Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Iron Giant Deluxe Figure from Mondo

    If you can watch The Iron Giant and not become an emotional wreck then you might need to reconsider the state of your feelings.  It's a great film and one of the first instances of animation that I can remember that really transcended the Saturday morning cartoon for me and showed me how much more that medium could be.  

   Obviously that film effected a lot of other people in the same way because it continues to inspire the creation of new art. Like this impressive new figure from Mondo.  Known for their amazing poster releases, their new venture into toys has so far been pretty impressive.  This toy is made from the actual digital files they used to create him in the movie, features 30 points of articulation,  and comes with a bunch of different accessories.  You can preorder him now for $300 from  

    If you can't quite swing the cash for the whole figure but are still feeling nostalgic, you could purchase this life-sized replica of his bolt (if you've seen the movie you'll know why this is important).  It features a flashing light and at only $65 you can own this piece without feeling too guilty about your bank account.  

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