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Thursday, April 26, 2018

"Precarious Opposition" Print from Tara McPherson

    I would be irresponsible if I did not throw out some advice for the single dudes out there when it comes to decorating your walls.  Do it.  Put pictures on your walls from art you love or else your dating life is going to be sad.  When my wife and I first started dating my walls we as pure as the driven snow and she made sure I was aware of my lack of decorating.  I didn't see the need to at the time, but apparently that sends off some real serial killer vibes.  She worked at a frame shop and you better believe the first thing she ever gave me was framed art.  Obviously my natural charm was strong enough for her to see my bare walls as a mere invitation for much needed change, but the results could have proved disastrous.

    Now less you think hanging up the periodic table of beer or a Jimi Hendrix poster is gonna cut it, cause that might actually be worse than naked dry wall.  My favorite print that Sharon ever got me was from Tara McPherson, whose art I had just discovered at the time.  Now I am beyond thrilled to share this new print from one of my favorite artists so you can also transform your home into a gallery worthy space like I have.

    Entitled "Precarious Oppositions", this limited edition of 100 fine art prints will be available today (April 26th) beginning at noon eastern time.  Each one not only comes signed and numbered, but will also include an additional print for free for those of you that order before the week ends.

    It's not only the perfect companion piece, but a great way to start your own collection.  Or to expand on the one you already have like me.  Pick them up today by visiting  

Monday, December 12, 2016

Tara McPherson Pop Up Event At Jinxed in Philadelphia

    Now I'm not one to go and take credit for things, but I'm gonna lay this scenario out for you.  Tara McPherson posted on Instagram looking for suggestions on where she could hold a pop up shop in Philadelphia.  I mentioned Jinxed because it is one of my favorite stores in the city and is pretty much responsible for me being obsessed with designer toys.  Then yesterday Tara posts this picture because obviously my idea was that phenomenal.  And yet the WWE still won't hire me to write for them even though I now have a proven track record of brilliance.  

   You can spend the day before my birthday chillin (do people still say that) with Tara at the best vintage store in the entire city of Brotherly Love this WEDNESDAY.  She'll be there from 6-8 with all kinds of art that would look way better than that "Live, Laugh, Love" shabby chic wood thing you have hanging above your couch.  Go ahead and throw that away in anticipation, I'll wait.  

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Help Kickstart Tara McPherson's First Board Game "Dreamwell"

     When I first heard Tara McPherson was doing the art for a new game I assumed it was gonna be for an app.  So then like a dummy I went and tried to download it, which is when I learned that it was actually a real life board game like Monopoly, which no one will play with me because I get way too intense. Basically I like to play until I put you in financial ruin and slowly begin to take everything you own.  And I laugh maniacally while I do it, which is probably the part that upsets people the most.  World domination isn't pretty though, and you better man up if you think you're gonna be buying up property in my neighborhood.

    The game is called Dreamwell and the premise is that you're trying to locate some friends that have become lost.  It doesn't have the same nefarious dealings that Monopoly does, but think of that warm and fuzzy feeling you'll get when you rescue these poor lost folk despite the lack of cash reward.  And you can play with up to four people total, so when you win you can still celebrate like you scored the winning touchdown at the Super Bowl.  You should never pass up the opportunity to highlight your dominance in any competition.

    Tara and Action Phase Games need your help to make this become a reality and are running a Kickstarter campaign to generate the funding.  Check out the link here and contribute what you can.  Even if you can't find someone to play with you because of your colorful history with board games, each piece would look really cool to decorate with.  

Thursday, November 13, 2014

"New Maps of the Abyss " featuring Arik Roper x Skinner at The Cotton Candy Machine

    Art doesn't have to suck.  Art is not all about some weirdo glueing a screwdriver to a urinal, or those crappy prints that you're forced to stare at in your doctor's waiting room.  It should make you feel something, whether you just like how something looks, or whether it makes you want to charge into battle, double fisting a couple broad swords, while "Reign in Blood" is blasted from the heavens.  If the latter speaks to your Lord of the Rings-loving soul, then do I have the place for you to be tomorrow night.

    The Cotton Candy Machine in Brooklyn is presenting "New Maps of the Abyss" featuring the work of Arik Roper and Skinner.  This is gonna take you back to the time when you were hiding in the basement in your Iron Maiden t-shirt, playing Dungeons and Dragons with your friends.  These are your most vivid fantasies, your darkest fears, brought to life and ready to hang on your wall.

    The event starts at 7pm and both artists will be in attendance.