Friday, September 14, 2012

Nathan Hamill's Releases for Comikaze Expo

    Nathan Hamill needs to make more toys.  There, I said it.  Seriously, his stuff is always really really cool but we need more of it.  Just look at those volcanoCECILrex figures.  He only made 7 of these little resin dudes and they're only $30 each.  He will be at Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo shindig in LA tomorrow at booth 1133 with these and the copper guy you see below: 

    His name is Kammu and he is sporting the aforementioned antique copper finish.  My wife and I like antique things and when we find one that is so good we can't live without it we call it a "pimptique".  I don't know if we heard that somewhere and just stole it or what, but feel free to use it whenever you peruse your local flea market.  This toy is old in spirit, so therefore it is now a pimptique.  Only 25 were made and it'll cost ya $75.

     Sticking with our pimptique vibe, this is Kammu sporting his antique gold finish.  You wanna talk about rare?  Only 3 of these exist in the whole world.  These are gonna be hanging out at the Toy Art Gallery Anniversary Party and will be $200 each.

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