Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Asteroid Custom Lottery from Plaseebo

   Have you ever sat around and tried to fathom the vastness of space?  We are told that it is never ending but have you ever really tried to ponder that?  Everything we know has boundaries; every living thing and every object has a distinct end point where it ceases to exist.  Anything you can think of is contained to some degree, whether it is in and of itself or it is a part of something larger.  Your couch is contained in your living room, which is in your house, which is within your city, which is within your state, etc etc.  Like my friend in middle school's uncle who was really weird about hugging, space has no boundaries.  My God I am hurting my wee human brain just trying to imagine something like that.  Guess that means it's nap time!

    Before I go and ruin the rest of my day with an ill advised rest, let me tell you about this killer Asteroid figure from Plaseebo.  This dude looks like he was trying to prove that space did indeed have an ending and met with something very unfortunate along the way.  I'm going to label him as part of the genre "Haunted Galaxy" that I just made up as he looks like he encountered some pretty mean intergalactic poltergeists rather than mere aliens.  Whatever it was that did him in, this one of a kind figure is masterfully crafted and features LED lights which make him way more creepier than anyone thought possible.  If you'd like to be his proud owner you're going to have to enter a lottery, and if you're going to enter the lottery this is how you do so:

To enter lottery, please send the following to: 

1.  Name

2.  Shipping Address

3.  Country

4.  Telephone Number

5.  PayPal Email Address

6.  Instagram ID

    Lottery winners will receive notification emails by Saturday August 17th. Figures will ship from the USA upon receipt of payment due by Tuesday August 20th.

USD $450. + $20. for US shipping OR $60. for world-wide shipping.

   The lottery closes this Friday and if you're not in it, you can't win it.  

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  1. Thank you for your post Chris, love your stories as usual. May have to borrow your term "Haunted Galaxy".