Saturday, May 30, 2015

Tenacious Toys Exclusive Bun Bun from Brent Nolasco

    I bet this guy is related to the bunny from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.  Though he doesn't look as fluffy, or as innocent, but he does have the sharp pointy teeth and that's gotta be an isolated genetic anomaly.  We better hope so any way, cause the bunny uprising is the last thing we need right now.

    Brent Nolasco's resin Bun Bun figure got himself a blue makeover to be part of Super Series Sunday tomorrow from Tenacious Toys.  Only 7 will be available when they go on sale and at just $75 each they won't last long.  And this is a lot of toy for your money too; just look at how big it is in the hands of a grown man:

     Those aren't baby mitts people!  Be ready at 8pm eastern time tomorrow when this sucker goes up for sale only at

Semi Korosiya "Hiatus" Release from Cop A Squat Toys

    It's been a hot minute since we've seen a new Semi Korosiya release from Cop A Squat Toys, but this Sunday we're getting two different ones to choose from.  Which is a awesome and stressful at the same time, because how could you pick between these two?  The answer is you can't, so you're just going to have to come to terms with it and buy one of each.  I'm like, the best life coach ever.

     Both of them go on sale tomorrow, Sunday May 31st at 1pm eastern time over at


Friday, May 29, 2015

Skelevex Spectrum: Series One Episode One On Sale Today!

    It seems like everyone has one of those mystery box subscription thingys now where some random assortment of junk gets mailed to your house every month and you hope you at least like one thing out of the entire lot to have made it worthwhile.  I hate those things.  I hate spending my money on something generic that people in an office put together because "you're into nerdy stuff so you'd obviously want this Captain America door hanger and Star Trek air freshner".  Well guess what smarty pants, I don't.  So go ahead and throw it away for me and I'll keep my money to myself.  Not that I have strong feelings about these sorts of things.

    If you're going to do a subscription service you gotta do that sucker right, like with these Skelevex releases.  Buying into their subscription service (which you only have until June 26th to do by the way) will get you a brand new geometric skull every month plus a free bonus one only available to those that subscribe.  If you have a problem with commitment, you can also buy them individually, starting with the Grape edition you see here.  This guy will be available starting today at 1pm BST at  

Mutant Vinyl Hardcore's Ollie is Hulk-ing Out

    I'm kinda sad today.  Not long after I write this I will be on my way to the doctor to turn my kidney stones in for analysis.  After all the pain, the heartache, and the downright horror of bringing them into this world, they are now off to some lab where someone who won't care nearly as much as me will cut them up to figure out what made em.  Is this how all mother's feel when their children go off into the world?   I have a nice spot in my cabinet where I think they'd look good.  My stones, not other people's children.  Weirdo.

   Don't cry for me Argentina because it's time once again for another Mutant Vinyl Hardcore lottery.  This time you have the chance to own one of these gigantic Ollie figures painted up to look like the Hulk.  Have they ever explained how Bruce Banner's pants stretch to fit him when he rages out?  They seriously ned to investigate what fabric those things are using because I would take that to Shark Tank stat.  Imagine, only ever having to buy one pair of pants that will stretch and shrink to fit you no matter how many trips you make to the buffet in your life.  It's a billion dollar innovation.

    The lottery for this figure begins at noon eastern time today and will run for 24 hours.  If you win, you have the ability to purchase this behemoth of a toy.  If you lose, you get the satisfaction of knowing you tried.  Hey, this isn't t-ball, not everyone gets a trophy.  Get on it at

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Yellow Sunshine Bunnies from Peter Kato Available Tonight!

    I happen to live in the Northeastern United States and there was a time in the not so distant past (like, last week) that we thought winter was going to be measured like in Game of Thrones.  It was gonna last for 8 years, our skin would become translucent like those cave critters that live in the dark their whole lives, and we'd have to stock up on Dragon Glass to protect ourselves from shriveled yet frightening abominable snow men.  Thankfully, the sun has returned to us and we shall enjoy fried foods on our boardwalks while wearing the least amount of clothing allowed by law.  Rejoice!

     Peter Kato is obviously thrilled about the return of warm weather because he has captured the spirit of the season in these Yellow Sunshine Bunnies.  If you want to snag your own bit of summer you'll have your chance tonight at 8pm eastern time when they go on sale through

Preorder "The 13th" Dunny Series from Brandt Peters x Kidrobot Now!

