Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Mint Green Lurkfoot from Lurk x Toy Art Gallery

    I'm gonna have to start billing Toy Art Gallery for the amount of time I dedicate to them.  It's amazing how much they have going on, between their insane art shows and the amount of product they release that Gino and company have easily become one of the most active entities in designer toys.  Without further ado, let's get to it (and the bill's in the mail).

    Did you know that if a domestic pig gets loose and lives in the woods that in 6 months time it will grow tusks, get really hairy, and become completely wild?  Supposedly that's why they find those giant hogzillas in the southern United States, doing whatever hogzillas do.  I think that's what all Bigfoot sightings are; just a random hillbilly a that couldn't find their way home and went feral.  I'll be happy to appear on one of those Discovery Channel shows and explain my theory.

    This 9 inch tall Lurkfoot from Lurk will be available today starting at noon pacific time.  It's made out of mint green vinyl that probably is not flavored like after diner mints, so don't lick it.  Or do lick it, have the weird plastic chemicals go to your brain, and become a feral hillbilly and get your own reality show!


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