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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Suburban Vinyl Exclusives for New York Comic Con

    Man it's getting down to the wire for New York Comic Con and I'm here scrambling to tell you about everything you're gonna want to track down the minute the doors open.  I won't be able to make it up there until Saturday, so I hope I'm not the last vulture to the corpse and all that's left are the toe nails.  That was a really disgusting analogy and hopefully you weren't eating when you read it.  

    SubUrban Vinyl will be holding down their usual spot at the giant Tenacious Toys compound, which is also known as booth 208.  Take a look see at a few of their exclusive items they'll have available for your toy shopping needs:

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Arsenal of Artists "No Toon Left Behind" Group Show at Suburban Vinyl This Saturday

    Do kids watch cartoons anymore?  I remember looking forward to Saturday mornings all week, not just because I didn't have to go to school, but because all of the best shows were on then.  Not that I have kids of my own mind you, but I picture them today glued to their smart phones and being consumed with auditions for the next season of Teen Mom.  Kids are the devil.

    Arsenal of Artists wants us to remember the simpler times, when the minds of children were more focused on Scooby Doo and less on being emotionally stunted by the internet.  Playful Gorilla and Cash Cannon have put together a massive group show called "No Toon Left Behind" that celebrates the innocence of waking up early on your day off as a youngster and being glued to the tv.  Just look at the list of artists participating:

    Thank you to whoever made this graphic cause I would have gotten a blister trying to type all of those names.  This thing is taking place on Saturday at Suburban Vinyl in New Jersey and from the amount of work that will be on display I'm wondering if they had to expand just to fit it all in there.  Find out for yourself while taking a sweet nostalgia trip.

Friday, May 15, 2015

"Little Green Men" Custom PickleBaby show at Suburban Vinyl Tomorrow

    Ever since I saw Leecifer's PickleBaby figure I've been hoping someone would put that little sucker in a jar and make a pickled baby custom.  Those things always freak me out whenever we visit the Mutter Museum and I think that particular custom figure has been begging to be made for years.  Well hold onto your britches because I have it on good authority that it has happened and will be on display at Suburban Vinyl's "Little Green Men" custom show tomorrow.  And by good authority I mean this picture right here from artist Mikie Graham:

    Here are a few more of the customs you can see when the show opens tomorrow night:

To see more you have to go to the show, ya lazy bums.  

Friday, April 17, 2015

Arsenal of Artists Group Art Show at Suburban Vinyl Tomorrow

    Are you in the New Jersey area?  Do you like art?  Then you meet all of the qualifications to check out the Arsenal of Artists group show at Suburban Vinyl tomorrow night.  And that little graphic you see up there has all the information you could possibly need to attend.  Now all you need to do is scratch together some funds for dinner and you've got yourself a nice night out with your significant other.  Don't have a significant other to spend a lovely evening with?  Check out Craigslist; I hear it's a great place to meet people and/or get murdered.  Probably more of the latter.  

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Custom "The Atomic Bunnies" from Cat Atomic x Suburban Vinyl

    I read an article on the Huffington Post the other day about giant bunnies that grow to be 4 feet long and are good to keep as house pets.  They're called Continental Giant Rabbits and I need them in my life.  Just imagine the looks you would get walking a monster bunny on a leash through your neighborhood.  I'd buy him a spiked collar so people thought he was a vicious killer and that I was some sort of mad scientist who grew him from an experiment in my basement.  I really need to update my neighborhood folklore and I think this would do it.  

   How great are these Atomic Bunnies customs from Cat Atomic?  Trick question, cause you can't put into words how great they are.  You can however put a dollar amount on it when they go on sale at Suburban Vinyl tomorrow, and that price is $65 each.  $65?????  That's all???????  You're gonna regret not getting one at that price when this bro is blowing up and Pharell starts collecting him.  

