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Friday, April 14, 2017

WWE's The Undertaker Bearbrick from Medicom

    When I was around 12 or so the WWE came to the Richmond Coliseum in Virginia for one of their non-televised shows.  After much begging and pleading I convinced my stepfather to take me and we were able to get tickets along the railing where the performers would walk on the way to the ring.  The Undertaker hadn't been in the WWE long, but already he was one of my favorites and the sole reason I wanted to attend that day.  I remember when his ominous music came over the loud speakers, the lights of the arena dimmed, and out came the largest human being I had ever seen in my life.  I don't remember much else about the day, just the sense of awe I had standing next to someone who was bigger than life both physically and through the character he portrayed.

    I wish I could have been there this year when he retired at Wrestlemania, but my wife and I did have the chance to see one of his last matches a few years ago and that was cool to share with her such a memory from my childhood.  You can relive your favorite moments of The Phenom with this new Bearbrick from Medicom.  The 100% version is on sale now from this link for around $14 US dollars, while a much larger version is teased in this pic:

    I might just have to break down and order one of these for myself.  

Monday, August 8, 2016

Porcelain 400% Bearbrick from Medicom Toys x K. Olin Tribu

    I know you thought Bedazzling your toy shelves was gonna elevate your collection to a whole nother tax bracket, but that's not the way to do it.  You've gotta raise the caliber of the collection itself and what better way to do that than with porcelain.  And no one does porcelain like K. Olin Tribu,
who have teamed up with Medicom to create this stunning 400% Bearbrick.

    You can preorder one right now by clicking on the link to the right of this post.  Your friends will be impressed and your family will probably think you have extra money to lend them now that you're so fancy.

Friday, November 13, 2015

N.W.O. 100% Bearbrick from Medicom

   This Bearbrick is just tooooooooo sweeeet!  This all black figure only needs a minimal design when it's sporting the logo of the most dominant faction in pro wrestling history.  This logo turned Hulk Hogan into a bad guy, ripped Scott Hall and Kevin Nash from the WWE, and put WCW on the map as a legitimate contender.  Of course we know that Vince McMahon eventually won that war, but the New World Order shirts can still be seen at any major wrestling event around the world.  You can own this beauty from Medicom when it goes on sale this Saturday.    Just don't be surprised when it immediately starts a feud with all of your other toys.

Friday, March 27, 2015

New "Bloodwipe" SnotBlower from Pushead x Medicom Toys

    When an edition of a toy is named "Bloodwipe" the jokes pretty much write themselves.  Thankfully I have chosen to spare you of any stories about eating at Golden Corral in Delaware and then getting trapped in traffic after a Nascar race let out.  Just so you know ladies, the pain of giving birth is no longer an experience you alone share.

    Pushead is getting ready to drop the latest versio on his Snotblower figure that he made in conjunction with Medicom, and if you live in the United States the best way to get one is from Toy Tokyo, either in store or online.   For the rest of the world, check out to get your hands on one.  

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Debut of Sextopigon from Skinner x Unbox Industries

    I don't have kids because they are frightening little creatures.  The reasons I feel this way are too numerous to list here, but one of the big ones is how expensive they are.  If something is ridiculously pricey you can bet your life that they're not only gonna want it, but they're gonna probably break it as soon as they get home.  They're risky little investments that may or may not disappoint the crap out of you when they mature.  No matter how dicey the stock market gets, you will never have to visit your portfolio in jail because it turned out to be a little psychopath.

    You just know that Sextopigon's mother had a heart attack the moment he was born.  Not just because he was doomed to a career in the sideshow, but because he had all those feet.  Feet that would want the newest Air Jordans and put her in bankruptcy.  And you can just tell he's not gonn take good care of his stuff.

    Skinner and Unbox Industries are proud to release the first version of this monstrosity, which is an exclusive for Medicom.  Get one for yourself by visiting this link.  

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Pushead's Snotblower Verdigris Edition from Medicom

    Oh, I'm a sucker for a good patina and this my friends, is A-1 Antiques Roadshow grade.  Not to mention the figure itself is quite stunning/disturbing.  If you bought a house and found something that looked like this wrapped up in stained linen behind the basement stairs you should legally be allowed to burn the place down and get your money back.  

    Thankfully this figure from Pushead is made from plastic and not the biological remnants of some weirdo's enemies.  That's not to imply that it won't prevent your kids from sleeping until they move away to college, but the only permanent damage will be mental and not to their eternal souls.  

