Friday, January 31, 2014

Glow in the Dark Marty and Killer from Bwana Spoons x Toy Art Gallery

    I didn't realize they were making Miley Cyrus toys now?  Just kidding, these aren't nearly as gross as that twerking hillbilly, even if they do fancy having their tongues hang out of their mouths.  Bwana Spoons and Toy Art Gallery are releasing a very limited number of these glow in the dark Marty and Killer toys today, January 31st, at noon Pacific time at  Each hand painted figure will retail for $90.  

Kookie No Good from Scott Tolleson x DeKorner Releases Today!

    You'd look kinda bummed too if people wanted to crack your head open for a little piece of paper with a fortune on it.  But cheer up little guy, because it's Chinese New Year and people want to celebrate with you.  Scott Tolleson and DeKorner teamed up for this exclusive sofubi figure.  Limited to only 20 pieces, this edition will be on sale today, January 31st, at 10am Pacific time for $35.  Pick one up for yourself at  

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Skull Butterfly by NooN x K. Olin Tribu

    You know what I never get tired of?  Skulls.  I could fill my house with skulls and be a happy camper.  Real skulls, plastic skulls, art skulls, your skull.  I want all the skulls!  So I am always excited to see what K. Olin Tribu is gonna do next with NooN's porcelain skull.  Well, now I know, cause this time they have adorned his brain case with butterflies.  This thing is beyond cool and I want one pretty badly.  They're limited to 50 pieces and available right now at

Carded Labbits from Frank Kozik x Kidrobot Out Today

    Guess what day it is?  Guess what day it is?  It's Labbit Thursday!!!!!!  Sort of the same principle as taco Tuesday except you'll still be hungry after buying these.  These crazy bunnies from Frank Kozik x Kidrobot are the perfect gift for Valentine's Day or any other gift giving holiday that you feel like buying me stuff for.  And they're the bigger 2.5 inch ones just like the Marvel series and each one is only $9.99.  The question is not whether I will buy them all, but whether or not I will open them.  Frank will also have complete sets of these and his Lore of the Labbit mini series on his website tomorrow, January 31st.  


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Two New Sofubi Figures from Buff Monster Release Tomorrow

    I bet you all were wondering where I was today.  It was no big deal, just had to shovel some more snow like the manly man I am.  Then I had to go to work, where I don't have computer access, so my posts are a bit delayed today.  I hope you didn't miss me so much that you did anything drastic, like shave off your eyebrows or listen to a Justin Bieber song.  

   But here I am now, to tell you about these awesome little dudes that Buff Monster is releasing tomorrow (January 30th).  You could get yourself the hand painted Mister Melty bro on the left for $35 or the unpainted Zombie Mister Melty on the right for $30.  Or get them both because trying to pick just one is too hard.  They go on sale at 10am Eastern time at

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Brewmaster Resin Kit from DuBose Art

    This sucker is pretty killer.  Used as the mascot for the Homebrew line of paints and resin dyes, The Brewmaster has been brought to life thanks to a 3D printer and a whole mess of resin.  This sucker weighs in at a full 2lbs, which doesn't seem like a lot, but is pretty solid for a toy.  DuBose Art is running a special preorder right now on unassembled kits of this nearly 8 inch tall figure.  For $50 you'll get all the pieces you need and even instructions on how to assemble him.  Then you can paint him up, or leave him like he is, which is what I would do.  The amount of detail is really impressive and makes me think the future of designer toys really does rest in the hands of the independent artists and not the big companies (there's an ongoing debate about that on Facebook as we speak).  Reinforce your shelving and then get one for yourself at

Rocky and Bullwinkle Pop! Vinyl from Funko

    What, no Boris and Natasha figures?  You're killing me Funko, but I'll let it slide.  At the rate that they make these Pop! Vinyl figures, I have calculated that I will have one in my likeness within the next 15 years.  It's bound to be a best seller, cause I'm sure my mom would buy them all.  But while you're waiting for my action figure in the first series of the "Heroes of Toy Blogging" line, allow these Rocky and Bullwinkle toys to keep you company.  They will be unleashed upon the world in March, sans their Russian adversaries.  