Friday, March 20, 2015

Exclusive Green Inner Child from Nerviwr3k x Suburban Vinyl

    Sometimes you shouldn't let your inner child out.  Job interviews come to mind, as do psychiatric evaluations, and parole hearings.  Applying for a gun permit is another, cause they kind of want to make sure you're not a nut.  But just about any other time is completely acceptable so I say go for it, especially if you'll get a good story out of it later.  Just remember that no matter how young you feel inside, you're going to be tried as an adult for jumping into the penguin enclosure at the aquarium.

    The time is nigh to obtain the third colorway of Nerviswr3k's Inner Child figure.  This sucker is clad in Suburban Vinyl green and he will be available exclusively from them tomorrow beginning at noon eastern time in store and online.  Three lucky purchasers will also win an original custom toy from the man himself by finding a special sticker in their box!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tenacious Toys Exclusive Blue "Inner Child" from Nerviswr3k x Suburban Vinyl

    Why so blue panda bear?  Cause he's a Tenacious Toys exclusive, duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh.  It's kind of their thing, which I'm all about because I like consistency.  I like to know that I will never get a full night's sleep because one of the cats will knock something over, scare the others into a feline stampede, and ensure that I nearly have a heart attack.  I like to wake up in the morning and know that I have a delicious box of Cap'n Crunch waiting for me.  I like to think that if I mention how delicious Cap'n Crunch is two sentences in a row that maybe they'll send me some free cereal cause that stuff ain't cheap.  I'd like free cereal to become a consistency.

    It feels like just last week that I wrote a pretty baller review of Nerviswr3k's "Inner Child" figure.  Actually, it was just last week, so if you missed it you won't have to scroll too far back in the archives to bask in it's glory.  But before you bask, or afterwards if you promise to come back, you should know that this little monster is limited to only 125 pieces and will be on sale starting February 28th at noon eastern time only from  They will have the red version available as well.  This toy was produced by the fine folks at Suburban Vinyl

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Super Crazy Blow Your Dang Mind Toy Review: Inner Child from Nerviswr3k x Suburban Vinyl


    I'm not a big fan of reading instructions.  It's not that I'm stubborn, I just kind of like to figure things out on my own.  That's why when I received Suburban Vinyl's first ever self-produced toy in the mail, I didn't read the box.  So let me, in all my mentally untainted glory, tell you what I think the meaning of this toy designed by Nerviswr3k could be, before I cave in and find out the real deal.

    The kid is looking kinda bummed as he peeks out from the rather dangerous looking mouth of this critter.  He could have just been eaten and is now going through a very slow period of digestion that has forced him to accept his fate all the while his extremities are dissolving and unleashing their nutritional value.  That would make anyone sad.

    He could, however, be the monster' sinner most self, whose innocence is betrayed by his outward appearance.  He just wants to pet puppies and mentor at risk youth, but people run from him in fear.  Seriously though, you gotta shave down those teeth if you want people to feel totally safe.

    Alternatively, the monster could represent the hard exterior one has to adopt in a harsh world to protect their feelings.  The monster is a suit of armor, while the true person inside has to go unseen until he feels safe.

    That's a plethora of theories I have there, so now it's time to consult the box.  It turns out that my third idea is actually correct!  I totally missed my calling as a therapist, cause if I can read a toy like this, just think about all the people I could help.  I'd probably get pretty bored though unless your life was REALLY messed up and you hooked me with your story.  I'll stick with the toys and try not to ruin any actual human beings.

See, here's the proof that I was right!

    One thing that really impresses me about this toy is how well they captured the nuances of the customs that Nerviswr3k is known for.  Many times details get lost when translated from one medium to the next, but this really has that raw feel that is a signature of his work.  It really comes through when juxtaposed with the smooth texture of the face.  The sculpt has got a ton of nooks and hidden spots that could have easily been missed or glossed over, but so much attention was paid to every detail, even the shadows under his eyes were handled with precision.

    And the thing still kinda frightens me in the same way his customs do.  I have no problem believing that they could be swimming around in my city's water supply, just praying to make it into a batch of delicious Kool-Aid and play Hungry Hungry Hippos with my cells.  But that's also part of their charm.

