Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Resin Minion Figures from MikeFX x RenOneLab

    This dude is nothing like those little yellow guys with the same name.  In fact, he looks like he would like to use those razor teeth to bite their heads clean off.  Which is fine by me, cause I'm beyond seeing those things in every fifth Facebook post along with some quote about how Monday's suck, or how everyone at their job annoys them.  The only thing those inspire me to do is wish I drank.  

    You've seen RenOne's Minion face plastered all over the world in sticker form, but now you can welcome him into your home as a fully realized three dimensional figure.  MikeFX brought this 5 inch resin dude to life and he will be available as a 10 piece run in DIY grey with one lucky buyer scoring the Cherry Bomb figure you see below.  These dudes will go on sale Friday, March 25th at 9am pacific time.  Available at

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