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Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Epic Review Time: Shin Eyezon from Max Toy Co


    Oh, it has been a minute since I've posted and even longer since I did one of my regionally famous toy reviews.  There's no better way I can think of to kick of 2022 then by telling you all about the brand new Shin Eyezon from Max Toy Co.  

   What exactly is Eyezon?  Is he a giant, mutated potato, not content to merely fade into oblivion beneath the cupboard of life?  Is he the product of our hubris in trying to push the limits of science beyond their ethical limits?  While that answer alludes me, what I can tell you is that his latest incarnation is by far my favorite ever.

    I have a long history with this figure, we'll not this particular one, but one of his much smaller versions, as it was the first ever official Japanese sofubi figure I ever bought.  It was from a small basement shop in Baltimore and he had an entire box full of Max Toy figures still bagged with their header cards.  I ended up with quite a few of them, but the first one I fell absolutely in love with was this yellow tuber that would be an optometrist's nightmare.  

    Fast forward to this past year when a box shows up at my door containing this beauty:

    Designed by artist Sophie Campbell, this newest mutation is the direct cousin of Shin Godzilla; a gnarlier, more horror-based version of everyone's favorite kaiju.  Shin Eyezon follows suit with an insane amount of detail courtesy of sculptor Beth Graves, who has packed in enough nuance to this figure that it looks like it may keep evolving on your shelf.  This is certainly not an adorable, misunderstood monster whose mere size causes his intentions to be cloudy.  No, this one is going to destroy everything and everyone in its path because all it knows is evil.


    You might be looking at the pictures I've taken and been thoroughly impressed by the composition, or my eye for the perfect artistic shot, but you may also be asking yourself just what color this figure happens to be.  That's an interesting question because this particular version is cast with a crazy technique that makes the vinyl change color.  There isn't any paint on it at all, it's all the plastic itself.  Depending on how you look at it you'll notice it shift between metallica copper and purple, which could keep you busy for quite awhile if you're in one of those states where certain recreational plants were just made legal. Or so I hear (my mom might read this). 

     Surprisingly there are still a couple of these available at , which blows my mind because this is definitely one of my toy highlights of 2021. 

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Tikumo: Super Tiki Sumo Sofubi from Gerald Okamura


     I've had a few nicknames in my life, but none of them have ever been as cool as  "Man of Many Weapons."  In fact not many of them are fit to print, but if I were to come up with some that are relevant to my life they would probably be along the lines of:

Man of Many Cats

Man Who Burns Easily in the Sun

Man of Gastrointestinal Distress 

Man who is Leary of Many Foods

   Based on this list, I am not nearly the badass that Gerald Okamura is. While I may be more suited to a life of observational humor and feline restroom maintenance, one thing Gerald and I have in common is our love of toys. And he loves them so much he decided to start making his own.  This Friday will mark the debut release of his new Japanese sofubi figure, Tikumo the Super Sumo Tiki.  Each four and a half inch figure has been painted by Mark Nagata in a limited run of just fifteen pieces.  They will be available on July 9th at 6pm eastern time exclusively from

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Gerald Okamura Exclusives for DesignerCon


    Gerald Okamura is known as "The Man of Many Weapons" but I feel he's going to have to change that to "The Man of Many Exclusives" when it comes to this year's DesignerCon.  The film icon's instantly recognizable face has been transformed into everything from figures, to prints, and even skate decks.  Annnnnnnnd there is a custom show featuring his sofubi figure created by Max Toy Co.  Seriously, you might need to bring a spare suit case to bring all of it home.

      The majority of what he'll have available can be had at booth number 2136, but one location is not nearly enough to carry everything, so make sure you follow him on Instagram @officialgeraldokamura so you know exactly where to go.  I decided to pick just a few of my favorites to show you, otherwise you would spend the rest of your day scrolling this post.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Red Glitter King Negora from Max Toy Company

    Cats are already pretty sure they rule the world, so imagine how inflated their egos would be if they were also sparkly.  They would take it as proof of their divinity and probably make us clean up their waste, or get up in the middle of the night to play with them, or any number of other activities that makes us their servants.  Wait a second...

    I love my kitties though, probably more than is deemed socially acceptable, but I think they're the best.  And there's no better way to honor them than by filling your home with plastic statues in their likeness such as this King Negora from Max Toy Co.  This 10 inch tall kitty is shiny like a diamond and available for pre order right now for $150.  Secure yourself one before they're all gone by visiting  

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Micro Nyagira Custom Series Available Now from Max Toy Co.

    Sharon and I recently took her parents and our niece to a local no-kill animal shelter because they have what is probably the greatest amusement park ride in history.  There's this series of three rooms that house all of the cats that are adoptable and the ones that will live there forever based on various reasons.  The place is wall to wall free roaming cats with a few lawn chairs right smack in the middle.  You go in, you sit down, and you are instantly covered in a mound of kitty snuggles.  I dare Six Flags to come up with anything better.  