    Man, I have been hurting recently.  I've been passing what feels like concrete shards through places sharp objects were never intended to be.  Two emergency room trips, one surgical procedure, and a hell of a lot of boredom while trying to get better and I finally think I've turned the corner.  The worst part (besides the pain, silly goose) was that I fell into a dark place.  I'm not talking about that spot between your couch cushions that both science and God have abandoned; I got depressed not being able to go to work and being stuck watching lawyer commercials on daytime television.  Granted, its not nearly the worst that could happen to someone, but it still sucked just waiting around to get better.  Even the internet became boring, until I saw these guys.

    I'm going to go a head and call this as the best series of Dunnys I've ever seen.  Normally I'm more a fan of the annual series that features a bunch of different artists because I like a variety when it comes to the designs.  But this set from Brandt Peters and Kidrobot really goes above and beyond to not be repetitive while still retaining a clear cohesiveness.  There's not a single one I wouldn't be excited to own and I usually never get that excited just based on the artwork at not photos of the actual figures themselves.  I was gonna hold out and post about these when the product shots started making their way online, but Circus Posterus is running such a ridiculously awesome preorder for a case of these that I didn't want you to miss out.  Right now at you can reserve yourself an entire case of 20 blind boxed figures for $225.  Not only are you getting a discount on the case but you'll also receive a 5x7" original sketch from Brandt Peters himself!  So you'll get a ton of toys, some original art to hang on the wall, and the best time of your life sitting on your floor opening blind boxes.  You might need to take a few days off from work to recover.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Lucky Devil Skelve from Glenn Barr x Circus Posterus

    I have been laid up the past couple of days with what feels like a devil tearing it's way through my kidney, pitchfork in hand and with something to prove.  We blasted that sucker with sound waves and bit by bit he's been making his way out, ready to go terrorize someone else.  Sadly he may be as mischievous, but he's nowhere near as cute as this guy from Glenn Barr and Circus Posterus.  He has given the classic Skelve an adorable makeover and you can welcome him into your home starting today when they go on sale at noon pacific time.  Only 30 will be made, he stands 9 inches tall, and comes with a free 5x7 print.  Get yours at

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Celebrate Toby's 10th Anniversary with Your Own Plush from Gary Baseman

    You've seen this little dude travel all over the world and meet a ton of people along the way.  Now Gary Baseman wants you to be able to celebrate his 10th anniversary with your very own Toby plush!  Take him on your own adventures or just put him on your shelf and have him stare at you like that clown from Poltergeist (editors note: Toby is angry ghost proof).  Only 100 of these hand signed and numbered plush were made and they are available right now exclusively through  

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I Think I Took Too Much Pain Medication But I'm Still Gonna Review "Hung" from Luke Chueh x Munky King Toys

    Let me tell you folks a story.  It's starts last week when I woke up very early in the morning with the worst pain I've ever felt in my guts.  Seriously, it was like being stabbed with a sword that was made out of bees who were also on fire and on parole.  I woke my wife up and made her drive me to the emergency room.  One CT scan and entire work day later, I was diagnosed with an overachieving kidney stone.  Despite my pain I was kinda proud that rather than making some little baby pebbles in my urinary tract I had instead formed some calcified hell beast that was leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.  I say go big or go home.  So here I sit, days later, with enough pain medication to get me on an episode of Intervention and an appointment to blast this behemoth into tiny pieces via some big speaker and a Pantera record.  Or at least that's what I think my insurance will cover, I'm not really sure.

Dimebag's gonna heal me from beyond the grave.  Then bill my HMO.  

    But back to the pain, cause that bugger hurts enough that swinging from the old gallows seems like a good method of treatment.  I bet this polar bear from Luke Chueh and Munky King had one and no amount of pills could make him feel better.  Actually he probably did it because of global warming and the destruction of his natural habitat, so think about that the next time you throw your soda can in the regular trash instead of the recycling, ya jerk.  Though I prefer personally to believe that he just based his life around the wrong Johnny Cash song and he met a tragic end after being involved in some Wild West justice.  We'll go with that one.

