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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Monster Mashup Figures from Hateball x Grody Shogun

   I know you weirdos are missing Halloween something fierce and I'm right there with you.  Wee never get quite the amount of buildup that Christmas does so it feels like getting cheated out of orange and black everything.  Well fear not, cause while everyone is making their toys look like they fit in with the season, Hateball and Grody Shogun are throwing it back to a month and a half ago when black cats and flaming pumpkins were the decor of choice.  Or how my entertainment center looks year round.

    What will you get when you order one of these Monster Mashup figures?  Well, you get  random 9 inch toy, as well as a zine (I hope it's not Sports Illustrated) and other cool stuff.  The price is $85 and the place to get one is

Friday, June 24, 2016

"Apollo" Shub Zeroth from Metacrypt

    I just watched The Martian movie the other night where those bums left Matt Damon on Mars and he had to become a hipster and live off the land and do everything on Mars before it was cool.  The movie wasn't bad actually, though by only playing one David Bowie song they seriously missed a great opportunity to play more David Bowie songs.  I was impressed by his will to live while facing seemingly insurmountable odds, but if you work for NASA and are smart enough to be sent to another planet no one should really be surprised that you're smart enough not to cry in the corner until you died of dehydration.  Maybe they should have made him panic and forget all of his training as he uses his time to try and fashion music instruments and form a David Bowie tribute band. I wouldn't have seen that coming.

    Shub Zeroth leaves no man behind, mostly because they are a great source of protein.  He's decked out in a paint scheme from Dski_one and ready for wherever the stars may lead him.  The blackness of space is calling, but you can divert him to your home on June 24th at 10am pacific time only from  

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Metacrypt's Shub Zeroth Misfortune Bags for SDCC

    I could use a good bag.  I've always got papers laying around and I find myself looking for something to put them in.  It used to be my important documents wok, until one of my cats peed in it and made doing my taxes that year really awkward for my accountant lady. Now it just consists of a plastic Wal-Mart bag that once held my Cap'n Crunch, then I toss it down the steps of my basement and forget where I put everything.  You think being so self aware of my problem that I could put a stop to it, maybe even develop a system to put away those papers I didn't really know what to do with, like the deed to the house and my medical bills that I can't seem to throw out or pay either.  But I say nay,  my "pack things in bags and throw them down the basement steps" filing method is still very valid because I still have a lot of basement left.  Maybe the real problem is I don't really have a nice enough bag for my important papers that would elevate them to a more, dare I say, important status.

    Problem solved!!!  The folks at Metacrypt are releasing a killer Misfortune Bag at San Diego Comic Con filled with all kinds of goodness.  And this ain't no brown paper lunch sack either suckas, it's a full on canvas bag featuring that graphic you see above there, which is perfect for all those birthday cards your mee maw and paw paw send you.  But gaze inside and things get even better, as each bag contains a  random big ol Shub Zeroth figure and two companion dudes and other goodness that's a surprise.  The bags are limited and at $150 are probably cheaper than a cab ride to the show.  Or not, I've never even been to California so who am I to riff on the particulars of public transit.

     Ok, I know not all of us are the most adventurous of folks and like to pick the exact figures we want.  Some people would say that's the sign of being a control freak, but hey, I'm not here to judge you to your face.  Artist Candie Bolton did five Blacklight Rainbow version of Shub, each being $130, or snag yourself one of the most amazing marbled versions for only $100.  Marbled Japanese vinyl is THE BEST.  Seriously, it's like something only rich people should be able to have, but there it is, available to us all.  It's a gift.  Random Drudes for $20 each will also be available,  ready and willing to worship your entire toy collection.

    Plus...oh yeah, there's a plus....there will be t-shirts and patches and lots of other stuff.  And I'm told there will be Brian Ewing, being that this is all at his booth and stuff, and he's half of the Metacrypt team (the other half being Rocket Society/Hateball, FYI).  It's all happening at booth # 4503.  

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

SDCC Exclusive Shub Zeroth from Metacrypt x DSKI One

    People are always asking me for advice on how to woo the fairer sex.  Actually, no one has ever asked me that, but I'm gonna tell you anyway with an example from this past Sunday.  First, my wife and I drove out to the boondocks of Pennsylvania to do a bit of antiquing.  There's nothing women love more than buying dead people's treasures.  Gets 'em all in the mood for romance. Next we ate lunch at our favorite spot in the continental US that serves German food.  After gorging ourselves on piles of meat we then headed home to watch the WWE wrasslin pay per view.  And that my friends is not only how you show a woman a good time, that is how you stay happily married.  If they aren't impressed by a date like that you should cut your loses and leave them on the side of the road because it's obvious they're terrible people.  

    This San Diego Comic Con exclusive Shub Zeroth reminds me of some good antiquing with that nice patina he's sporting.  I'm a sucker for a good patina, and I want this dude pretty badly.  I would not be opposed to showering you with praise if you buy me one.  Metacrypt made him, DSKI One painted him up, and he will be available at 1pm Thursday at the Lulubell Toys booth # 5047.  They will also have some unpainted grey versions and some green and white severed heads that are fun for kids to play with.  If anything doesn't sell (which would be stupid of all of you attending) it will be made available at Brian Ewing's booth # 4503.