    My own house is beyond capacity in the amount of fuzzy friends it already holds, so we have sworn an oath to only welcome plastic kitties in for the time being.  This Micro Niagara custom from Max Toy Company seems to fit that bill quite well.  Hand painted by Mark Nagata in an edition of only 14, there are still a few left over at for $30 each.  

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Online Custom Nyagira Show from Max Toy Company Begins Tomorrow

    The internet has forever changed the world for the anti social.  You can do anything from the comfort of your couch and never have to pretend you're uncomfortable around people.  You can hold a job, buy your groceries, pay your bills, and even attend art shows.  Ok, so online art shows aren't just for the anti social, they're also for the geographically challenged.  How many times have you wished you could attend an event only to have it occur on the opposite coast and you with no way to get there?  Never fear, cause Max Toy Company has harnessed the power of wi-fi and binary and other techy stuff to present a Nyagira custom show.  It will debut tomorrow on and will feature custom kitties from your favorite artists.  Check out a preview with price list at this link.  

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

New Kitsura Preorder from Candie Bolton x Max Toy Co.

    People think that just because my house has cats coming out of the woodwork that I don't like dogs, but nothing can be further from the truth.  I love dogs, I just don't have one because I don't have a backyard.  Growing up in Virginia we had a few dogs and I don't think we ever even owned a leash, because when they had to go outside you just opened the door and let em have a good time.  Even if your yard wasn't fenced in it was generally understood that they would run around, terrorize the surrounding area, and then come back when they were tired.  Where I live now I would have to walk the dog and pick up its business with a plastic bag wrapped around my hand, which seems demeaning. Yeah, I do scoop a handful of litter boxes every night, but I don't have to walk around outside with a bag of poop as my neighbors try to make small talk with me.   Think about it, what if you didn't have the dog and were just taking a stroll with a turd in your old Wal-Mart bag.  You'd have the police called on you and would have to convince a doctor within 72 hours that you weren't having a mental break.  That's why you need a yard, so they can do their business and you can keep your dignity.  And they even have services you can pay to come out and clean your yard up for you after it has become riddled with organic land mines.  Genius.

    So Kitsura is not your average dog as he is actually a fox, but my stance is the same regarding any wild animals you may allow to share your domicile.  This canine with his enlightening third eye was created by Candie Bolton and produced by Max Toy Company and is available for preorder right now.  For $30 you can guarantee yourself one of these little dudes that may or may not bring magic and good fortune into your home.  And you definitely won't have to walk him, cause he's plastic, so that's a plus! Order yours now at


Saturday, May 31, 2014

Kibunadon Fish Kaiju by Teresa Chiba x Max Toy Co.

    I think the most horrifying thing in the world would be a giant kaiju fish rising from the depths of the ocean and destroying where I live.  Because even if it doesn't totally wreck your house and kill everyone you know, good luck trying to get rid of that dead fish smell once the National Guard puts it down.  Have you ever seen those exploding whale videos?  You know, where a whale washes up on the beach, and it sits there letting all the bacteria in its gut multiply and fart until the whole thing just explodes and sends rotten old innards everywhere?  Now picture that happening with something 10 stories tall.  There aren't enough power washers and bottles of bleach in all of America to wash that smell away.  

    This guy is kinda cute and probably smells like a rainbow.   He's the newest kaiju figure from Max Toy Co. and Teresa Chiba.  You can pick one up right now at and pray that what I described in the first paragraph never happens to you.  The horror!!!!!!!!    

Friday, September 27, 2013

More NYCC Exclusives from Suburban Vinyl

    These guys remind me of a show I watched on Discovery Channel about the Humboldt Squid that are freakin huge and will literally kill you.  People fall into the water sometimes when they're fishing at night and the squid get all happy cause it's like "hey free fish"  then they decided to taste the fishermen and they were like "hey, not too bad" so they eat them too.  They're also known as diablo rojo and I make it a point to not mess with anything with diablo in its name.  The fact that I'm not dead proves that this is a sound philosophy.  Respect the science.

    You wanna see more New York Comic Con exclusives?  (if you pretend that Paul Stanley from Kiss is asking that to a crowd it sounds really cool)  Well, how about some more stuff that Suburban Vinyl is gonna bring with them?  Like these Minions of Dorkness from Scott Kinnebrew (aka Forces of Dorkness).  There's a total of twelve sets of each style of these tentacled bros and they're held together with magnets, so you can swap heads all day long.  They're gonna be $30 each and you can pick whichever ones you want; none of that blind box stuff here.  