     So I think this could go in the record books as the tiniest designer toy ever made.  Not that it's a bad thing by any means, because how often can you take the things you're obsessed with around with you?  He comes with a little plastic peg that fits into your cell phone's earbud jack, so everytime you text you can one-up the person next to you with the bedazzled case that says "princess".

You can BEARLY notice the cracked screen.  

    If that's not your thing the piece is removable, leaving behind a clip that can be attached to your zipper,  or you could put it on a necklace, or you could buy two of them and make a set of earrings that will surely be the hit of your family's annual Christmas photo.  But my favorite use thus far has been impromptu cat toy.  Behold:

Look at her little tongue sticking out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    One of the things that really impresses me about this figure is that the noose is not plastic, but is a piece of string that would have to have been hand tied.  Now I've read a fair amount of resumes in my day but never have I seen one that had "tiny noose making" listed as a skill.  How do you even find out you're good at something like that?  Were you just a wee little lad, handing out rough justice to cockroaches?  I just imagine there was a meeting at the factory and the head guy was like "we have a problem, we need someone that can tie 1000 tiny nooses" and then the normally quit guy in the back formed the biggest smile on his face, thrust his hand triumphantly in the air, and said "sir, I've been waiting my whole life for this opportunity."  He is now the head of his own department.

     You may or may not know that I like to joke around a lot (I know, I do hide it really well) but there's nothing funny about suicide.  Munky King will be donating a portion of the proceeds from this figure to suicide prevention charities.  Pick one up this Sunday, May 24th, at and grow your collection while helping a good cause.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Celebrate K. Olin Tribu's Birthday By Saving Some Cash

    You know what must be the most horrifying thing in the world?  When you're a server at a restaurant and you find out it's someone's birthday.  Cause you know you've got to rally your fellow coworkers and do your best to embarrass someone while their family laughs.  I would bet that most waiters and waitresses dread this moment, while the ones that look forward to it will be surprised to learn the punishment that awaits them after death.

    K. Olin Tribu are celebrating their 5th birthday, and instead of interrupting their meal with an impromptu episode of American Idol, they're offering you a present for your support.  Check out that coupon code you see above there and get something for yourself while saving some money.  You can get directly to their site by clicking the link you see on the right.  

Friday, May 15, 2015

"Little Green Men" Custom PickleBaby show at Suburban Vinyl Tomorrow

    Ever since I saw Leecifer's PickleBaby figure I've been hoping someone would put that little sucker in a jar and make a pickled baby custom.  Those things always freak me out whenever we visit the Mutter Museum and I think that particular custom figure has been begging to be made for years.  Well hold onto your britches because I have it on good authority that it has happened and will be on display at Suburban Vinyl's "Little Green Men" custom show tomorrow.  And by good authority I mean this picture right here from artist Mikie Graham:

    Here are a few more of the customs you can see when the show opens tomorrow night:

To see more you have to go to the show, ya lazy bums.  

Super Series Sunday's Returns to Tenacious Toys with the "Bearrito" from Diehm Studios

    I love it whenever there is a bear sighting where I live because people lose their minds.  The news will come out, kids will stay home from school, and people will line the streets with their cell phones trying to get a good picture for Instagram.  Meanwhile the poor bear was just looking to dig through some trash and now is gonna end up with a tranquilizer dart in its butt.  After a short nap the now famous bear ends up in a place it doesn't recognize all because that Chinese takeout someone threw away smelled really good.  It's like the poor creature went on a date with a frat guy.

   If a bear dressed as a giant burrito maybe we would think it was just clever advertising for a Mexican restaraunt and leave it be.  Then he'd have unlimited access to all the garbage bins and small children he could stomach.  It's a win-win for everyone!

    This Sunday Tenacious Toys will be unleashing their newest exclusive, the Atomic Blue Corn Bearrito from Diehm Studios.  He's 2 inches of spicy fury and will be made to order, giving you exactly one week to pull the trigger and get one for your collection.  This dude goes live at 8pm eastern time and the window for ordering closes on May 24th.  Pick yours up here.  

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Sawyer 1/6 Scale Figure from 3A Available Now

        I know everyone is all excited about the new Mad Max movie, but the whole post-apocalyptic thing just doesn't work for me. I get that the apocalypse is pretty devastating, but there's always tons of people in these films and yet none of them are apparently skilled in the building trades.  In Mad Max they drive these wild armored cars, yet why do they not put any effort into building apartment complexes?  Questions like that just nag me throughout so I don't even bother watching films like that most of the time.   And there looks to be a serious lack of deodorant, which is something we should probably start prepping for now.  Screw the zombies, let's keep the remaining folks smelling good and confident in their freshness.  That's how you rebuild infrastructure.

