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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Super7 San Diego Comic Con Leftovers On Sale Today

     I've never been to San Diego Comic Con.   I used to really want to go to San Diego Comic Con, but looking at the pictures online I am more than happy to have been home during the entire affair.  I'm not a huge fan of wall to wall human beings and prefer to be able to walk freely with as little impending my progress as possible.  That's not to say I wouldn't go, as I have been to the smaller New York Comic Con, it's just that I can't promise I won't freak out on an anime kid once my nerves are shot.

     If you were like me and didn't make it to the west coast never fear, because Super7 is going to give you the chance to snatch up their leftover exclusives.  Starting today at noon pacific time, anything that didn't leave with the hoarded masses will go online for anyone fast enough to get em.  Park your browser at and get hype for new toys.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

SDCC Exclusive Key Lime Burgercat from Nathan Hamill x Science Patrol

   My sister and I are 18 years apart and I spent a lot of time babysitting when she was young.  There was one incident while I was watching her that I was sure was going to get me kicked out of the house permanently.   She was about four at the time and we were building with Legos when she bolted upright and ran through the kitchen and into the bathroom, laughing the entire way.  I thought it was strange so I got up to check on her and on the floor I noticed a randomly discarded package of food coloring.  All of the tubes were in the box except for the green one. Fearing the worst I banged on the bathroom door, eliciting an eruption of laughter from the other side.  I turned the knob and it was locked, so I yelled for her to get into the bathtub.  At the sound of her climbing inside I backed up and threw my shoulder into the door, less concerned about explaining the carpentry work that I would have to do than about what the hell she was up to.  The door gave way and standing in the bathtub, as proud as I've ever seen her, was my sister showing off her newly dyed green skin.  Thankfully she was less Incredible Hulk and more Jackson Pollock with her application, but it didn't negate the fact that it was a week before she started preschool and half her face looked like bad zombie makeup.  I couldn't even be mad because I was so panic stricken and she was laughing so hard and I was kind of nauseous as I tried scrubbing her back to her unblemished self.  Spoiler alert:  food coloring doesn't give a damn about a soap filled wash cloth or the fact that you may get murdered for not stopping your kid sister from giving herself an abstract facial tattoo.

    Some things were meant to be green, like string beans, American currency, and this Key Lime BurgerCat from Nathan Hamill and Science Patrol.  Is he a cat that looks like a hamburger or a hamburger that looks like a cat?  Who cares, because this kitty is made of luxurious Japanese vinyl and is down right adorable.  This edition is an exclusive to San Diego Comic Con and can only be had by visiting War Machine Marketing's booth #1415.  Nathan will be signing them as well on Saturday and all the info you need to meet him and score a BurgerCat are in the photo at the top.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

2018 Summer Convention Exclusives from FYE

    One of the most peculiar sights during Five Points Festival didn't involve the typical weird stuff you see in New York any time you do a bit of walking around the city.  It wasn't the lady who tried to stab the guy with a pair of scissors, or the stacked up Easter bunny blow mold figures that were an apparent work of art along the street.  Nope, it was that FYE was exhibiting during the convention.  Yes, as in FYE the mall store that is known for selling cds and dvds.  I know they've been pretty heavy in the Pop! Vinyl game for a while, but I was very curious what they would have to offer to the more discerning designer toy crowd.  I'll have to admit I was pretty shocked, as not only were they selling the stuff we know and love but they even held a signing with Ron English.  Getting a large retailer like FYE involved in our rather niche market is a pretty big deal.  Toy R Us had dabbled a little before going under, so this could not only fill that void but it could expose the toys we all love to an entirely new customer base, which is never a bad thing.  More interest equals more opportunities for artists to produce even more product.

   Which brings me around to the point of this post, which is that FYE have teamed up with Jason Freeny and Andrew Bell to create a fresh batch of Summer Convention exclusives.  And the best part is you don't have to be an attendee of San Diego Comic Con to get your hands on these, as all of them are available right now for everyone to preorder.  You can stay home in your underwear and have them all delivered right to your door.  You should put some pants on when the delivery guys shows up though, just cause not everyone is prepared for the special type of magic you bring to the table.

