when I get a new toy the greatest feeling is actually acquiring the item.  I'll sit with it for a while, admire its craftsmanship, rejoice in the fact that I now own it, then it's off to wherever I can find room for it.  After that it lives out the remainder of its days either behind glass or on one of my many shelves.  It's kinds sad when you think about it, but I am an American and we do like to imprison any and everything we can, whether it's people, or animals, or inanimate objects.  I think it's some mutated gene from all the beef hormones we ingest.

    But what's this?  A toy that will never collect dust because you're too busy spinning it in some advanced game of rock, paper, scissors?  Kevin Nam from inami toyland  has released these before, but since then he's gone on to make improvements in design.  These will be available today from myplasticheart in either red or blue and are limited to 10 pieces of each.  Buy em in pairs and make a friend the old fashioned way: by beating them at games of chance and never letting them forget it.  Maybe that's why I don't have any friends.  

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

NYCC Exclusive Sleeptime Bunnies from Peter Kato x myplasticheart

    OH MY GOD I AM OVERWHELMED WITH THE ADORABLENESS OF THESE!!!!  Ok, I'm trying to compose myself, but it's not gonna be easy.  I want to put all of theses bunnies in my mouth and carry them with me wherever I go.  I kinda wanna eat em too though, as they look like those Halloween candies I used to eat when I was a kid.

    Why, these very ones in fact.  Behold, the magic of the internet!  Though I have to admit I was a little biased and only ate the yellow and orange ones.  Back then the flavors I rejected just ended up in the trash, but now when I buy a bag of assorted candy I take the crappy ones to work and put them in the communal candy jar.  Not only am I not being wasteful, but I am also tricking my coworkers into thinking I'm a nice person and not someone who would push them into traffic with very little provocation.  Plus, it's easier to shove someone into the path of oncoming cars if they aren't expecting it.  It's survival of the fittest, punks!

    But really, these bunnies are about the cutest things you'll ever see in your life.  Peter Kato is introducing this newest line of critters in a special Sweet Harvest Edition as an exclusive for myplasticheart at New York Comic Con.  They are limited to only 30 pieces, sold blind, at at only $12 each will probably not last very long.  Get to booth # 113 early to get one.

Monday, September 22, 2014

NYCC Exclusive Muckey Haunted Castle from Instinctoy x myplasticheart

    Not long ago I dug through some old boxes in search of the one toy I've literally had for my entire life.  Though unrecognizable now, he was at one time a Winnie the Pooh and he's had a rough go of it. He's missing nearly all of his trademark yellow fur, most of his stuffing has fallen out through various holes that were repaired with Frankenstein-like stitchery.  One of his eyes is gone, his nose is in disrepair, and he generally looks like an extra from The Walking Dead.  And I love him.  

    The one thing he doesn't have though, is a row of razor sharp teeth carefully hidden away.  Not that he would have anywhere to hide them, as his fabric is mostly transparent.  Muckey has a sinister secret beneath that cute bear face, one that would like nothing more than to separate your skin from bone.  

    Instinctoy and myplasticheart have teamed up to release a limited number of these Haunted Castle editions at New York Comic Con in a few weeks.  He's the ultimate year round Halloween decoration and can be yours for $140 at booth # 113.  


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Two More NYCC Exclusives from myplasticheart

    New York Comic Con begins in less than a month and I have yet to see many announcements about exclusives.  Come on people, you're killing my ability to create an effective budget!  Thankfully myplasticheart is on the ball and here we have two more toys that you'll only be able to get at their booth.  Up first is Astronocchio from Dave Bondi.  These dudes are hand made with resin, stand 5 inches tall, are limited to 25 pieces, and will sell for $65 each.  

    This dude reminds me of a rogue olive.  Not that I've ever seen a rogue olive, but if one were to turn on you I imagine this is what it would look like.  This is of course Lou Pimentel's very popular Junior figure, and if I remember correctly they sell out of these every year.  So get there early, or find a good toy mule to smuggle you one.  Just be specific that you don't want him to use the same techniques one would apply to bringing drugs over the border.  You'll only make that mistake once.  $35 will get you one and Lou would be happy to sign it for you as he's always hanging around during the convention.  

Monday, September 8, 2014

NYCC Exclusive Sylvan Yeti from Gary Ham x Pobber Toys x myplasticheart

    It's that time of year again.  Time for me to start doing push-ups so I can fight my way through the crowds of New York Comic Con.  Every year it seems like they manage to pack more people into that building, making walking from one end of the con to the other a more physical sport than it needs to be.  It actually wouldn't be so bad if people didn't stop cosplayers in the middle of the walkway to pose for pictures.  Dude, I get that you NEEEEEEEEEED your photo with every girl dressed as Slave Leia because you're not one to pass up an exposed midriff, but just know that if you clog up the thoroughfare and I'm close enough, I'm gonna make the worst face you've ever seen in your life and ensure it is there forever to ruin your fantasy moment.  No matter who you show your pictures to, all they'll want to know is what's up with the angry looking bridge troll in the background.  I'm not just doing it because I'm a jerk, I'm doing it for all of those people that had to get way too close to sweaty strangers because you decided to create a traffic jam of epic nerd proportions.   One day they will build a statue of me outside of the Javits Center for my contributions to mankind and my dedication to keeping it moving.  

