Monday, January 12, 2015

Squatting Dog Sofubi Kickstarter

    Ummmmmm.  You would think that I would have a field day writing about a pooping dog toy, but I'm seriously having some problems with this one.  Maybe this is just too easy, and being handed such a gift has created a huge blockage in my mind.  It's like I need a mental laxative to get the ideas flowing again.  Okay, we have a dog, and he's desperately trying to dot your yard with little brown land mines, and it's captured in Japanese vinyl for all of eternity.  I'm kinda wondering what's on his mind as he performs the most humiliating of acts for all to see.  I bet he's laughing on the inside as he watches his owner cover his hand in an old shopping bag, ready to retrieve the mess.  The human/dog relationship is really one sided when you think about it.  Any relationship that requires you to handle turds is kind of abusive.

    Right now there's a campaign on Kickstarter to help fund these little plastic poopers and get em into production and on your shelf.  Yeah, it's different,but you have to admit that dropping the old deuce is and always was hilarious, so for pure comedic factor alone buying one is kinda worth it.  And imagine if you get someone one as a present.  Their reaction could be Youtube gold.  Help move these further down the pipeline and into reality by supporting their campaign here.  

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