    Let's take a closer look now at what's available and some practical info about each:

    First up, Jason Freeny is playing the nostalgia game hard with his dissected take on some Nickelodeon favorites.  There's an 8 inch Reptar figure as well as a 4 inch blind boxed series from Spongebob Squarepants. The great thing about it is if you're a completist like I am, you have the option of buying the entire set that comes with every regular figure, all of the chase versions, and a set only exclusive glow in the dark Spongebob figure as a bonus.  Only 200 of the complete collector's set are available.


    You can't have comic con without something from an actual comic, and they have that with this Superman Steel Edition.  You wanna see what makes the Man of Steel so tough?  Just peek inside at his inner workings and realize he's not so different from all of us.  Does that mean that we are all secretly Superman and it's just a state of mind that separates us from greatness?  Getting a little deep there.

    Finally we have Andrew Bell's Kill Kat, which looks like it can't wait to nibble on your intestines.  How come in America we only get one flavor of that delicious candy bar this is based on when in other parts of the world they have a ton of different ones?  I feel like I'm being punished for something I don't remember doing.  How am I supposed to learn an actual lesson from the withholding of delicious treats?

    Get em all now before someone else does at

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Kidrobot SDCC Exclusives are Available for Preorder Now


    Are you going to San Diego Comic Con?  If so, I'm very jealous, but also you should go right now and preorder all these Kidrobot exclusives.  Why stress yourself to the point of insanity on whether or not you'll be able to get one of these when you can ensure that they're waiting at the booth for just you?  The other great thing about preordering is that when you're at the convention it feels like you have way more money to spend because these will have already been paid for.  It's a great way to psychologically trick yourself into getting more awesome toys.  This method has been completely tested and proven by me as 100% effective.

    Get your preorder on by visiting then sit back and relax knowing that awesomeness is awaiting you to merely show up (with a valid ID that matches your Comic Con name badge).  Gaze upon all that could be yours:


Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Super7 SDCC Exclusives Online Now


    You didn't go to comic con and neither did I.  That practically makes us family.  That also makes us straight out of luck when scoring those exclusives without paying disturbing flipper prices.  Or does it?  Super7 has just posted their remaining exclusives online at so now you can get all the stuff you wanted without some cosplayer poking you in the eye with a fake sword due to lack of costume awareness (that happened to me once).  Check out some of what you could treat yourself to:

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Four New Flavors of Frank Kozik X Rotofugi's Jerome for SDCC


    There are some aspects in life that are way different from what I know having lived in America my whole life.   For instance, did you know that in Taiwan the garbage trucks come around playing ice cream truck music to let you know when to bring your trash out?  Then you have to chase the truck down and throw the bags in the back yourself.  Now, I know you think I may be a dang gone liar, so here's video proof that even Agent Scully would have to accept:

    I just knocked your teeth straight outta your mouth with that truth slap.

    My wife and her family lived over there for a bit and were pretty confused the first time they witnessed it, and I had only seen it online after one of her friends recorded and posted it.  Technically there is probably ice cream somewhere buried in there, but that's better left to the rats.  They also have strippers that you can hire for funerals but that's a topic for another day.

    When it comes to ice cream choice is the key and Rotofugi is giving you plenty of it courtesy of Frank Kozik's Jerome.  There are four new flavors to choose from and because they're not jerks and realize everyone can't be at comic con, they're making them available online as well.  If you're not in San Diego you can get em starting Wednesday, July 20th, at 8pm central time at

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Super7 Vinyl Exclusives for SDCC

    I've never been to San Diego Comic Con.  Heck, I've never even been to California.  In fact I only crossed the Missipssippi for the first time in my life last year.  I'm not what you would call well traveled, but I've got spunk and by golly that's gonna carry me to the top!  Now I may just be simple caveman toy writer, but I know that Super7 is the booth with the goods at comic con.  Peep all the goods you can pick up at booth number 4945, including the debut of Bat Boy!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Battle Cat Trophy Sculpture from Pretty in Plastic

    When I was little I used to keep a notebook filled with all the ridiculous things I would buy if I was stupid rich.  Most of the stuff involved was from the JCPenny or Sears Christmas catalogs, but times were hard and no one had the internet in their house yet, so you have to work with what ya got.  And I kept things real specific too, just in case when I got stupid rich my memory wasn't as bangin as my bank account.  All item details were on the left of the page, with the prices on the right.  I also accounted for Virginia sales tax cause I didn't want to come up short on my imaginary spending spree.  Now that I see this I almost wish I was still keeping up with my stupid rich notebook, or at least stupid rich so I could skip the whole recording process and just buy this sucker straight cash.