Monday, January 27, 2014

Lore of the Labbit Mini Series from Frank Kozik x Kidrobot

    I don't think there is a room in my house that doesn't contain at least one Labbit figure.  These things are seriously everywhere.  I think my wife just puts them in random places to see if I'll notice, or she could be trying to drive me insane for her own amusement.  They're in the kitchen, the living room, there's one on top of the bathroom mirror, in the pockets of my work pants.   I found one in a package of ham once.  They're kinda like roaches where in if you see one your house is probably infested.  

    But I do love these little bunnies from Frank Kozik and Kidrobot, and this may be my favorite series yet.  Based on myths and urban legends and other weird stuff that only seems to happen to hillbillies, these guys are ready to be strewn about your abode on January 30th.  Sold blind box for $4.99 each from wherever it is you prefer to buy your fancy toys.  

New Year Misfortune Cat from Ferg Releasing Today!

    One of our new kittens has a strange obsession with receipts.  He likes to carry them around the house before putting them in his food and water bowls.  He never chews them, though he will smack them around on the floor a bit.  Now whenever I've been to the store I'll just hand it to him when I come back and he runs away with it to put it in his collection.  I have a feeling that one day I'll come home from work and the house will be cleaned out because he's returned everything I own and bought himself a go kart.  No, I don't think that's an irrational fear at all thank you very much.

    This is the first toy I've seen all year that I REALLY REALLY want.  It's a big ol Misfortune Cat from Ferg.  This kitty is limited to only 150 pieces and goes on sale today, January 27th, at noon Central time for $85 (which includes shipping worldwide).  Try your luck at getting one by visiting cause these will sell out quick.  

Friday, January 24, 2014

Unpainted Cadaver Twins Lotto from Splurrt

    You know what my wife bought me for my birthday?  A mummified fetal pig.  You're jealous, I can sense it.  We're weirdos I guess and have lots of strange stuff laying about the house.  The year before she bought me an antique electric shock machine, which she soon regretted when I made plans to get it into working order to help her on days she feels sad.  I have since signed a document that legally binds me to never zap her with it or she would leave my lunch meat outside while I was at work.  Love is crazy right?

    Splurrt is tapping into all my nightmares about having kids with his Cadaver Twins toys.  Well, not the nightmare about them touching and breaking all my stuff, but the ones about them being born as little demons.  I don't know what I did in my past lives, but I would speculate that it was probably bad and this is the kind of retribution I can expect.  Where would you even buy clothes for a kid like this?  

     If you're ready to welcome this plastic bundle of joy into your life, then you will have to enter his lottery when it goes live this Saturday (January 25th) at 3pm Eastern time.  You have your choice of unpainted black or glow in the dark blue.  Get all the details and enter for a chance to buy one at

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Milk Plus Edition Ludwig Van Resin Bust from Frank Kozik

    This figure just begs to be spattered with blood and sealed in an evidence bag after having been used as a murder weapon.

"It was Colonial Mustard in the study with the Clockwork Orange bust."

    This is the latest edition of Frank Kozik's Ludwig Van bust, this time in opaque white resin.  Don't go smacking the maid in the head with it though, unless she really leaves you no alternative.  You did tell her to stop tucking the blankets under the mattress more than once.  How hard is it really to do less work.  It's like when you go to get a hamburger and you tell them you don't want pickles and they load that sucker up with so many pickles there can't possibly be any left for the next guy.  They went out of their way to be irritating by doing extra work and they deserve swift punishment!  

   These are available now at

Mood Palmer from Superdeux

    Finally, a designer toy that I can reasonably hit someone in the face with.  Maybe that's not in fact what he was intended for, but there's something satisfying to me about taking a toy shaped like a fist and pummeling someone with it.  And since it's so shiny and smooth I'm sure the blood would wipe right off.  That's a bonus.  

   Ok Ok, Superdeux never intended anyone to be beaten with Mood Palmer, but how often to you follow a product's intended use to the letter?  My creativity can not be controlled by such parameters.  This is probably why I never went to law school.  These are available in blue or magenta (100 of each produced) for $49 each or you can get one of 100 hand painted versions for $79.  Get em now at

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Wandering Misfits Pre Release Happening Today from Kathie Olivas x Brandt Peters x Cardboard Spaceship

    Blind boxed toys drive me absolutely insane.  I had pretty much sworn off of them as part of my twelve step program to curb my impulsiveness when buying toys.  I had been doing so well, going through all the meetings, making amends with my creditors who I had blown off in favor of secret-filled boxes of figures.  And then I see this, and not only have I fallen off the wagon, but I hit my head really hard on the curb and have lost all ability to be reasonable.  