    The world of Sawyer and Beaver Industries doesn't seem to be nearly as grim as Mad Max, but depending on what secrets the company is hiding in their massive facility, that situation could rapidly change.  Sawyer is conducting her own investigation into the mysterious place she works, and what she uncovers could change everything.  Sounds interesting to me!  Not only does the story seem cool, but the characters have a really unique look to them courtesy of Crystal Jade Vaughn.  Everything she does compels you to want to know more about the characters she creates.  Just from looking at the pictures online you get such a great sense of the personality that this figure possesses.

    She is available for preorder right now over at

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mariposa Butterflies Debut Tonight from Argonaut Resins

    Argonaut Resins is going through changes.  Not like Bruce Jenner level changes, cause that would be weird to write about, but changes of a much different and less invasive sort.  For one, Argonaut Resins will soon be known as Tuttz World.  And secondly, they will not be producing figures for other artists but focusing on the multitude of critters that inhabit the world of the Tuttz.  You'll have the ability to experience a new line of figures from a project entitled "Mariposa" when these Butterflies go on sale later tonight.  These resin creatures feature interchangeable wings, so you can mix and match them depending on how many you own.   Your first opportunity to call one of them your own will happen at 9pm eastern time at      Oh and that first picture you see above is one of the chase Dragonflies that will also be available.  

Monday, May 11, 2015

Win a Joker Labbit from Frank Kozik x Kidrobot

    Sadly, Labbit Appreciation Week came to an end a few days ago, but you can still celebrate by winning this sweet 7 inch Joker Labbit from Frank Kozik and Kidrobot.  Log onto your Instagram account right now, do what the picture says, and you're entered to win.  I'm even gonna ship it to you for free, which is pretty awesome cause I'm notoriously cheap.  Why should I pay a doctor when Youtube is chock full of informative videos for all your surgical needs?  Hell, people survived the Civil War with less medical knowledge than we have access to today on our smart phones.  I got this.  

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Worship the Little Fuzzy Bunny Overlords!!! A Review of the Cute and Crazy Labbits from Frank Kozik x Kidrobot

  I'm getting a little misty over here, as this is the last review I'll be posting for Labbit Appreciation Week.  Not to say that it's completely over because I am doing a giveaway for a Joker Labbit.  If you don't have an Instagram account yet, now would be the perfect time to get yourself one sucka cause you're gonna need it to enter.  And you should have one anyway cause there's crazy stuff going on there that you're missing out on.  Like cat pictures, and butt pictures. Cats on butts, butts near cats, even cat butts.  It's the perfect app!!!

   Our last review of this epic week will focus on the Cute and Crazy mini plush series.  These things are great, cause not only are they small and adorable and look like Freddie Mercury but they come packaged in window boxes.  That means you can pick the ones you want without playing the blind box gamble.


    Look at how freakin cute these are!!!  These are for when you need your plush Labbits, but the at-home models just aren't practical for your situation.  Portability in your snuggle critters is a key feature that these guys have loads of.  A bungee cord sprouting from their backs means you can hang em just about anywhere you need.  Let's see some examples from my own life:

No cop would dare give you a ticket with something so adorable hanging from your rearview mirror.  

So you severed your hand in a machine that costs more than you make in two years?  Give this little guy a squeeze and bring a smile back to your face!

There's no reason to panic when a Labbit with a mustache and shiny underwear is near.  Now take a deep breath and wash those shards of plastic from your eye!

     When Sharon and I were opening these dudes we caused a frenzy among our feline living companions which got me thinking.  If you were to remove the cord and stuff em with cat nip you'd have some perfect cat toys!  Kidrobot could invade a previously untapped market for designer toys by making ones specifically for your pet.  God knows someone needs to design a better cat condo, cause I just can't accept one of those in my life.  I know my cats would love one, but they make me sad to look at.  And I've tried, I really have, but I'll never get past how hideous they are.