    Oh may have previously seen this sweet Battle Cat trophy head hanging up in Super7's San Diego location when it was transformed into Skeletor's Lair during San Diego Comic Con.  And if you did then you've probably tried to figure out how to get one for yourself ever since.  Well, Pretty In Plastic are making 10 of these beauties available and the price tag is certainly not for the faint of heart, but beyond worth it.  At $8500 each it may not fit into every budget, but just think about how jealous everyone will be when they know you have it.  How can you put a price on that kind of envy?  If you want one shoot an email over to

    On a different note: stop hunting real animals for sport.  It doesn't make you a man to shoot a defenseless creature.  In fact, it makes you a coward.  I have no problem with people hunting to eat, but there is no reason to do so because you think its fun.  It makes me want to hurt you.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Metacrypt's Shub Zeroth Misfortune Bags for SDCC

    I could use a good bag.  I've always got papers laying around and I find myself looking for something to put them in.  It used to be my important documents wok, until one of my cats peed in it and made doing my taxes that year really awkward for my accountant lady. Now it just consists of a plastic Wal-Mart bag that once held my Cap'n Crunch, then I toss it down the steps of my basement and forget where I put everything.  You think being so self aware of my problem that I could put a stop to it, maybe even develop a system to put away those papers I didn't really know what to do with, like the deed to the house and my medical bills that I can't seem to throw out or pay either.  But I say nay,  my "pack things in bags and throw them down the basement steps" filing method is still very valid because I still have a lot of basement left.  Maybe the real problem is I don't really have a nice enough bag for my important papers that would elevate them to a more, dare I say, important status.

    Problem solved!!!  The folks at Metacrypt are releasing a killer Misfortune Bag at San Diego Comic Con filled with all kinds of goodness.  And this ain't no brown paper lunch sack either suckas, it's a full on canvas bag featuring that graphic you see above there, which is perfect for all those birthday cards your mee maw and paw paw send you.  But gaze inside and things get even better, as each bag contains a  random big ol Shub Zeroth figure and two companion dudes and other goodness that's a surprise.  The bags are limited and at $150 are probably cheaper than a cab ride to the show.  Or not, I've never even been to California so who am I to riff on the particulars of public transit.

     Ok, I know not all of us are the most adventurous of folks and like to pick the exact figures we want.  Some people would say that's the sign of being a control freak, but hey, I'm not here to judge you to your face.  Artist Candie Bolton did five Blacklight Rainbow version of Shub, each being $130, or snag yourself one of the most amazing marbled versions for only $100.  Marbled Japanese vinyl is THE BEST.  Seriously, it's like something only rich people should be able to have, but there it is, available to us all.  It's a gift.  Random Drudes for $20 each will also be available,  ready and willing to worship your entire toy collection.

    Plus...oh yeah, there's a plus....there will be t-shirts and patches and lots of other stuff.  And I'm told there will be Brian Ewing, being that this is all at his booth and stuff, and he's half of the Metacrypt team (the other half being Rocket Society/Hateball, FYI).  It's all happening at booth # 4503.  

Monday, July 6, 2015

Frank Kozik x Rotofugi x Squibbles Ink Exclusive "Jerome" for SDCC

    I'm probably going to get hit for telling this story, but it makes me laugh every time I think of it, so a black eye might be worth it.  Don't say I've never bled for my art.

    We live a short drive from Wildwood, NJ , which is somewhat akin to purgatory by the sea.  See, people with kids a who are really afraid of germs go to Ocean City, while those of us that like to people watch and aren't concerned about catching a criminal record go to Wildwood.  Obviously the wife and I gravitate towards the latter, so every summer we get excited to almost get run over by the tram car and watch silly tourists have their food stolen by seagulls the size of golden retrievers.  Once while walking down the boardwalk my wife grabs me by the arm and has a concerned look plastered across her face.  I thought maybe she lost her wallet, or left her phone in the car, but I never could have expected what she told me:

"My mole fell off."

    After taking a moment to process what I just heard, she showed me a mark on her shoulder that had once housed the now absconded mole.  Evidently the strap of her purse had acted like a makeshift saw, cutting that sucker at the root and separating it from the rest of her body.  I knew I couldn't miss an opportunity this, as how many times will skin imperfections find themselves flying off my wife's epidermis?  I told her that I saw something drop from her shoulder but just thought it was a piece of lint from her tank top and it landed in a woman's ice cream as she passed by us.  

   The look on her face was a mix of horror and hilarity as I tried my best to convince her that some stranger was ingesting and oddly shaped and textured sprinkle even as we spoke.  I even pointed out the lady that was turning into an unwilling canibal courtesy of her frozen treat.  "I wonder if she's going to wake up tomorrow with a craving she can't explain to ingest every blemish she see." Sharon wasn't buying it and I ended up with a bruised arm for nothing but even now it still makes me laugh.  

    I don't think there are any moles hidden in Jerome's swirly little head, but he does like to smoke so you may find a stray ash or two.  Frank Kozik's ice cream bro will be making his debut at San Diego Comic Con courtesy of the folks that produced him, Rotofugi and Squibbles Ink.  But fear not those of you who crave nicotine-addicted dairy products, for there will be an online release to follow shortly after for those of us not at the convention.    

Enter Skeletor's Lair at Super7 San Diego During SDCC

    Is Super7 going for some Guniness World Record to have the most San Diego Comic Con Exclusives ever?  Not only have they loaded up their booth inside the convention, but they're utilizing their retail space in the city for a whole different event entirely.  Skeletor's Lair is taking over their store with the best Masters of the Universe exclusives you've ever laid eyes on.  But you can't just walk up to the door and be let in, that would be too easy.  You gotta score yourself one of these special tokens from either Super7's booth #4945 or Mattel's #3029 for admission.  Once inside you're gonna probably loose your mind and need medical attention after seeing what's available to purchase.  Here's part one of my rundown for you.  

    You could buy all of these M.U.S.C.L.E. inspired figures and because they're so small, convince yourself that you need way more stuff.  And then you'll get back to your hotel room, open em all up and have a ton of toys to spread out on the bed and roll around on like Scrooge McDuck.  Not that that's exactly what I do after a long day of shopping at a convention and after I confiscate my wife's phone to ensure there is no photographic evidence of it.  

    You wanna get fancier with your He-Man collection?  Then you're gonna need these exclusive resin He-Man and Skeletor resin figures from Amanda Visell.  Both were hand cast and painted and are extremely limited/more awesome than anything you currently own.  


    Let me tell you something.  If you wanna know what's something people are going to be nuts for during and well after the conventions, it's these four figures you see here.  Super7 not only caused a frenzy with their Alien prototype set, but they created a whole new series of action figures that are available just about everywhere.  If you're a collector that is also interested in watching a toy's value grow, these are a no brainer.

    How has this never existed before?  Whoever made this happen is a genius and I want one pretty badly.  This official Moss Man Chia pet is limited to one per person, but I would need two of them because you can't not grow the thing.  But then it would kill me that I didn't have one mint in the box because yeah, I'm kinda weird like that.  Now I have a headache.  

    You know what makes these test shot figures great?  The shear size of them.  I'd fill my house with giant sized Skeleton figures no problem, which may be why I have to take medication to be a functioning part of society.  

Friday, July 3, 2015

Exclusive Germ S005 [ROACH] from Ferg x Rotofugi for SDCC

    I used to sell home security systems in Philadelphia.  Unfortunately to do that, you have to actually go into people's homes, which can be more of an adventure than you ever bargained for.  Now don't get me wrong, I am a sucker for a good estate sale, but those people are dead and someone at least put a little bit of effort into making the house more presentable and less of a death trap.  I'm talking literal death, not that figural nonsense either.

    My salesman days involved entering a lot of homes but one I will never forget, mostly because I wake up at least once a month in terror from the nightmares it still induces.   My boss was with me for this appointment and when we walked in he just looked at me like this was gonna be a bad one.  We sit down on the couch and the entire time we're talking it sounds like the drywall is gonna get up and walk right out.   Then we started to see them on the floor, these brazen little critters that couldn't have been less afraid of two dumb human beings.  We were both ready to get out of there and thankfully the customer balked at the price so we took that opening, said our goodbyes, and itched for weeks afterwards.  

   I've been lucky enough to not encounter another roach infestation in my life, but I'd be willing to fill my house with these instead.  Ferg is dropping these exclusive Germ S005 [ROACH] dudes through the Rotofugi/Squibbles Ink booth at San Diego Comic Con.  There are only 100 of these available at $150 each.  Read up on for the pertinent details so you don't miss out.