Thursday, March 6, 2014

Marbled Resin Liliths from Death Cat Toys

     I would like to put forth a motion that all demon heads from now own be constructed of nekkid ladies.  And being that I am a cruel and evil dictator in my own little mind, the motion passes and is therefore law.  Anyone caught breaking the law will be condemned to cleaning all of the litter boxes in my house for the rest of their natural lives and longer if my amateur necromancy classes actually pay off.  I will raise your heathen butt from the dead in the name of a fresh smelling house, don't think I won't!

    I've shown you these Lilith figures from Death Cat Toys before, but never like this.  You see, they enlisted the talents of DuBose Art to create these marbled resin editions that are beyond stunning.  Only a few are left for you to purchase so you need to head over to and snag one before they're gone.  

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