Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Ghost Edition Iron Man from 3A Available Now

    There are very few movies that make me want to shell out the cash to see in the theatre.  And it's not really the money per se, as much as it is the other people that happen to be there and preventing us from enjoying what we pay for.  My frustrations are begging to be let out in violent ways, so we have a few requirements of a film before we watch it in public.  The first is that it has to be a huge fanboy movie, i.e. The Avengers.  Those are the best behaved audiences and provide the most pleasant experience for the viewer.  Everyone there is completely invested in what's happening on screen and wouldn't dare upset the nerd balance by acting a fool.  The second is that we only go during a weekday to avoid kids that have no interest in the movie and are just looking to socialize.  Teenagers are annoying to begin with and are begging to be dropped off in the woods somewhere, so it doesn't take much provocation to snap on one.  Follow our simple rules and always have a pleasant movie-going experience. And bring your own food, that stuff is criminally expensive.

    Oh, did I mention The Avengers?  Yeah, that movie is gonna be freakin amazing and what's even better is all the cool stuff that's being released to coincide.  You've seen 3A's Iron Man before, but never like this.  I don't think Tony Stark could wear this suit in combat, because just looking at white clothing funny will stain it, but then again he could definitely afford the dry cleaning bill.

    As with anything 3A makes, this dude looks killer.  I love their take on classic characters and you can love him too by ordering him right this second over at

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