    Husband and wife team Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas hooked up with Cardboard Spaceship to bring some of their most popular characters to life in this series.  What's nice about it is that to own one of their resin pieces would set you back a step financially, but you can own their plastic counterparts for a mere fraction of that and retain the ability to have cable television.  Today (January 22nd) at noon Pacific time, both Cardboard Spaceship and Circus Posterus will be holding pre release sales on full cases of these figures.  As a bonus, each site has a different exclusive toy that will come signed by the artists.   So it really comes down to which exclusive you want the most.  Or if you're bad at decision making you can get them both and increase your chances of completing the set.  

New Toys Dropping Today from Skinner

    I just came inside after shoveling snow and I am seriously aware of my mortality.  I'm out of breath, there is snot frozen to my face, and my arms feel as though they have been ripped from the sockets and put back into place with scotch tape.  Ladies, try to control yourselves. 

    You know who doesn't have to shovel snow?  Skinner doesn't, cause he is smart enough to live in California where crap like that doesn't happen.  That frees him up from the trappings of weather-initiated manual labor and gives him more time to make cool stuff like this.  Like those sweet Baby Huey figures you see up there.  Limited to only 5 pieces, they will be $200 each.  But you want to know what the sweetest deal you'll ever be able to get is?  Look down below at these Minion sets.  You get two hand painted figures for only $75.  And these things aren't small and weak like my muscles either.  And they're shiny, which will keep your cats mesmerized for hours.  All of these otherworldly toys go on sale today (January 22nd) at noon Pacific time from

Monday, January 20, 2014

Darth Vader Son and Daughter Maquettes from Gentle Giant

    Hey, I have a soft side just like everyone else.  It's not all skulls and black metal for me.  I have a few heartstrings that get tugged on every now and again and this is one of those times.  Just look how precious these are!!  These maquettes from Gentle Giant are based on the popular children's books written by Jeffrey Brown.  Both are available for preorder now with a special edition of their respective books.  Hopefully your dad was around more than Darth Vader was, cause that dude probably caused those kids to go through some serious counseling.  

Friday, January 17, 2014

Grimlock vs. Soundwave Two Pack from The Loyal Subjects

    Every time I see a Transformer I can hear in my head that weird sound that they make when they transform.  You know what it is, from the cartoon series.  I can't actually type what it sounds like, but I used to make it as a kid when I would change them back and forth from vehicles to robots.  It starts to make you light headed if you get one of those hard Transformers and you can't change him before you run out of breath.  Then you pass out and wake up face first on a pile of robots, which let me tell you is almost as bad as stepping on Legos barefoot.  

    The Loyal Subjects don't want you to worry about such nonsense, so their toys don't transform at all, but they don't really need to, because they're cool enough just as they are.  And look how fancy Soundwave and Grimlock look in black.  Do Transformers have their own version of GQ magazine, cause they would be on the cover.  This two pack will be available starting next Tuesday, January 21st and is an edition of 500 sets.  Pick one up from

Charcoal Grey Dead Kozik Bust from Kevin Gosselin

    Every home needs a Dead Kozik.  Think about the possibilities that his rotten plastic head offers.  Put it on your coffee table to let burglars know that they should turn around and run screaming!  Put a hidden camera in his nose to obtain blackmail material on your kids!  Use it to hold the lid down on your trash can and keep pesky raccoons out!  Put him in the passenger seat of your car to qualify for the car pool lane!  Lay him on the pillow next to you while you sleep for those times that you just want to cuddle!  The possibilities are as endless as your imagination!

    This charcoal grey version of Frank Kozik's zombie face was created by Kevin Gosselin and is available wherever you prefer to buy your toys.  And if it's not you can ask em to stop being lazy and order one for you.  

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Neapolitan Boss Carrion from Paul Kaiju

    I wish they had elephants that looked like this at the zoo.  I like the normal elephants, but it wouldn't hurt to spice things up a bit.  Most of the time when I'm at the zoo they aren't doing a whole lot, which I suppose is normal for them.  But you get something like this there, and all kinds of craziness is bound to happen.  And even if it doesn't, people would stop and stare for hours just waiting in case it did.  It would probably be expensive to feed though, because you can't buy the souls of orphans wholesale.  

