Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Mass Produced Figure for Cheapskates from the Sucklord

    You would think the title to this post was in some way derogatory, but it isn't at all.  I'm just helping the Sucklord maintain his personal brand of taking all your money then calling you an idiot for making it so easy.  The Sucklord is absolutely what the world of designer toys needs; someone who's bold, brazen, and more interesting than your art-school drop out cousin.  You can't help but admire his rebel spirit and even try to capture some of it for yourself by making the best outlaw-ish toy website the internet that refuses to make posts that involve the cut and paste function (wink wink).  

   I always want more Sucklord stuff, but I have to admit, I'm kinda cheap.  I'm cheap in the way that I believe doctors are for rich folk and when I take my trash to the dumpsters I'm looking at it just as much as a discovery expedition as it is one of disposal.  Were you aware that you can get $20 for a busted hot water heater?  And you can use your trash selling skills to buy new, affordable, toys.  Possibly you'd be interested in a new Sucklord 72 figure?  Snag yourself a silver one for $40 (open edition), a gold one for $60 (limited to 100) or a pink one for $65 (limited to 25).  Fo you uber fancy folks who are more liberal with your credit cards you could get one of the Jason Freeny Dissected versions in silver for $75 (limited to 20).   All of these and many more wonders of plastic await you at

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