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Monday, December 12, 2016

Tara McPherson Pop Up Event At Jinxed in Philadelphia

    Now I'm not one to go and take credit for things, but I'm gonna lay this scenario out for you.  Tara McPherson posted on Instagram looking for suggestions on where she could hold a pop up shop in Philadelphia.  I mentioned Jinxed because it is one of my favorite stores in the city and is pretty much responsible for me being obsessed with designer toys.  Then yesterday Tara posts this picture because obviously my idea was that phenomenal.  And yet the WWE still won't hire me to write for them even though I now have a proven track record of brilliance.  

   You can spend the day before my birthday chillin (do people still say that) with Tara at the best vintage store in the entire city of Brotherly Love this WEDNESDAY.  She'll be there from 6-8 with all kinds of art that would look way better than that "Live, Laugh, Love" shabby chic wood thing you have hanging above your couch.  Go ahead and throw that away in anticipation, I'll wait.  

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dunny 2013 Series from Kidrobot

    As you all know, blind boxes drive me insane and for the most part I have sworn against buying them.  Except for Dunnys.  I don't know exactly what it is, but I never get tired of these little dudes from Kidrobot.  And I get especially excited when they do their yearly series and the wife and I get to spend a few hours at a trading party, sitting on the floor and opening up toys with other people just as addicted to these things as we are.  If you've never been to one they're kinda like if AA meetings served beer.  These suckers will be coming out June 14th and all of your favorite stores will be having get togethers to celebrate.  I'll be spending my 401k at Jinxed in Philadelphia.