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Wednesday, October 6, 2021

"Odin's Eye" Nordic Lucky Cat NYCC Exclusive for Tenacious Toys


     After a bit of a hiatus, New York Comic Con is  back.  Personally, I'm still not at the point where I want to be in a huge crowd of people or ride New Jersey Transit.  Sitting on the train into New York was always an adventure in germs before the pandemic and I've witnessed some of the grossest things in life on that 45 minute ride.  One of the worst was when this guy that looked like a less successful Machine Gun Kelly made his girlfriend stand up the whole way so he could lay his cheeseburger down in the seat next to him.  His unwrapped, unprotected cheeseburger sitting bare bunned on the molded plastic seat.  Periodically he'd pick it up, take a bite, and return it to its resting place.  I felt bad for the girl but then realized he'd be dead of some unknown illness in less than a week and could only hope she'd see the gift that was her new found freedom.  

      While I won't be physically at New York Comic Con, I will be there in spirit via my Nordic Lucky Cats.  These are the Odin's Eye edition and will be available exclusively through Tenacious Toys.  They are a tri colored marbled resin, standing 4 inches tall and limited to 10 signed and numbered pieces. And they also glow under blacklight!!!  Are they filled with ghosts?  Probably!

     Produced by DuBose Art, each one is completely unique and a virtual steal at only $40 each.  Find them and tons of other amazing figures at booth # 1579 during the show and make sure to keep an eye on afterwards to score any leftovers. 

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Tenacious Toys Exclusive Skull Dangler from DuBose Art


    During the pandemic my wife and I decided to expand our garden area, which required a lot of digging. Despite covering a large amount of ground with the shovel, we didn't unearth a single shallow grave.  Which depressed my wife because she has always wanted to find a dead body (specifically of a stranger) and it doesn't get any more convenient than finding one right next to your air conditioning unit. We did manage to dig up an old bone from a steak that some dog must have buried before we moved in, but that's not going to get us on Forensic Files.  It might endear us to the neighbor's chihuahua, though.

     DuBose Art's Skull Dangler has craniums for days and could easily place one in our flower bed for us to find like some morbid Easter egg hunt.  He's kinda busy though in his exclusive new Boo Berry colorway for Tenacious Toys.  Releasing this Friday, August 13th at noon eastern time, this eight inch tall sofubi bone monster can only be had by visiting  Each one is $140 and comes with a sticker and enamel pin.  

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Skull Dangler Sofubi Debut from DuBoseArt


    Is there anything more metal in the world than a creature made entirely of skulls?  Every bit composed of various sized craniums: from muscles to bone to tiny little skulls in his blood.  I imagine DuBose Art's Skull Dangler having graced the cover of an obscure German heavy metal band who, desperate to try and achieve superstardom, turn to a book of Arcane knowledge.  A few mispronunciations later, and this dude climbs out of their album and devours everyone in the group, adding their skulls to his body.  With ideas like this I cannot believe Netflix won't return my emails.  

    This is the first ever vinyl figure from DuBose,, who until now has honed his craft almost exclusively in resin.  He stands eight inches tall and features a handful of optional removable heads to completely change up his personality/blend in when the inevitable manhunt starts to thwart his  reign of terror.  

    The preorder is happening now for the glow in the dark version of this figure.  A blue version is pictured above in an effort to show you all of the gory details.  Pick one up at

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

New Skellene The Mourning Doll Resin Edition from Miscreation Toys


    This figure always reminds me of my poor Winnie the Pooh stuffed animal that I have had since I was a baby. I used to carry him around everywhere and his plush body is a roadmap of just how much I loved him. He has lost most of his stuffing and most of his outer fur, leaving a rough fabric to hold what remains of his insides. He's down to one crudely embroidered eye and has a collection of stitched up scars in various colors that are the threads that literally hold him together. He hasn't had an easy go of it, but he's still around, now sitting in one of my display cases and enjoying retirement. I think one day when my body has given up on me and I am cremated that I'll have him in the fire with me, as he is the only physical item that has been with me my entire life it seems only fitting that he join me in the next one.

   Skellene the Mourning Doll is the epitome of Victorian era creepy, and that's saying something as the Victorians were all about keeping it strange. This resin edition from Miscreation Toys features a marbled purple and clear infused with silver glitter and was produced by Dubose Art. She is available for a very limited preorder right now by visiting She stands five inches tall and will be $60 for each figure, with a limit of two per order.

Friday, October 25, 2019

Resin Skellene Mourning Doll from Miscreation Toys

    I love going to estate sales, mostly just to have a look at how other people lived. Going through their house is more fun than actually buying anything, especially when you're competing for items with people who have eBay on their phones and search for everything they come across. Estate sales are the real world equivalent of the "followers" tab that Instagram just took away, that gave you a look into what deviant things your friends were up to. Some of ya'll are freaks and you know it.

    On occasion I have found interesting items while digging through the dead's former possessions, but I never find anything quite as exciting as this Skellene Mourning Doll. I'm expecting to every time we enter a new house, but I'm usually greeted by the deceased's poor investment in Beanie Babies or stacks of pastel colored '80's mixed media art that I wouldn't waste a match to burn. Is it that people are beating me to all of the haunted items or have those movies featuring murderous dolls that come to life scared enough of us away from the idea of inviting one into our home? I explicitly buy things with the idea of it creeping out anyone who happens upon my estate sale but I'm nothing if not a humanitarian.