Pick up a few now at and wherever designer toys are sold.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Cue the Rocky Theme, Cause I'm Feeling Like a Champ Reviewing the Batman Labbit from Frank Kozik x Kidrobot

    We made it, folks!!!!  Originally the plan was to do five reviews in five days, but I think we should go bigger.  This is Labbit Appreciation Week after all, so I'm using the last bit of gas in my tank to do SIX reviews in SIX days!!!!  I know, it's pretty nuts.  This is like Evel Knievel jumping the Snake River, except I'm gonna land safely on the other side, thrust my fists in the air, and get my face on a commemorative plate.   And we're gonna do a giveaway on Instagram to celebrate all the fun we've had this week.  More about that later on though.

    Uh oh, it looks like Batman has pulled The Joker's card, and being that I've heard an N.W.A. song or two in my day, I know that means bad news for a certain clown.  This isn't Adam West's Batman folks; this is the gritty, unshaven vigilante that Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan made so popular.  The Dark Knight indeed!!

    This dude is the perfect companion piece to The Joker that I reviewed earlier in the week, and where the former shined with subtlety, the latter is killing it with tons of printed details.  Lots of black shadows and a fully stocked utility belt really bring the character to life.  Like The Joker there is no sculpting on this Labbit, which really serves to give it more of a comic book feel.  It also speaks to how great the art is that I don't miss the 3D aspects that we've come to expect in recent releases. Though he does come with a removable cloth cape, which after I took the photos I decided to put in a drawer because we have a cat that would see that as an appetizer.  He's already had to have a shirt sleeve removed from his gut, so his trustworthiness around any sort of fabric is less than none.  

With cape.


    Do I love it?  Yes, yes I do.  I'm a sucker for anything Batman, but especially when it's presented in such a unique way.  It's the perfect marriage of a well-known license and a designer toy.

Na na na na na na na na na na na na bat butt.

   The caped crusader is available right now at and wherever designer toys are sold.  

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Before I Take A Nap on These, Let's Review Happy Labbit Plushies from Frank Kozik x Kidrobot

  We made it to day 4 of Labbit Appreciation Week!  If we do this again next year I'm gonna have to start training early cause all this appreciating has tested my stamina.  Labbit Appreciation Week is a marathon, not a sprint, but I just get too excited.  Luckily the only thing I have to do today is get a haircut, and I'm pretty sure I can get some sleep while that's going on without any risk to my personal safety.

    I'm a bit jealous of these Labbits cause they have some pretty wicked beards going on.  I can grow a mean mustache and I have ample coverage on my chin, but my mutton chop game is weak.  I wanna go full lumberjack but no matter how hard I will my follicles to cooperate, they're just kinda lazy.

I feel your pain, bro.

    What I love about these things is that they're so freakin soft that they almost completely calm the fires that rage inside me.  Are they shaving chinchillas to make these things?  Seriously, these could be great anger management tools.   When you're at work and you're at the point that you want to beat one of your coworkers to death when they can't do simple math (someone's elementary school dropped the ball) just grab one of these guys, squeeze it next you your face, no watch your anger slowly melt away as the bearded bunny works his magic.  You'll be whisked to a magic land of tranquility, where the air smells like baked goods and the streets FLOW WITH THE BLOOD OF PEOPLE WHO DONT UNDERSTAND HOW TO DO ADDITION OR SUBTRACTION AND THUS MAKE YOUR JOB HARDER THAN IT HAS TO BE!!!!!  Sometimes you need more than one Labbit to effectively calm your nerves.

I think it's starting to work. 

    Like their bretheren I wrote about yesterday, these don't come with that troublesome hang tag and are instead packed in a nice cardboard thingy that easily detaches from the toy for maximum snuggle capability.  And you might be worried that these are some of those annoying hipsters you see hanging out at the bookstore like some really depressing gang that dresses in their grandfather's old clothes, but I can assure you after spending time with them that they are not.  Not one of them owns a typewriter, let alone taken it to Central Park.  The only vinyl records any of them owned were the Iron Maiden reissue picture disks and that's because once hung on the wall they really tied the whole living room together.  And they are kinda partial to hanging out in the woods, but not so they can craft a zine about how we are living in an existential void supported by rampant consumerism.  No, they're looking for skulls.


Big Skulls.

To make lamps.  

Get your snuggle on at and wherever designer toys are sold.