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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Splurrt Tenth Anniversary Golden Kid from Lulubell Toys


     Ten years is a pretty good run for anything these days, though not when it comes to my t-shirts.  Years ago when I was going to concerts all the time I used to by the shirts with the tour dates on them and I have been surprised more than once by how long they've lasted.  My oldest two are from when I was in high school: R.E.M. in 1995 and Smashing Pumpkins in 1996, and even though I don't wear those anymore I can't bring myself to get rid of them.  My wife is thankful I'm not nearly as sentimental about my underwear.  

   Splurrt's Cadaver Kid has hit the literally ripe old age of ten and to celebrate this undead plastic corpse is being released in a super neat gold vinyl from Lulubell Toys.  Featuring a smile only a coroner could love, this five and a half inch tall dreamboat can be yours this Saturday at 9am pacific time for just $55 plus shipping.  Fish one out of the river at

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Alien Phantom Ultrus Bog from Skinner x Lulubell Toys

    The biggest let down of this year has got to be the Storm Area 51 event that resulted in absolutely no one seeing those aliens.  Now as someone who values my freedom/life there was no way I was gonna show up to help, but you can't tell me there aren't a ton of Internet dudes hopped up on energy drinks and other questionable substances that could have made it happen.  Hell, half the state of Florida makes the news for much crazier reasons than this, so I was sure something exciting was gonna happen.  But apparently no one wants to see me happy, which seems to be a running theme.  Stop being so selfish!

    If it's any consolation I'm sure the aliens are nowhere near as awesome as Ultrus Bog.  They are probably all sickly and wouldn't even understand any of the memes you'd want to show them. Skinner's  Ultrus Bog gets all the current meme references and looks forward to seeing all the ones you text him while at work.  He looks awesome in the crazy marbled vinyl pour from Lulubell Toys and tons of people are gonna want to bring him home.  Only 30 pieces were created with the Alien Phantom color scheme and they are up for grabs begining Wednesday, October 30th at 6pm pacific time.  He retails for $125 each plus shipping and can only be had at


Wednesday, May 22, 2019

The Mutator Ultrus Bog from Skinner x Lulubell Toys

    Is this the greatest Ultrus Bog that has ever been created?  I could argue for it, as it arrives just in time for the summer months looking all cool and refreshing like an evil snow cone.  It's no secret that this figure is one of my favorites of all time and this version is only stoking that fire of desire to five alarm levels. 

   Skinner's epic lord of the underworld has achieved next level status by being double cast in luxurious Japanese vinyl.  First a layer of clear plastic was poured, then followed by a layer of orange to give it a crazy, multi dimensional feel that will put you in direct contact with your infinite selves.  That's a lot to ask from a figure, yet it delivers in every way.  Lulubell Toys will have a limited run of only 20 of these sweet bay bays available when they go on sale this Saturday, May 25th, at 9am pacific time.  He costs $125 plus shipping and will be offered exclusively through  

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Holographic Tauro from Splurrt x Lulubell Toys

     I don't get the appeal of mazes.  Why is it that ever fall people are so damn excited to pay to get lost in a corn field for hours?  I love to take a walk in the woods every now and then but that's more of an adventure.  Who knows what abandoned structures or wildlife or dead bodies you may come across.  But a corn maze is just a bunch of dried up stalks cut in a pattern meant to confuse you and cause arguments with your significant other who will trash your navigational skills and whose father would have never given you permission to marry his daughter if he had even the hint of your lack of leadership abilities under duress.  And there's not even a minotaur at the end that you have to battle, just some kid making minimum wage that directs you back to the parking lot.  They should have a counselor there to repair all of the emotional damage this "fun" tradition inflicts on relationships.  

    I don't know where you would go to hire a minotaur for a corn maze, but if you really cared about your guests you would go the extra mile and find out.  Can you imagine how great that would be?  Especially for the first people to go through it, imagining that the monster at the end is just some guy from the haunted hayride in a suit, when in fact it is a living, stinking, bull monster who likes to crack skulls for fun.  I can and I am delighted.  This monstrosity from Splurrt would be the perfect anchor to any maze, though he'd need to be a tad bit bigger to inspire any real fear.  At ten inches tall he is an impressive toy though and you can add one to your collection this Friday (August 10th) when he goes on sale from Lulubell Toys.  Extremely limited and featuring crazy holographic paint, and retailing for $135, get one when they go on sale at noon pacific time from

