Thursday, November 29, 2018

Orange Rage Deathcat from Deathcat Toys x Toy Art Gallery

     Taking care of a herd of cats is not for the faint of heart.  They each have their own unique personalities and quirks that at most times is endearing but sometimes can surprise you in unexpected ways.  Take for instance a few nights ago as I lay down in bed for a much looked forward to night of sleep.  I place my head on the pillow, pull my blanket up to keep out the cold, and roll over on my side for maximum comfort.  And that's when the acrid smell of feline urine fully assaults my nasal cavities. Though dry, my pillow had indeed been pee'd on.  One of our cats is much smaller than the others so she is often on the losing end of their wrestling matches.  What she lacks in size she makes up for by hosing down all of the other cat's favorite places to be.  Her nemesis likes to sleep in between my wife's and I's pillows, so hence my midnight surprise.  Of course I didn't have a spare so I ended up using one of the throw pillows from my couch, which seems to have realigned my neck in a less than optimal configuration.  She is damn cute though, so I can't even be that mad.

     After what has seemed like forever, the Deathcat has finally made the jump from resin figure to soft vinyl.  Toy Art Gallery is releasing the first edition of the namesake design from Deathcat Toys this Friday, November 30 at noon pacific time.  This four and a half inch tall sofubi figure will be $55 and for sale only from  Guaranteed to not produce unwanted puddles anywhere in your home.


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