Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Warui Neko from Kaiju Coup x Medicom Toys

    I'm not always the best at judging whether or not I should pet an animal.  Take for example this picture:

    This is a resident of our local animal shelter.  Cute little bugger yeah?  For some reason I thought I would ignore the very clear warning and give this guy a little snuggle anyway.  "All kitties need love" I thought, as I reached in to let him sniff me.  The sign, as it turns out, was not put there to be funny.  He proceeded to claw the crap out of my hand with a quickness that would make a ninja's head spin.   But there's something about this Warui Neko from Kaiju Coup x Medicom that would make me even think twice about scratching behind his ear.

     Maybe its the blood trickling down from his mouth.  Maybe its those dead, yellow eyes.  Luckily, he's just a toy and there's only 9 of him to your life.  To get one you have to enter a lottery by sending your name, email address, and physical address to by Thursday, August 22nd.  If you're lucky, you will then pay $180 to have this hand painted evil critter sent to your door.  

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