Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Madballs Blind Boxed Key Chains from Kidrobot

    We all have those embarrassing key chains that we discretely remove before we drop our car off to be serviced.  Whether it's a sports team that is the arch rival of the hometown favorite, or one that you got during Senior Week '94, you don't want the bill to suddenly skyrocket because of your questionable life choices.  Instead, let people know that you have a foot firmly planted on the foundations of nostalgia while looking forward into the future with hopeful eyes.  Or forget whatever I was trying to say there and just get these Madballs key chains because they're cool.   Produced by Kidrobot, this blind boxed series is sure to delight your real friends and gross out those that just don't get it.  It's a great way to filter the people in your life, kinda like when you could push that button on Facebook to find out which of your friends liked Nickelback and then shun them accordingly.  The dark secrets people hold are seemingly never ending.

   These are available now at www.kidrobot.com and wherever designer toys are sold.

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