Friday, March 7, 2014

Micro MADL 3D Prints from MAD Available Now!

    3D printing blows my mind and it seems like everyday someone is finding a new use for it.  The other day I read about this thing they can put around your heart and make it beat forever.  We're THIS CLOSE to technology advancing so far that it causes the zombie apocalypse and all those people with bunkers and 20 years worth of canned goods in their backyards are actually seen as being reasonable.  

    But we're not here to talk about advances in medicine or preparing for the end times; we're here to talk about toys.  Thankfully some people are still using their 3D printers for sensible means, like producing little plastic figures.  MAD has shrunk down his famous MADL figure and has been working his printer overtime to produce these dudes.  Each toy is only 35mm tall and comes bagged with a signed header card.  You can own a piece of the future for only $15 by visiting  

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