   Paul Kaiju is releasing this newest edition of his Boss Carrion figure through lottery beginning this Sunday, January 19th, at noon Pacific time.  The lottery will close on January 20th at the same time and then he will notify those lucky folks if they won a chance to purchase one.  View all the pertinent details by going to

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

World War Gee: The Purple Zombie from Huck Gee

    During the Christmas season, my local mall decided to have some sort of zombie walk and everyone who showed up in costume got $10 off a picture with Santa.  That was the very moment I thought I could never be excited about anything zombie related again.  Which I was fine with.  I love all of the George Romero films, but the recent zombie craze really never did much for me.  Then I heard Huck Gee was gonna be doing a series of zombie custom figures and my interest in the undead suddenly took a turn for the better.  I really liked his zombie Dunny figures and lo and behold his first release is a take on that very toy.

    Of course, this is a much more detailed version of the toy that Kidrobot produced a few years ago.  It's handmade, its a lot bigger, and it comes with cool little accessories like real tighty-whiteys and insect buddies that are there looking for a meal for their unborn kids.  

    Starting this Friday, January 17th at 1pm Pacific time, this figure will be on sale for exactly 24 hours at  After that they will all be made to order, so if you don't get one now you may never see it again.  They will be $450 each, so start applying for credit cards.  Remember, a healthy credit score is essential to getting lower interest rates on home mortgages and car loans, so build your credit while buying cool stuff.  I learned that from Wu-Tang financial.  

Shipwreck Edition Octopups from Nathan Hamill

    People keep making different breeds of dogs do the deed to create new, sometimes weird, looking hybrids.  Yeah, it's kinda fun at first creating designer mutts I suppose, but that's old hat.  It's time to impress me folks and cross breed dogs with different animals.  Sure it's not as easy as putting a dude and a lady dog in a room with a Barry White cd, some scented candles, and letting nature take it's course, but that's what science is there for.  We may in fact regret making German Shephards with tentacles, but we won't know until we try and imagine the fun we'll have along the way.

    Nathan Hamill has already predicted the future of dog breeding with his Octopup toys.  This is the Shipwreck edition featuring copper spray on translucent green bodies.  Only 7 were made and they will be up for sale tomorrow, January 16th, at noon Pacific time for $25.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Eternal Cloud from Restore Now Available to Preorder from Lulubell Toy Bodega

    This might be one of the most impressive figures I've ever laid eyes on in person.  I saw the unpainted prototype at New York Comic Con last year and this thing is AMAZING.  Restore makes some of the best toys you'll ever see and they really upped their game on this one.  This sucker contains 15 different parts made of both Japanese sofubi and resin to create the new centerpiece of your collection.  Lulubell Toy Bodega is offering preorders of this from now until January 30th.  It's retailing for $120, which is not much at all when you compare it to toys half its size and half as detailed that cost just as much.  Plus, you're getting your tax money back soon, so splurge a bit.  

Mochi The Monkey Ninja Kickstarter

    I get a lot of emails from people asking me to share the toys that they make.  Surprisingly enough, I get a lot about kid's toys, which is weird because if they'd even looked at this site they would know that I like to use very "colorful" anecdotes when talking about toys.  I don't think Fisher-Price really wants me talking about their new crap for your toddler while also talking about guns or dead hookers.  And there is always the chance that I will talk about guns or dead hookers because that's the kind of guy I am.  I don't like to limit myself to the topics of conversation on the Disney Channel.  I need to express myself, and sometimes that comes in the form of a heroin overdose story, or that time I found a dead guy in Philadelphia.  

    Bendable monkey ninjas aren't the normal thing I write about, but I do love monkeys and ninja monkeys sound pretty awesome, so I was starting to lean in favor of this new product.  Then they told me they liked my cats and I was sold, because they actually have viewed this site and new the dangers (i.e. the entire first paragraph) of me writing about their stuff.  

    Kacha Torn is a dude from Thailand who has created the aforementioned bendable monkey ninja named Mochi.  He has launched a Kickstarter page to help get his project funded and it's the most straightforward campaign I've ever seen.  You basically just preorder the figure and when he gets enough it will go into production.  Check it out for yourself by clicking here.

Monday, January 13, 2014

The Trailer for Game of Thrones Season 4 is Here

New Releases This Week from Super7

    I've been off from work now for the past three days, which sounds awesome, but my days have been wasted by being sick.  My sinuses are out to kill me by filling every conceivable space in my head with snot until my skull explodes and they have finally won.  Sounds like a bad way to go to me.