    You may or may not know that I love cats.  I only talk about them so much that sometimes I wonder if its overboard.  Then I think screw that cause they're freakin adorable and do it anyway.  I believe the kids would call that YOLO or something.  I dunno, I'm old and cranky.  Mark Nagata from Max Toy Co. has created the most limited edition figure for the entire convention.  It could only be more limited if it didn't exist, cause he only made one of these bad boys.  That's right, there's only one.  And it's $175.  And if you buy him you have to hold him up to the sun like Simba from the Lion King and watch as every other collector's eyes get really wide with envy.  Get all this at more at booth #208.

Friday, September 20, 2013

KaijuMonster at NYCC

    Obviously, KaijuMonster wants all of my money.  If anyone is a fan of crazy monster toys be prepared to file for bankruptcy protection after New York Comic Con.  Just look at this lineup.  You have everyone from Max Toy Co., to Unbox Industries, to Guumon.  These are some heavy hitters and I can't wait to see the actual toys they'll have available.  

Thursday, August 22, 2013

New Kaiju Negora Preorder from Max Toy Co.

    OH MY GAWD I WANT THIS KITTY!!!!  Just look at him, with his little tiger stripes and his little fishy fish.  Max Toy Co. are again offering up a Kaiju Negora for preorder for all of us that miss out on the regular releases.  A mere $45 will get you one of these and since they are made to order you can expect it to arrive at your house in October.  Preorders are open now at and will last for about a week, so get on it sucka.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Custom Demon Micro Negora from Max Toy Co. x Soko Cat

    This guy would totally reminds me of my cat Icarus if instead of a fish he was holding a human skull.  See, Icarus is the evil genius of the three we have.  He even invented his own game of hunting down dust bunnies and putting them on the floor vents, then he waits for the air conditioning to kick on and shoot them up in the air where he can chase them.  It's pretty amazing.  So I have no doubt that as soon as he figures out how to access our bank account and get food delivered that my wife and I will mysteriously disappear.  If you don't hear from me for a week please notify the proper authorities.  

    Soko Cat painted up five of these Max Toy Co. Micro Negoras an is now offering them up for sale in her webstore.  Check out and get yourself a kitty that has no secret agenda to kill you.  

Monday, July 15, 2013

More SDCC Releases from Squibbles Ink x Rotofugi

    What am I gonna do with myself once all this Comic Con stuff is over with?  Maybe I'll write a novel, or start a motorcycle gang.  There's been so much stuff to talk about and I can't keep up with it all, so maybe I'll just take more naps to rest my weary brain.  Making every post this sexy takes work my friends.  

    Squibbles Ink and Rotofugi have a bunch more plastic thingys that I haven't told you about yet and that I'm gonna do right now.  Like this Vesper Dredge from Brian Morris.  Kinda freaky, like some back woods totem worshiped by mixed up hillbillies.  Or to reference my childhood, Christmas time with family.  We would dance around this guy right before we burned our Christmas witches.  For $65, you can start your own holiday traditions.  

    Chris Ryniak's Snybora figure is always a good buy.  At times he looks cute.  At times he looks murderous.  It just depends on what angle you look at him from.  Decide for yourself for $38.

    This guy was also designed by Chris Ryniak and would make a perfect companion piece to the Snybora figure.  You could reenact all of the Lethal Weapons movies and put them on Youtube.  This guy is obviously Danny Glover.  It's $108 for the painted one, and $75 for a blank pink one.  

    As soon as the folks at the Discovery Channel hear about a marshmallow yeti they're gonna make a reality show about trying to find one.  The show will be filled with stupids that hear sounds that no one else does and see things that no one else does.  "Wait, did you hear that?'' No, no one heard that.  Even with all the high tech electronics you have it did not pick up the mating call you swear you heard.  You're a liar or you need medication.  

    This Sparkle Yeti Mini Marshall is real though. It was made by 64 Colors and is a bargain at only $9.  Good luck finding a parking space for cheaper.  

    Max Toy Co. will also be there with a plethora of customs and production figures to fit every budget.  And this isn't even everything they're gonna bring.  Kaiju, Kaiju, Kaiju!!!!!!!

Get it all at booth #5248.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Paint Your Own Tripus with Max Toy Co. x Monster Kolor

    Let's face it, most art classes suck.  Painting pottery?  Lame.  Making friendship bracelets?  Who gives a crap.  Where are the art classes for righteous dudes, where you can learn things that are cool and you wouldn't be embarrassed to take the results home and show your mom?  Monster Kolor doesn't want you to to suffer through boring art classes any more and instead wants to teach you how to paint monsters.  They've teamed up with Max Toy Co. to offer a "Paint Your Own Tripus" class.  Finally, no more ceramic ash trays!

    The class will take place on June 22nd, but there are only 8 spots available, so you better get on it sucka.  For $99 you get your own Tripus and they supply the paint so you can make him look however you want.  Then you can put him in the window of your house to let the world know what a talented S.O.B. you are.  Reserve your spot by going to