    Miscreation Toys is of course turning this young lady into a larger vinyl figure, but she will be making her debut in resin courtesy of DuBose Art. Each five inch toy is masterfully marbled the way only a toy possessed by restless souls could be.  Each figure is completely unique and is a deal at only $55 plus shipping.  Add some Victorian era creepy to your life when these go on sale today, Friday October 25th, at 7pm eastern time from

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Lil Demon Kewpie Preorder from DuBose Art

    Oh look, the true form of children has been exposed!  This perfectly captures those awkward childhood years, right before a person determines to continue on this path and become Ted Bundy, or change themselves into responsible citizens like those fellas on Shark Tank.  
    Kids are evil.  There's no other way to explain why they keep you up at night, laugh when you get hurt, and break all your stuff.  You know why they cry when you take their picture with Santa?   It's because of their flesh burning at the touch of anything good a wholesome.  Santa's lap is like holy water to those little devils.  

   Of course I'm kidding (am I?) and children are wondrous little miracles that make you smile and bring joy to your heart (except when their filthy drug habits force you onto an episode of Intervention).  DuBose Art has put these adorably horrifying Lil Demon Kewpies up for preorder on his website right now for your collecting pleasure.  Each resin figure comes in unpainted flesh (every child's meal of choice) and stands 3 and 1/2 inches tall.  Order your demon spawn at       

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Resin Bobcat Skulls from DuBose Art x NoveltyHaus

    I am pretty sure the kittens we rescued back in November are some type of wild hybrid cats.  My theory stems from the fact that the male kitten was neutered in April and has actually gotten crazier.  He literally bounces off of the walls as he races around the house and only sleeps for maybe 10 minutes at a time.  The actual day of his surgery we were told that they would both be groggy and just want to rest, but as soon as he gets home it's like Monday Night Raw in our living room.  We either have a zoo creature on our hands or some sort of otherworldly entity has entered our cat's body to realize his plan of world domination.  

"There is no Jorah, there is only Zuul!!!"

    Rather than getting your kittens from the woods you might want to start out with something easier to manage, like a resin bobcat skull from DuBose Art and my favorite store in Baltimore, NoveltyHaus.  What you will miss out on in snuggle time you will gain back in savings on vet trips and poop sand.  And it glows in the dark!!!  Snag one of these impressive specimens this Friday, May 16th, at 5pm Eastern time from  

    You should get some real kitties too in case you don't have any.  Or if you do have some get a few more.  They make life much more interesting.  

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Marbled Resin Liliths from Death Cat Toys

     I would like to put forth a motion that all demon heads from now own be constructed of nekkid ladies.  And being that I am a cruel and evil dictator in my own little mind, the motion passes and is therefore law.  Anyone caught breaking the law will be condemned to cleaning all of the litter boxes in my house for the rest of their natural lives and longer if my amateur necromancy classes actually pay off.  I will raise your heathen butt from the dead in the name of a fresh smelling house, don't think I won't!

    I've shown you these Lilith figures from Death Cat Toys before, but never like this.  You see, they enlisted the talents of DuBose Art to create these marbled resin editions that are beyond stunning.  Only a few are left for you to purchase so you need to head over to and snag one before they're gone.  

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Brewmaster Resin Kit from DuBose Art

    This sucker is pretty killer.  Used as the mascot for the Homebrew line of paints and resin dyes, The Brewmaster has been brought to life thanks to a 3D printer and a whole mess of resin.  This sucker weighs in at a full 2lbs, which doesn't seem like a lot, but is pretty solid for a toy.  DuBose Art is running a special preorder right now on unassembled kits of this nearly 8 inch tall figure.  For $50 you'll get all the pieces you need and even instructions on how to assemble him.  Then you can paint him up, or leave him like he is, which is what I would do.  The amount of detail is really impressive and makes me think the future of designer toys really does rest in the hands of the independent artists and not the big companies (there's an ongoing debate about that on Facebook as we speak).  Reinforce your shelving and then get one for yourself at

Friday, September 20, 2013

40% Off Sale from DuBose Art

    It's hard to believe that DuBose Art has only been making toys for a year, cause they have packed in a lot of stuff in that time period.  I mean a lot.  So much so in fact, that they need to clear some space.  So to celebrate their anniversary they're taking 40% off of all orders.  That's a pretty big deal.  You can get in on this only until October 1st, which is 10 days away.  Use the coupon code "whatayear" at checkout and save yourself a fat stack of cash while getting some killer custom toys.  

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Lady Mantis from DuBose Art

    We all know that dating a female praying mantis is a lot like dating a girl from New Jersey.  First they seduce you, then they cannibalize you.  It's a disturbing fact of life.  Nothing has captured this cruelty of nature quite so well as these Lady Mantis resin figures from DuBose Art.  They look all sweet and innocent, but behind that dress is a digestive system hungry for your flesh.  You can preorder the painted version right now for $35, or get one of these sparkly ones for $40.  The good thing about the whole "devouring your mate after sweet lovin" thing is that the female praying mantis will never have to get Maury to help her find her baby daddy.  

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Thunder Puss "Mace of Fur-y" Releases Today from DuBose Art

    I often wonder what my cats dream about as they're sleeping all day.  There has to be some crazy stuff going on in their furry little heads.  I really really hope that there dreams resemble something close to this.  

    Dubose Art is making every cat's fantasy come to life with Thunder Puss.  This edition comes with a pretty sweet mace that is good for tenderizing mice or pounding the skull of a vet who gets a little too grabby.  Only 10 of this version were made and they go on sale today (May 18th) at 2pm Central time. Realize the unbridled fury of Thunder Puss at