Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Iron Monster "1939" edition from Miscreation Toys

    Dude looks pissed!  He must have gone to the doctor last year for this weird pain he was having and was shocked by how little his insurance actually covers.  And it's a new shock every time you go and get the mail and there's a balance due for another test that was run.  Yeah, he's obviously very mad about the state of health care in America and how ridiculously expensive it is to not die in this country.  Not that I would know anything about that, but I can see it in his face.

    Who am I kidding, The Iron Monster looks that way because he wants to end you.  And because the next season of Downton Abbey is reported to be the last, but mostly because he wants you dead.  You should make all his dreams come true and invite the 1939 edition of this killing machine into your home when Miscreation Toys puts him up for sale tomorrow (Friday March 27th) at 9pm eastern time.  Each one will sell for $200, or you can get an all black blank version for $150.  

Adopt yourself a monster at

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