Thursday, April 9, 2015

Custom "The Atomic Bunnies" from Cat Atomic x Suburban Vinyl

    I read an article on the Huffington Post the other day about giant bunnies that grow to be 4 feet long and are good to keep as house pets.  They're called Continental Giant Rabbits and I need them in my life.  Just imagine the looks you would get walking a monster bunny on a leash through your neighborhood.  I'd buy him a spiked collar so people thought he was a vicious killer and that I was some sort of mad scientist who grew him from an experiment in my basement.  I really need to update my neighborhood folklore and I think this would do it.  

   How great are these Atomic Bunnies customs from Cat Atomic?  Trick question, cause you can't put into words how great they are.  You can however put a dollar amount on it when they go on sale at Suburban Vinyl tomorrow, and that price is $65 each.  $65?????  That's all???????  You're gonna regret not getting one at that price when this bro is blowing up and Pharell starts collecting him.  

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