Thursday, April 19, 2018

Bubble Gum Pink Bake-Kujira from Candie Bolton x Toy Art Gallery

    Things don't get much more metal than the angry poltergeist of a dead whale.  It's so metal that you could make it bubble gum pink without another lick of color and it's just as metal as anything to come out of Norway in the early '90's.  Any black metal band can wear traditional corpse paint, but you should be really scared if you see one decked out like Hello Kitty because those dudes are obviously crazy and any music they make is too brutal for human ears.  Only wooly mammoths could withstand such an audio onslaught, so when the aliens come and resurrect them they will have something cool to listen to.  I hope you'll be thinking about how great this post is all day because that's my gift to you in these times of darkness.

   Candie Bolton's spooky sea mammal has risen from the deep and into our hearts many times before, but never so delicious looking.  Seriously, this version looks like you could break pieces off and enjoy a good old fashioned chew.  Toy Art Gallery will be releasing this beauty on Friday, April 20th at noon pacific time from

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