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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

KEIKOJOKER at Coin Rides Game #4 from Fool's Paradise

   Let me tell you something, Fools Paradise does licensed toys like no one else.  I love to see a company take such well known characters and blow my mind with such a refreshing presentation.  How many times can you make just a miniature version of some dude that everyone knows and expect people to get excited about it?  The answer is apparently "infinite".

    But enough bellyaching when there's this beauty to talk about.  It's equal parts cute, frightening, and irreverent, and thankfully looks nothing like the meth head Jared Leto version of the Joker that we're stuck with courtesy of the Suicide Squad film.  Ahhhhh negativity is like a bad burrito that just won't stop haunting me.

    I really don't know any better way to describe this thing than to have you look at the pictures and try to wrap your own head around it.  You got a nearly naked hot chick with a Joker-styles panda head riding a miniature coin operated Batmobile.  Actually, that does sum it up quite nicely.  I may have a future in this yet.

    You can preorder this beauty until July 13th by visiting  Only 380 of these will ever exist though, so get on it and own the greatest conversation piece a Batman fan could ever hope for.


Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Boba K.Slave at Coin Rides Game #2 from Fools Paradise

    There is no way I'm attempting to retype the name of this toy cause everything about me is in pain at the grammatical free for all that is taking place there.  Thankfully, that has zero bearing on how amazing this toy is.  Fools Paradise makes some drool-worthy pieces that I would kill to own and this may be my all time favorite one.  They've turned Boba Fett's Slave One into a coin op ride, turned him into a her, and the result is one of the best interpretation of the Star Wars universe that I've ever seen.

    The preorder for this beauty is going on right now over at this link until February 6th.  They're making them to order so don't expect to get one if you miss out this go round.  Each one will set you back $269, but think of all the happiness it will bring you.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

"Sand K. Troop at Coin Rides Game #1" from Fools Paradise

    Ok, let me make it perfectly clear that the name of this toy is a bit nuts.  I put that sucker in quotation marks so you didn't think I had a stroke while typing this.  The name reminds me of when my brother went to Korea and he came back with this shirt that had a picture of a monkey in a space helmet and it said underneath "The Matrix Lord of The Rings Return of the King".  They had just taken recently released movie titles, mashed em together, and called it a day.  I was really pissed he didn't buy me one.

  I'm more than willing to overlook what may be a rather confusing name and instead focus on the majesty that is this toy.   Let's break it down into its component elements to fully appreciate what it has going for it:

1.) It's Star Wars presented in a unique way

2.) Half-nekkid lady Storm Trooper

    It practically sells itself on those two points alone!  So since I have convinced you that you need one, I shall now tell you how to make all of your dreams come true.  You're gonna want to go to this link type in your payment info, and one of these will magically appear at your doorstep later this year.  You only have until September 8th to preorder one and they cost $289 with shipping included (magic ain't free, son).

Friday, June 13, 2014

Gummi Keiko: Sweet of the Dead from Fools Paradise

    One of the funniest things I've seen on the internet recently are the sugar free Gummi Bear reviews on Amazon.  Evidently whatever they use to sweeten those little squishy critters will make the fires of hell erupt from your backside.  For hours.  The stories are horrifying and hilarious at the same time.  If you're ready to laugh until you yourself feel ill, then click this link and revel in tales of the digestive misery of others.   

    So this guy is pretty frightening.  Try to ever eat a Gummi Bear again without thinking of a tiny skinned corpse sitting inside of it.  Not that it would make them any less delicious mind you, but if you feel a crunch when you bite into it you'll know what it was from. 

   This figure from Fools Paradise is pretty amazing though.  We've seen the anatomical versions of this candy before, but never like this.  I love how detailed the inner figure is, especially the painting of the muscles.  They're up for preorder right now at through July 11th.