Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Toy Art Gallery Exclusive Jyujin from GEEK! and Medicom Toys

    This dude kinda freaks me out.  I bet if you don't recycle your cans he'll come around to your house punch you in the face.  And then when you come too you'll realize that he's let squirrels move into your kitchen.  Throw your recyclables in the proper receptacle people!!!

    This is Jyujin.  He was created by GEEK!, produced by Medicom, and is an exclusive to Toy Art Gallery.  He goes on sale tomorrow, December 18th, at noon Pacific time from http://shop.toyartgallery.com/.  He stands a full foot tall so you're gonna have to get rid of some of your Nicholas Sparks books to fit him on your shelf.  

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