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Lulubell Toys Exclusives for Five Points Fest

   Lulubell Toys always has one of the best booths at any convention they do and it isn't by accident.  There's blood, sweat, and probably a few tears involved in trying to put together such a diverse lineup.  It also doesn't hurt that they produce a ton of the best stuff coming out of Japan, much of which will be on display this weekend at Five Points Fest.  Go ahead and take a look at just part of what they will decorate booth #331 with.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Death Berry Blast Ultrus Bog from Skinner x Lulubell Toys

    Oh my goodness I looooooooove marbled vinyl, and this beautiful Ultrus Bog has got me drooling.  Not nearly as bad as when I had my dental work the other day, cause that was embarrassing.  I got a filling done and then was scheduled for a cleaning immediately afterward so I can look good for my dozens of fans.  I can't feel the entire left side of my face and I get handed a cup of mouthwash to use before we start.  One swish and it's cascading down my shirt in a waterfall of minty freshness.  The hygienist looks over and says "uh oh, still a little numb from the anaesthetic?"  April is out here solving mysteries, people!  Bring your cold cases Monday through Friday and all your questions will be answered.  She needs to be quicker with the paper towels and less so with the detective skills.

    Death Berry Blast sounds like a hardcore Slurpee flavor,  it is instead sofubi bliss courtesy of Skinner and Lulubell Toys.  This is the first time this figure has ever had the marbled treatment and it is long overdue.  Look at the way those swirled colors fill every detail in the sculpt.  Go ahead, look at it.  "Majestic" may not be the word you were looking for, but it really should have been.

    You can score yourself one of these beauties when they go on sale today, Friday May 18th, at noon pacific time exclusively from  They will be $95 each plus shipping to wherever you happen to live.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Sweet Tooth Marbled Cestoda from Miscreation Toys x Lulubell Toys x Toy Art Gallery

    I scream, you scream, blah blah blah.  Talk about the low hanging fruit of ice cream jokes.  I'm above it, so I'm not gonna do it, even though I could imagine someone screaming if they ran into one of these Cestodas from Miscreation Toys.  Standing at 11 inches tall, dude could take a bite out of your calf muscles and lay eggs in the hole before you realized what has happened.  He looks parasitic and quick, which is not a good combination for you.  But he does come in a pretty array or marbled colors that remind me of those giant tubs of Neopolitan ice cream my mom used to buy, the effects of which ensured I would never make the school bus in the morning and would have to be driven in the mini van.  The effects of lactose intolerance stretch way beyond stomach discomfort.

    Lulubell Toys and Toy Art Gallery have formed an alliance to bring you this limited edition preorder.  Happening now until the 16th, which for those keeping track is this Friday, you can secure yourself one of these big ol sofubi masterpieces for $275 plus shipping.  Get on it now at

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The First Ever Cinegantus from Justin Ishmael x Splurrt x Lulubell Toys

    Whenever you are presented with the opportunity to sever the head off of one mythical creature and place it on the body of another you should always do it.  Of course you would want to have both mythical creatures fill out the proper paper work to absolve you of any liability should the whole thing go terribly wrong in a Frankenstein sort of way, but that's stuff any mad scientist should already have been told by their lawyers.  In a world run by scandal and litigation you have to protect yourself from the inevitable get rich quick schemes and accusations of malfeasance that can plague even the most well-intentioned experiment.  A good insurance policy never hurts either and can pay for itself the first time you use it.

    Splurrt's Harryhausen-esque Cinema Monster has had his noggin replaced with that of Justin Ishmael's Galligantus to create Dun Dun Duuuuuuuuuuuuuunnn......Cinegantus!  No one is safe when people are out there making super monsters, but safety is a relative thing anyway like I told the person who tripped on the walkway in front of my house.  I'm not sure if he understood me because his replies were muffled by his detached teeth and blood, but I think he saw the folly in his reasoning by the time he passed out and I drug him next door to the neighbor's sidewalk.  

