Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Medicom Exclusive Devilman Ultrus Bog from Skinner x Lulubell Toy Bodega

     Oh snap son, your life is about to level up to 1000 or something.  I showed you this sucker way back in the day, like a few months ago, and you were all sad cause you don't live in Japan and it would cost you all the monies to get this guy from there to your house.  Well, get ready for this to be a great day for you (unless your day already sucks butt, then hopefully this will ease some of that pain) cause Lulubell Toy Bodega is making this guy available at a great price.  For a mere $90, you could be the proud owner of this Medicom exclusive Devilman Ultrus Bog by Skinner.  $90!!!!!!!!!!!!  When's the last time you saw an Ultrus Bog for $90?  Probably in the 1950's, when you saved up all your Bazooka Joe comics like a good little boy and mailed them away for one.  Your jaw still hurts from chewing all that gum.

    You have until September 28th to pull the trigger on this guy.  After that you will be sad and unattractive to anyone.

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