Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Mini "Our Father" Resin Sculpture from Sket-One

    I love Star Wars.  Those original three films basically sum up everything that was good about being a kid.  The last three films taught me about disappointment and how to harness my murderous rage into something more productive. The seventh film comes out this year and I'm holding out hope that it doesn't make me want to stab an usher at the theater.  

   I've got so much Star Wars stuff that I can't even display it properly.  What it really needs is a focal point, something that can elevate every piece to the status it deserves.  What it needs is the statue you see above.  This sculpture from Sket-One is the perfect centerpiece for any shrine dedicated to light sabers and chicks in gold bikinis.  Standing a foot tall and made of resin, this is something your grandchildren will beat each other senseless to inherit.  It would be worth it to fake your own death just to witness the carnage.  Pick one up at  

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