    Lulubell Toys will be releasing what I'm told is a really really limited amount of these on Saturday, January 27th at 10am pacific time.  They are $200 each and sold blind and you can only buy one so don't get all greedy about it.  They will be available from


Friday, January 12, 2018

"Scab Empire Babies" Minions from Paul Kaiju x Skinner x Lulubell Toys

    Back in the day if someone told you they had minions to do their bidding you'd imagine some dirty little cretins who lurked in the shadows and had low credit scores.  Now because of a very famous  animated film series all anyone ever thinks of are those yellow pill shaped critters who speak a language that makes Sylvester Stallone sound like a refined English gentleman.  Behold the rise of the Scab Empire, which sounds way grosser than the Empire Darth Vader was running.  Seriously, who wouldn't rebel against the Scab Empire, it's not the most appealing name to write on checks when paying your taxes.

    Skinner and Paul Kaiju have resurrected their evil little sofubi bay bays and are offering them up as a set this Saturday, January 13th through Lulubell Toys.  For $80 you get both because separating them would be a crime against minion kind and also because what kind of cruel freak would do such a thing?  They grew up together, raise hell together, and they'll be mailed to your house together and that's just the way it is, cowboy!

    The adoption line forms at

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

It's Review Time Bay-Bay: She Headless Horse from Boon Velvet x Lulubell Toys


     I've quietly admired this toy from afar since I first saw it.  The creation of artist Boon Velvet stands tall amid other sofubi releases not only in a literal sense (at almost nine and a half inches), but in that its inspiration is drawn from well beyond the confines of Tokyo monster films.  So when I was asked if I was interested in reviewing one I was all about it.  The figure was provided courtesy of Lulubell Toys, and after spending a few days with it here are my thoughts.

    To sum up this staggering figure into a neat soundbite, I would present it as a southern gothic tale brought to life in Japanese vinyl.  The story itself is so good I wish each figure came with a page or two retelling it (or even just a link to the story online), as to learn her origins I had to scroll through Instagram postings of the artist until I could piece it together.  Of course just a mere glance at it lets you know this is not your average toy, as it seems to pay homage to nothing that's come before it.  I see so many figures where the reference is obvious but here you instantly know that it hacked and trampled a path traveled by no one else.

    The paint job from Obsessed Panda echoes the ghostly feel of the horse and it's internal passenger. Light sprays of silver and blue accentuate the ethereal quality of the body without overpowering it, while the clear head reveals a female figure that is hidden just enough to force you to get closer to be sure what you're seeing.  Honestly, this is the most time I've spent really examining a figure and taking it apart like I was studying it.  Not just because I knew I was going to review it, but because it almost demands your attention in that way.  I collect vintage Steiff animals and that would be the closest I've come to experiencing so much story contained within an object.  With those you can see visible signs of wear and know that at one time someone loved it more than anything else and a part of that seems to be transferred to the piece.  In regards to this figure I pick up a sense that the artist wants it to haunt you everytime you look at it.  That even though it's story is one of fiction it is so deeply embedded in the plastic that it relays it as being truth.

   The woman herself is cast in marbled vinyl, which accentuates sculpted detail unlike anything else.  There is also a marbled plug that can be used in place of the female that details the point of severance.  Combined with the removable head you have three different ways of displaying it, as detailed on the header card.  My favorite is the third way, in which the gore of the decapitation is left out of the equation.  To me it's the most interesting to look at.

    This toy isn't something that's put on the shelf and forgotten about; it's something experienced.  It will leave you thinking about it long after you've put it down, which is all any great art can ever hope to accomplish.  I think it's one of those figures that is ahead of it's time and that in the future people will seriously regret not picking up when they had the chance.  Lucky for you this Aki No Kumo edition is still available from the fine folks at Lulubell Toys for a lot less than you would probably expect for a sofubi toy this size.  Seriously, it's actually on sale for only $150 and the conversation it sparked between my wife and I about everything from toy production, to art, to the longing for more releases like this, would be worth the price alone. 

Monday, November 20, 2017

Hana Early Prototype Version from Junko Mizuno x Lulubell Toys

   Junko Mizuno has been doing this toy thing for a long time but this is the first time she's ever had her own sofubi figure. Crazy, right?  This pretty plastic lady was cast in a milky vinyl and then painted on the INSIDE of the figure to give it this crazy finish.  And you're getting a lot of figure too because she stands nearly a foot tall, which in the toy world would make her first pick on any volleyball team.

    I'm keeping this post short and sweet because the preorder window is closing minute by minute.  You only have until tomorrow (Tuesday the 21st) at 5pm pacific time to ensure you get one.  They're made to order and will ship out in late spring.  Visit now and treat yo self!

Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Return of Young Gohst from Ferg x Grody Shogun

    Sharon and I once stayed at a haunted bed and breakfast in Gettysburg and were completely ready for the Civil War ghost experience.  By completely ready I mean I barely slept either night as I was waiting for an ethereal being to scare the living crap out of me.  I seriously couldn't relax knowing that any moment I may feel a rush of cold air and see a deceased soldier standing by the bed.  Even in the shower I was constantly peeking around the curtain looking for any sign of being visited from beyond the grave.  Ultimately we heard a lot of weird noises we couldn't figure out and I swore I heard foot steps walking across the room early one morning but I never saw anything to accompany it.   For relaxation purposes, staying where people see ghosts all the time is not the best idea.  

    I would love it if ghosts didn't look like people at all, but instead were just like this dude from Ferg and Grody Shogun.  Instead of some guy that took a minie ball to the face you'd have these little cuties with their tongues hanging out just stopping by to say what's up.  The three eye thing might be a little freaky, but I often wake up with the business end of a cat near my face so I'm sure I could get used to it.  

     Each one of these figures is cast in luxurious Japanese sofubi and adorned with crazy color changing paint.  Available today, October 14th at noon pacific time, each one is sold blind bagged style and may feature a different shaped tongue than the one you see.  Not many will be available so be quick when they go up at  

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Marbled Vinyl Tauro from Splurrt x Lulubell Toy Bodega

     I've been thinking about building a labyrinth as one of those mid life crisis type things.  Originally I wanted to build a Viking ship on my lawn and it would attract the media and maybe garner me some mild internet celebrity (until some starlet's phone with saucy pictures gets hacked).  I thought it could be pretty inspirational as well as being a serious code violation.  But then I was thinking that no one has built a good labyrinth in ages.  Corn mazes in no way count because anyone can just walk through the damn corn to escape.  And there's nothing epic waiting for you if you make your way out of one, other than a hay ride and the in ability to re-wear your itchy clothes before washing them.  That is the opposite of feeling like you achieved something great.

    Every great labyrinth needs a great monster and Tauro fits the bill perfectly.  Though he may be only 10 inches of sweet plastic he does aspire to greatness and I'd be willing to hire him once construction is completed.  This mighty beast from Splurrt will be available this Saturday, September 9, at noon pacific time for $135 plus shipping.  He is a mixture of brown, white, and gold glitter vinyl and is exclusive to Lulubell Toys.  Snag one at

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Bozu Takigyo Edition from Planet 3 Toys x Lulubell Toys

    I learned today that Takigyo is a Shinto purification ritual that is done through meditation under a waterfall.  It is similar to the ritual I do under the shower every morning called "try and build up the strength to deal with crazy people at work."  I should probably come up with a shorter name for it, but as great as the English language is it does have its limitations.  Now the German language, that's something to behold because they have words for just about any situation one might find themselves in.  I don't know any of them off the top of my head, but say that I fell off of my donkey while on the side of a mountain and rolled into a wasp's nest.  Undoubtedly the Germans have one single word that would sum it up so we could all move on with our lives.  

    Planet 3 Toys is celebrating the one year anniversary of their Bozu figure's debut with this marbled Takigyo edition.  You know I love marbled vinyl, so I am crushing hard on the different tones of blue.    Standing three and a half inches tall and complete with a hand made tag, this little dude will retail for $30 each plus shipping when he goes on sale this Saturday (July 15th) at 10am pacific time from Lulubell Toys.  

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Rotten Rexx and Diceratops GID Garage Kits from James Groman x Lulubell Toys

    So your career as the dude who glues dinosaur skeletons back together for the Smithsonian hasn't taken off quite as you've expected.  Whose career really pans out the way you dreamed it in first grade anyway?  If it did there'd be a whole lot of really weird and probably unnecessary jobs out there.  There would be so many ninjas that most would find themselves unemployed.  And "Han Solo" sounds like a fun job, until you realize that being a fictional space smuggler won't keep you current on your child support parents.  But for the dinosaur bone dudes, I've got a solution to your depression.

