Wednesday, November 30, 2016

It's a Very Munny Christmas at the Mothership Art Gallery

    If anyone was to ever ask my advice, which surprisingly no one ever has, the number one thing I would instill in them is at a young age pick a career that you will love and will give you freedom.  That second part is important, cause you can trick yourself into loving what you do to a certain extent through tried and true brainwashing techniques, but freedom is more than a state of mind.  Freedom doesn't leave you beholden to a company that sees you as an easily replaceable part in their larger machine.  Freedom doesn't leave you feeling trapped and hopeless.  No, freedom allows you to write your own ticket and tons of other cliche things that are escaping me right now.  Freedom also allows you to not miss cool events because no one else will work for you even after you explain to them that your happiness is in direct relation to how miserable you can make them.  It's simple math folks.   

    The Mothership Art Gallery is a relatively new store in Philadelphia that I still haven't made it out to see yet, and sadly I will not be able to break that streak this Friday when they host A Very Munny Christmas show.  Literally a butt ton of artists are participating with custom Munny ornaments from Kidrobot and a blind box resin series to boot.  All the details you need are in the picture so you can go and hang out and get some affordable custom figures/tree decorations.  One day I'll make it there.  One day.  

Weird Ways In Which People Find This Website

   Without question this is the weirdest search phrase anyone has ever used to stumble upon my little corner of the Internet.  Actually, it might have been less of a search and more of a disturbing confession.  Drumroll please as I present to you the sentence that should make me rethink everything I do here if it didn't amuse me so much...."I'm a mass murderer."  There could be someone out there right now that has done something really bad and in his attempt to use Google as an impromptu priest he found a new love for designer toys that has replaced his need for bloodshed.  This may be the most important work I've ever done and my fast track to sainthood.  Can we get The Vatican on the phone?

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

"Reyn" Edition GOG from Rob Jones x Unbox Industries


    The names Gog and Magog are entwined in the lore of many different places and can even be found mentioned in the Bible.  Their pertinence here is in relation to London, who claims them as protectors of the city.  With a face devoid of flesh and a suit that Genghis Khan would have worn to the prom, this dude looks like he would squash any tomfoolery with his spikey ball thingy and spend his lunch break polishing it to its original shine with your major organs.  So much more effective than Armor All.

    This mythological bouncer was designed by one Rob Jones and is based on a gig poster he did a few years back.  Unbox Industries brought it to disturbing life in plastic form and the results are a massive figure that could scare a hyena off a hamburger.  There's three versions of this dude, and Rob has sold out of the first two already.  But you can still own the spectral-like Reyn edition direct from his website by clicking here.  

Friday, November 25, 2016

Black Friday Sales Extravaganza Part Deux

Black Friday Sales Extravaganza Part 1

    You've eaten yourself to the point of nausea, you've watched football until it almost made sense, and you punched a stranger in the face to get a new tv that you didn't really need but the price was suuuuuuuper right and now it's time to really celebrate the season with Black Friday deals from your favorite retailers.  Check em out below and bask in the savings:

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

DesignerCon Leftover Bonanza

    The world of Thanksgiving wil never be the same as people are having leftovers BEFORE they even cook the turkey!  (that was so corny, I'm embarrassed for myself) I'm talkin about DesignerCon leftovers, which judging by everyone's haul photos on Instagram I didn't think there would be any.  Seriously, you guys need to tell me what you do for a living then hook me up with a job.

Everyone from Lulubell Toys, to Le Merde, to other people that begin with the letter "L" are selling their remaining wares online as we speak (or are about to starting today).  Check em out

    There's probably more, but you'll have to do some hunting for those on your own.  It will make it more fun for you.  

Steiff's Godzilla Has Made It To American Shores

    Out of everything I collect, people are always the most surprised about my small cache of vintage Steiff.  Nestled in between designer toys, World's Fair momentos, and whatever other weird stuff that I find, are these amazing German stuffed animals that for some reason I am obsessed with.  The craftsmanship is impeccable and with the vintage ones I enjoy the fact that I can preserve an object that someone many years before me had loved.  See, it's not all sarcasm.  It is most of the time, but I have my moments of sentiment as well.

  I've been coveting this Godzilla since it was released exclusively in Japan some time ago and now it has finally made its way to America.  The King of the Monsters is available right now for $699.00 from  Oh, and you can save $100 right now by using the coupon code "Godzilla".