Thursday, August 1, 2013

Lost Worlds: Creatures from Beyond at Stranger Factory

    Oooooooooh this is gonna be so good.  Stranger Factory is Albuquerque (do you know how freakin hard that is to spell) New Mexico is having a new show that starts tomorrow featuring some of my favorite toy people.  Lost Worlds: Creatures from Beyond will feature new work from Paul Kaiju, Splurrt, and Mutant Vinyl Hardcore, and more.  Check out some of the stuff that Splurrt is sending for the show right here:

    The opening reception is tomorrow night from 6-9pm and hopefully some of this stuff will make its way online in the near future.  

    Paul Kaiju will also be teaching a class in mini figure sculpting this Sunday.  For $85 you get a 3 hour class with the man himself with an additional hour long q&a afterwards.  Learn all of his secrets and then become a toy making phenomenon yourself.  Then have your own show, become rich and famous, and date a Kardashian sister.  

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