   Their will be three different colors of this dude: blue, green, and the red one you see here.  This red guy will be available starting February 21st at noon eastern time at your favorite toy stores.  Each color is limited to 125 pieces and will sell for $45 each.

You can actually see the article you're reading on the screen there!  If that didn't blow your mind you could almost see that I wasn't wearing pants when I took this!  

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Exclusive Releases from Suburban Vinyl at Designer Con

    Wait a second, are you telling me the guys from Suburban Vinyl are actually allowed to leave the state?  California is in for it as the Robs will be making the journey to set up at this weekend's Designer Con.  But they won't be showing up empty handed, as they will be bringing with them many quality wares for to peruse at booth # 515.  Let's get to it.  

    This Brent Nolasco figure looks like a pretty chill bro.  I'm sure he scares visitors to his swamp when they see him coming towards them, but all he really wants is someone to talk with about the new episode of American Horror Story.  He thinks they should drop the musical numbers and reign their wacky story telling in just a tad to make a more concise experience for the viewers.  He's got a lot of opinions about shows.  Only 3 of these in this color scheme exist in the world and you can be one of the proud owners for $120.  

    Look, I get it, you think that if you hang Starry Night on your living room wall that naked chicks are just gonna fall out of the wood work for how artistic and sensitive you are.  It's a load of crap, in fact women should beware of any man who tries to use this ploy, cause it means they don't like art enough to explore it beyond a picture that is offered by Capital One as an option for their first credit card.  And if it's hanging next to a Bob Marley poster or one of "beers of the world" you need to get out of that house immediately before you needs years of counseling to undo whats about to go down.  The Toy Viking is nothing if not a resource for keeping women safe.  

    Now if you're at someone's house and they have a picture like this one from Jon-Paul Kaiser, then you've got the green light to have all of their babies.  For $70 you can up your art game with one of these prints that are signed and numbered to 50.  

    If the power happens to go out in Pasadena don't worry, because they will have enough glow in the dark toys at booth 515 to light the bathroom up so you don't pee on yourself.  Like these Bio Buds from Manny Romero or these Primordial Ooze Munny heads from artisdead with little ninja turtles trapped inside.  They will be priced at $40 and $21 respectively. 

    Or get yourself a mini Ice Scream Man from Brutherford Industries to light your way during those dark moments.  Get one for $20, but please don't lick it cause people will stare.  

Thursday, October 2, 2014

NYCC Exclusive Greads from Evil Dave x Dead Hand Toys


    We're officially one week away from the opening of New York Comic Con, so I'm gonna try and step up my game and show you all my favorite stuff that will be available there.   Be prepared to have your minds blow, your souls ache, and your wallet scream for mercy (in no particular order).

    You see these custom Greads from Evil Dave and Dead Hand Toys?  These are what you would call a bargain, cause not only are they 100% hand made, they're also 100% affordable.  Hot dogs at the Javitts Center cost more than these and only one of them will give you a tapeworm.  Ten full size Greads were made and cost only $28, while 30 micro Greads were produced and they will run ya a mere $12 each.  Twelve dollars for a hand made art toy?  These will be available at Suburban Vinyl's booth #208, which is part of the massive Tenacious Toys collective.  You can't miss it, the thing is like the size of a city block, but with minimal chance of being run over by an aggressive cab driver.  

Monday, September 29, 2014

NYCC Exclusive Plushy from Furry Feline Creatives x Suburban Vinyl

    I think my entire house is filled with the ebola virus.  Sharon and I haven't been feeling well, one of the cats hasn't been feeling well.  Yesterday we left the house on our one day off together, which quickly ended with a visit to a sketchy McDonald's bathroom (Where a dude looked a little too long to see if anyone was occupying the stall.  All you have to know is whether someone's using it, you won't have to describe them to a police sketch artist, you creeper.) and we spent the rest of the day watching serial killer documentaries on MSNBC.  

    I think I wasn't feeling well cause I've been stressed out about Icarus not feeling his best.  Cats will drive you nuts cause unlike kids they don't whine when they don't feel good.  They're like the Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.  You'll be all "hey kitty, what happened to your back legs that I know you had this morning and suddenly seem to be missing?"  and they'll be all "puuuurrrrrr could I get some belly scratches purrrrrrrrrr."  They're tough little buggers.  So you never really know whether they just have to fart or if something catastrophic is happening.

    On a different note, my wife is always trying to convince me that the cats would love nothing more than to wear costumes.  I told her that I don't think our health insurance is good enough to cover the mauling she would get if she tried to dress them us as ballerinas.  Sure, this cat looks all content wearing his Kaiju costume, but that's because he's not real and has no feelings of murder in his heart.  Furry Feline Creatives have made 12 of these plushy monster cats as New York Comic Con exclusives for Suburban Vinyl.  You can get one at booth #208 and let this satisfy any need you may feel to dress your cat for tea parties.  You'll thank me when you're not get stitched back together.  

Monday, April 21, 2014

Street Spirit Artist Series from Suburban Vinyl featuring The Sucklord

    These guys would be kinda scary is they weren't bright pink.  You can't take anything in pink seriously.  Like, if a dude came up to rob you and he was wearing a pink track suit you would probably just laugh and then beat him up and take his wallet.  Pink has the ability to drain the threatening aspect out of any situation.  

    But pink is the signature color of The Sucklord and he has used it liberally in customizing these Street Spirit figures from Nemo.  And he even covered the bottoms of them with the goings on in Asia as found in a Chinese newspaper.  What do they say?  I dunno, I studied useless things in school.  

   Sucklord only made 6 of these for Suburban Vinyl in what will be an ongoing series of these figures featuring different artists.  Spruce up your living space by getting one from

Friday, February 28, 2014

New Exclusive S.U.C.K.L.E Figure Sets

    Options.  We all love them.  Sometimes we love them too much and that puts us into a financial bind because we can't just choose one of something when every option is equally as appealing.  Luckily for you, these S.U.C.K.L.E. sets are inexpensive so you won't have too much guilt after you buy them all.  Toy Art Gallery has the clear red ones and Suburban Vinyl has the clear green.  For $20 a can you can't go wrong!!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dead Kozik Bust in Green from Kevin Gosselin x Suburban Vinyl

    I would think that it would have to be a weird feeling to have someone make a toy of you as a corpse.  I'm not sure my wife would want a Dead Chris bust, but that might be because I told her I was gonna haunt her if I die first.  Nothing major like Poltergeist or anything, I would just try to keep up the level of annoying stuff that I did while I was alive.  

  Kevin Gosselin has paid tribute to the future insect buffet of Frank Kozik in this limited edition bust.  Suburban Vinyl has got this exclusive green version that is limited to 50 pieces and will cost ya $200.  I think he would look lovely next to grandma's urn.  

Friday, October 25, 2013

Rsin's "Whispers of the Dead" Art Show at SubUrban Vinyl

    It's time for another installment of "Life Lessons Intended on Keeping You Alive" with your host, me.  Life lesson:  If you hear the dead whispering to you it is time to pack your things and move.  Nothing good comes of it.  I've seen Paranormal Activity 1-4 and let me tell you, I am not up for any occult shenanigans.  Granted, the fourth movie was terrible and they really need to come to the understanding that they've run out of story to tell, but it still stands as a testament to not mess around with ghosts.  Or video tape yourself doing everything, cause you're not that important.  Unless you're Kanye West, but I know he doesn't read this cause there's too many words and stuff.

    I will make one exception to my rule, and it involves Rsin's solo show at SubUrban Vinyl tomorrow.  The man has been forgoing sleep to pack as much original art into this show as possible and it will not disappoint.  The opening reception is tomorrow night from 6-9pm and the first 40 people there will get a goodie bag that will contain a raffle ticket to win an original custom toy.  You gotta be in it to win it, so go and see what it's all about and buy yourself some cool art.