   I want one of these pretty badly, so I'm gonna go ahead and officially start my Christmas list for this year with this at the top of it.  You can get one for about $134 in hard American currency when it goes on sale this Saturday, January 24th through  They are based in Japan, so you might wanna consult the world clock and get your timing down so you don't miss it.  

Monday, August 25, 2014

WWE Sofubi Figures from Medicom

    How come nobody told me about these?  You know I love my wrasslin', and you know I love Japanese toys, so I'm kinda disappointed I wasn't bombarded with emails.  It's ok, I forgive you all.  Everything I have attempted to find out about these has been in a language other than English, which is unfortunate, cause it's the only one I know.  I did take French for a few years in high school but I only did that because I figured all of the cute girls would be there.  I always was too self conscious to really get do the accent or to talk to any of the girls, so the classes were a total bust.  The idea behind taking French was sound though, and I stand behind it.  

   What I've been able to gather is that both of these are officially licensed by WWE, made by Medicom, and available now for about $80 each in America money.  If you want to order one, and your Japanese is as none existent as mine, check out this link here, as it allows you to translate the page into English.  These ship in December of this year.  

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Toy Art Gallery Exclusive Jyujin from GEEK! and Medicom Toys

    This dude kinda freaks me out.  I bet if you don't recycle your cans he'll come around to your house punch you in the face.  And then when you come too you'll realize that he's let squirrels move into your kitchen.  Throw your recyclables in the proper receptacle people!!!

    This is Jyujin.  He was created by GEEK!, produced by Medicom, and is an exclusive to Toy Art Gallery.  He goes on sale tomorrow, December 18th, at noon Pacific time from  He stands a full foot tall so you're gonna have to get rid of some of your Nicholas Sparks books to fit him on your shelf.  

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Medicom Exclusive Devilman Ultrus Bog from Skinner x Lulubell Toy Bodega

     Oh snap son, your life is about to level up to 1000 or something.  I showed you this sucker way back in the day, like a few months ago, and you were all sad cause you don't live in Japan and it would cost you all the monies to get this guy from there to your house.  Well, get ready for this to be a great day for you (unless your day already sucks butt, then hopefully this will ease some of that pain) cause Lulubell Toy Bodega is making this guy available at a great price.  For a mere $90, you could be the proud owner of this Medicom exclusive Devilman Ultrus Bog by Skinner.  $90!!!!!!!!!!!!  When's the last time you saw an Ultrus Bog for $90?  Probably in the 1950's, when you saved up all your Bazooka Joe comics like a good little boy and mailed them away for one.  Your jaw still hurts from chewing all that gum.

    You have until September 28th to pull the trigger on this guy.  After that you will be sad and unattractive to anyone.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Warui Neko from Kaiju Coup x Medicom Toys

    I'm not always the best at judging whether or not I should pet an animal.  Take for example this picture:

    This is a resident of our local animal shelter.  Cute little bugger yeah?  For some reason I thought I would ignore the very clear warning and give this guy a little snuggle anyway.  "All kitties need love" I thought, as I reached in to let him sniff me.  The sign, as it turns out, was not put there to be funny.  He proceeded to claw the crap out of my hand with a quickness that would make a ninja's head spin.   But there's something about this Warui Neko from Kaiju Coup x Medicom that would make me even think twice about scratching behind his ear.

     Maybe its the blood trickling down from his mouth.  Maybe its those dead, yellow eyes.  Luckily, he's just a toy and there's only 9 of him to your life.  To get one you have to enter a lottery by sending your name, email address, and physical address to by Thursday, August 22nd.  If you're lucky, you will then pay $180 to have this hand painted evil critter sent to your door.  

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Devilman Ultrus Bog from Skinner x Lulubell Toy Bodega x Medicom

    The forces of evil are determined to make me go broke.  I've been goo at behaving myself financially, but I think this may be the toy that reels me back in to spending first and feeling bad about it later.  Oh, temptation, you are a cruel mistress.

    My love for Skinner's Ultrus Bog knows no bounds.  It's one of my favorite figures of all time and the fact that this sucker is painted up in tribute to Devilman makes him all the more special.  Lulubell Toy Bodega was responsible for the production of this guy, but he will be sold exclusively at Project 1/6 in Japan and on beginning July 24th.  If you want one, or want to buy me one, use this link to get all the details: