Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Super7 San Diego Comic Con Leftovers On Sale Today

     I've never been to San Diego Comic Con.   I used to really want to go to San Diego Comic Con, but looking at the pictures online I am more than happy to have been home during the entire affair.  I'm not a huge fan of wall to wall human beings and prefer to be able to walk freely with as little impending my progress as possible.  That's not to say I wouldn't go, as I have been to the smaller New York Comic Con, it's just that I can't promise I won't freak out on an anime kid once my nerves are shot.

     If you were like me and didn't make it to the west coast never fear, because Super7 is going to give you the chance to snatch up their leftover exclusives.  Starting today at noon pacific time, anything that didn't leave with the hoarded masses will go online for anyone fast enough to get em.  Park your browser at www.super7.com and get hype for new toys.

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