    But let's focus on what's really important about comic con, and that's the exclusive toys.  myplasticheart has been kind enough to get the ball rolling with Sylvan Yeti from Gary Ham and Pobber Toys.  This chilly fella is limited to 50 pieces and will be priced at $75 each and available at booth # 113.  

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

myplasticheart Exclusive Bedtime Bunnies from Peter Kato

     Cancel your plans today folks, cause this is more important.  Unless you didn't file your taxes yet, in which case you better fill out those forms and make a quick trip to the post office so you don't have to go to jail.  Happy tax day everyone!

    The last time Peter Kato released these Bedtime Bunnies they sold out pretty quickly, so I would expect the same thing to happen with this batch when they release today from myplasticheart.  This assortment of 20 figures will be sold blind with a special gold chase version included in the mix.  And they're only $20, so keep an eye on their website for when they're available.  

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Junior: Dark Knight Edition from Lou Pimentel x myplasticheart Available Today

    Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na Bat....thingy.  Lou Pimentel x myplasticheart present the Dark Knight edition of Junior, this adorable little blood sucker that may or may not kill you with cuteness.  Celebrate Wednesday by picking one of these little dudes up at  

Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Pork Dumplings from Shawnimals x myplasticheart

    Here's a way to celebrate your Irish heritage without getting into a bar fight or becoming a soccer hooligan.  And it's cheaper than bail money!  It's a St. Patrick Day Pocket Pork Dumpling from Shawnimals x myplasticheart.  They're on sale right this instant at  Now I have to go shovel snow.  Again.  

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Even More NYCC Exclusives from myplasticheart

    My wife is losing her mind over these.  As I've told you before, she crochets, so she gets really excited when she sees anyone under the age of 150 doing something cool with the craft she loves.  Her future best friend Leesasaur has teamed up with Abe Lincoln Jr. for these Denbu figures.  Only 6 of each design were handmade with love.  And yarn, cause yarn is the most important part actually.

    Glop In a Box is a very descriptive name for this toy.  It's exactly what you get:  this big, green melty dude stuffed into a wooden crate.  That's called truth in advertising folks.  Andrew Bell is the man behind this toy and you can buy one from him directly for $120 when he makes an appearance on Saturday.  

    There's not one but TWO exclusive kitty releases this year?  Are you appealing to directly to me you clever folks?  The first one is this Negora from Konatsu.  This black kitty has some wacky mismatched eyes and can be yours for $35.  

    This next plastic feline comes to you courtesy of Chris Ryniak and Ferg.  He looks like he might be having a bad day.  Not only did he drive a sword through his own head, but he seems to be radioactive.  Hopefully he's only on life 5 or 6, cause this is gonna take some effort to recover from.  For $55 you can bring him home and use him to light the path to your bathroom at night.  

    Oooooooh, I dig this guy.  This is Mad's Modern Hero figure living out his Skeletor cosplay fantasy.  I'm digging this guy and I have a strong feeling he may be making the ride back to New Jersey with me.  $65 will get you one of your own so you don't have to touch mine.  I'm kinda weird about that.

Get these and tons more at the myplasticheart booth #113 at New York Comic Con.

Monday, September 23, 2013

More NYCC Exclusives from myplasticheart

    This guy looks like he would have a flavor.  Like orange mango or something.  That would be an interesting way to display your toys; by grouping together the ones that look delicious.  I seriously have too much free time.

    myplasticheart is releasing more info about their exclusives for New York Comic Con and that would include this Junior from Lou Pimentel.  It's a special Necro Candy Corn edition that will be available for $35.

    My wife went nuts when she saw this because she does the whole crochet thing too.  She's shown her work to people before and they've confused it with knitting, which is a huge faux pas.  Knitters and crocheters evidently have this whole east coast/west coat rap battle thing going on and if you confuse the two it's a quick way to lose an eye.  I expect when she meets Leesasaur they will make some gang signs with their hands that I won't understand but that will bond them for life.  

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

myplasticheart: First Exclusives for NYCC Revealed

    Thank God people are starting to release exclusive info for New York Comic Con.  I like to develop a game plan early on to determine the things I have to have and the longer I have to desire it, the more likely I am to take extreme measures to ensure I get it.  Will I push a kid out of the way?  Maybe.  Hey, what's the point of being bigger than them if you can't knock em over.  Ok, I wouldn't really do that...unless no one was looking, cause who's gonna believe some kid over me?  

    myplasticheart always have a ton of exclusive offerings every year and these are but the first two that they've allowed us to see.  The first is this Sideways bro from Yoskay Yamamoto x Mighty Jaxx.  They're really turning the idea of the designer toy on it's head (see, this is why Abraham Lincoln called me, and I quote, "The comic genius of our time".  It's on Wikipedia, so it must be true.)  He looks pretty calm and collected for not being able to pick his head up off the ground.  Only 100 pieces were mae and it will be $85 throughout the convention.

    This next guy from Dave Bondi is looking all sorts of familiar.  It's like a couple of well known characters met on Match.Com, had a nice evening out, things got crazy, and nine months later this is the permanent reminder of their first date.  Fifty of these were made and they will cost $65 each.  Both artists will also be in attendance sometime during the con to sign your figures/give you high fives.