SubUrban Vinyl is located at:

4 Frederick St
Waldwick, NJ 07463

Friday, October 18, 2013

Seen at NYCC 2013: Suburban Vinyl

    Suburban Vinyl had a great first showing at this year's New York Comic Con.  They had their booth over flowing with exclusives and crazy customs.  And it was great to finally get to meet shop manager Rob Losito, who is another person I've known online forever but never actually met in person.  He's a hard working dude who loves what he does and it's always cool to support people who are passionate about their work.  They do have some remaining stuff from the convention available now, so check out and buy yourself a little something.  Go on, you deserve it.   

Saturday, October 5, 2013

You Want More Suburban Vinyl NYCC Exclusives? You Got Em!

     I'm exhausted trying to keep up with the flood of New York Comic Con exclusives.  I'm gonna need a vacation after all of this to let my brain heal.  Suburban Vinyl is trying to break a Guiness world record with all of these toys that you won't be able to find anywhere else, so let's see some more of what they'll have available.

    They say that one is the loneliest number.  It's also the most limited anything can be without it not existing at all.  You are a true toy pimp if you have a one of a kind item in your collection, cause when you die you could have that sucker buried with you and no one else will ever be able to own it.  I would totally have someone take a picture of me with it in my coffin and then post it on every message board they could, just so it would infuriate everyone.  And then hopefully someone would dig me up just to get it, and I would be holding a sign that says "Sucker" and the toy would be hidden away somewhere, prompting an Indiana Jones-type adventure.  That will be my legacy.  

   Maybe the wild chase will involve one of these customs from Mechavirus.  Only one of each exists in the whole wide world.  The Ammonaito that you see up there will be $150 and the RAOH you see below will be $375.

    Look how cute these little Vampire Droplets are from Nemo.  He made 10 of these precious little drops of blood in each color that you see here.  The red and green will be $50 while the glow in the dark will be $30.  

    These, however, are not cute.  They scare me a little.  How do I know you're just hear to do a bit of painting and not to steal my soul and eat it for lunch?  I don't know and that's why you will not be allowed in to help me redecorate.  This is why I never answer ads on Craigslist for professional folks, cause you always end up with some creepy druids that swear they know what's wrong with your washing machine.  Nemo made 5 of each colorway of these and they will be $175 each.  

    JFury has two more resin creations lined up for this year's con.  Five of the Blue Stuff Lonely Yeti and 5 of the Pond Scum Pumpkin Edition are waiting to adorn your shelves for $35 and $45 respectively.  

    There's much more coming, I'm just trying to digest it all in little bites so I don't choke.  Safety first my friends.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Suburban Vinyl Reveals More NYCC Exclusives

    There's so much cool stuff coming out for New York Comic Con and this year it really seems to be all about the smaller toy manufacturers.  These are people working hard at their art in between their day jobs and other responsibilities and it's great to see people like Suburban Vinyl supporting them by giving them such prominence at their booth.  

    Ministry of Kongz has been making some pretty cool toys based on Thai mythical creatures for soem time now, but check out these versions painted by Topheroy.  The Kruzzilla figures you see above are gonna be $40 each, while those insane Yakonimon figures you see below will be $70.  What you see pictured is all that will be available.  

    Check out this Bunny Boom Boom from JFury.  He's cast in Mountain Dew green resin, limited to 10 pieces, and will be $65.  On a side note, I am not allowed to drink Mountain Dew because all of the caffeine makes it impossible for me to shut up.  I swear there's something more sinister going on in that soda.

    And why not start a little bunny theme?  This is Philipe from Juan Muniz.  He's limited to 10 pieces and  priced at $30.  This guy has had his art featured in this season's The Ultimate Fighter house, so he probably picked up some deadly moves while he was there hanging his stuff.  I'm not trying to get choked out.