   Crystal Mecha never has to worry about that happening, because he has a giant diamond for a head.  How he sees, or eats, or annoys people with jokes they've already heard is hard to say, but at least he will never know the slow moving hell that is a sinus infection.  

   Foster looks liek he's past the point of caring about whatever illness may infect his little cookie body, as he steadily devours himself and grins like a cheshire cat.  What a twisted little dude.  I bet he's killed before.  

    Both toys are new releases from Super7 that will be available this Thursday, January 16th, at noon Pacific time from

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Super Series Sunday from Tenacious Toys Featuring Forces of Dorkness

    How come we don't get to vote or run for Pope?  I think I would make an excellent candidate because I have never taken any naked pictures or done anything else scandalous that would taint my campaign.  I've never caused a traffic jam at the George Washington bridge out of spite, and I don't even know where to buy crack.  Now as far as my other qualifications go I'm not entirely sure what's relevant because I'm not sure what the Pope does other than ride around in his bubble car and make people kiss his ring.  Really, I just want to be able to go shopping at Target while I wear the hat.  

   Tomorrow is not only Sunday, but it's Super Series Sunday at Tenacious Toys.  This time they are featuring Pope Solo from Forces of Dorkness that will finish of his religion-themed Star Wars figures.  Fifteen white figures and fifteen black figures were made and will be sold blind bagged for $40 each when they go on sale tomorrow (January 12) at 6pm Eastern time on

Friday, January 10, 2014

The Simpsons x Lego

    When I see new licensed sets from Lego I always get excited.  Not necessarily for the set itself, but for the other possible things that they should make.  This Simpsons house is cool and all, but I have a list of things I would love to build.  These are in no particular order:

    Sons of Anarchy, Clash of the Titans (the original of course, not that dumb remake), Breaking Bad, He-Man, Game of Thrones, American Horror Story, the Winchester Mystery House, Graceland, Coney Island, 1980's Time Square, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dog rollin in a 6-4, The Dukes of Hazard, etc. etc.  

    So if anyone from Lego is reading this, that is my wish list.  For everyone else, The Simpsons house will release in February.  

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Kumon Lucky Bags from Shirahama Toy

    I have no earthly idea what this dude is supposed to be, all I know is that I want one.  It's part of my "buy first, ask questions later" philosophy.  All it's gotta do is look cool, which this certainly does.  Shirahama Toy is gonna be releasing this special Pumpkin Pie edition Kumon figure as part of their 2014 lucky bag.  You get the dude you see up there, plus another random version that could be a color test, a marbled version, or even a one-off painted figure.  Behold the many possibilities you could receive:

    These will go on sale soon, so to find out exactly when you gotta sign up for their mailing list.  Head over to and get yourself registered so you know first when these go on sale. 

Game of Thrones Mystery Minis from Funko

    I wish HBO would stop making other shows and just make Game of Thrones.  They could focus all their energy into one show and we could constantly have new episodes.  Something tells me this will never happen, but that's because the decision makers are obviously dumb.  So while we wait for them to be enlightened we will have to create our own new episodes with these little dudes from Funko.  You've got a decent amount of characters here, so making a stop motion version of the show is almost possible.  Just substitute some of your other toys for anyone thats missing and cut out some of the scenes that maybe are a bit sketchy anyway, and voila, you have an internet masterpiece.  Maybe Ellen will even play it on her show and give you some money.  

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Samsung x Kidrobot Introduce MiWe Platform Toy

    There's this big electronics show in Las Vegas right now called CES that showcases all the new technology that will be releasing in the coming years to help ease us closer to the robot apocalypse.  Don't say I didn't warn you.  The most interesting reveal to me wasn't some Dick Tracy wrist watch or Star Trek teleportation system, but a little plastic fox named MiWe.  Samsung and Kidrobot have teamed up to create this little dude, whose name comes from Samsung's marketing slogan "Meaningful Innovation, Wow Experience."  He looks as if he will be joining their Munnyworld line of blank figures; awaiting your creative touch to bring him to life.  If you need a bit of inspiration to get those artistic juices flowing, here are a few customs from Angry Woebots, Scribe, and Buff Monster.  No word yet on when these will be released, but since everyone in the world now knows about him, it will probably be soon.