    From no until June 30th at 5pm pacific time, you can preorder these amazing glow in the dark garage kits from Lulubell Toys.  These dino pals are the creation of James Groman and come completely unassembled just waiting to be put together by you.  It's not too hard as long as you have a hair dryer and some anger issues to work through.  You can get a complete kit for $235 each plus shipping and you can get a different head for $65.  Mix em around to suit your mood or mount one on the wall like some twisted prehistoric trophy hunter.  Put those diy skills to the test at

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Lulubell Toys Five Points Festival Booth Visit

    I'm always excited to see Lulubell Toys because not only are they some of the nicest and hardest working folks in the toy world but they also have the most unique items you'll ever find.  Who else has Japanese vinyl that you can wear around your neck like a toy collecting pimp?  Grody Shogun is making waves in the fashion world with his big ballin accessories that will show both your good taste and your elite status.

    Check out more pictures from Five Points Festival at and secure any leftover pieces they may have at

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Meat Marbled Cestoda Preorder from Miscreation Toys x Toy Art Gallery x Lulubell Toys

    This is pretty much what the back of my neck looks like after spending three hours at the flea market on Sunday.  I have no regrets because I did score a huge Steiff tiger and a small bunny with the button still in its ear for practically nothing and my wife made out like a Pyrex bandit.  I carried countless bowels to the point that I was sure I could have flipped the car over.  I should have known better about the sunburn though, because just thinking about going outside makes my skin turn a little pink.  I suppose if my cats were to eat me in my sleep I'm at least well cooked for them so they can rest easy without the fear of foodborne illness.  

    The Cestoda figure from Miscreation Toys and Toy Art Gallery is a beast that will make you have to rearrange your house in order to own one.  Standing at 11 inches tall and as wide as a Volkswagen (ok, it's a little smaller) this marbled meat version is available right now for preorder through Lulubell Toys.  You have from now until May 21st at 5pm pacific time to pull the trigger on this $250 Japanese vinyl beauty exclusively from  

Friday, December 30, 2016

Meat Marbled Brain Bug Boogie Man from Cure X James Groman

   No I actually did not hit my head right before typing out the title of this figure, even though it would be safe to assume traumatic brain injury if you heard someone say it out loud.  Let's regroup.

   I had a dream once (like a sleeping dream not some great revelation of hope for mankind) that crab people that looked very similar to this stormed the shores of countries around the world and were laying waste to the human population.  My family and I were holding up in some random country house and they finally advanced upon us with their sea weapons and filthy attitudes.  All I had was a broadsword, because evidently I am not terribly practical in such apocalyptic situations.  I totally went for it though and was turning them into fodder for the crows when my damn alarm went off to get up for work.  I actually contemplated being late so I could see how the battle was going to go, but my love of capitalism ultimately won out.  I'd like to think my face at least made it onto a coin after I slaughtered them like a Red Lobster employee.

    No need to thank me from saving your hides from these things, cause I'm totally humble and all the praise would make me uncomfortable.  Build an army of your own and rescue humanity from impending doom.  Cure and James Groman created this figure, and Lulubell Toys are making them available to us all starting on the first day of the new year.  You will have a three day window to order as many of them as you want as long as you're willing to shell out the $200 each.  Get em at

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

DesignerCon Leftover Bonanza

    The world of Thanksgiving wil never be the same as people are having leftovers BEFORE they even cook the turkey!  (that was so corny, I'm embarrassed for myself) I'm talkin about DesignerCon leftovers, which judging by everyone's haul photos on Instagram I didn't think there would be any.  Seriously, you guys need to tell me what you do for a living then hook me up with a job.

Everyone from Lulubell Toys, to Le Merde, to other people that begin with the letter "L" are selling their remaining wares online as we speak (or are about to starting today).  Check em out

    There's probably more, but you'll have to do some hunting for those on your own.  It will make it more fun for you.  

Monday, November 14, 2016

Five Points Festival Tickets Are Now On Sale

    I was pretty excited when I heard about Five Points Fest.  It's like comic con, but it feels more curated and adult in that it's focusing on designer toys, comics, street art, and food.  And the key word there is "curated" because they're promising that there won't be table after table of selling the crap you can buy at Wal-Mart.  Kidrobot, Super7, Tenacious Toys, Lulubell Toys, and more have already signed on and it's also going to be the new home of The Designer Toy Awards.  Sounds good, right?  The event doesn't take place until May, but you can buy tickets for it right now.  VIP tickets even include an exclusive Dunny from Kidrobot and Gary Ham.  Don't be left out, get your tickets now at