Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Roman Reigns Pop! Vinyl from Funko

    My wife and I were sitting in the crowd at Raw two weeks ago when Roman Reigns won the championship and we both got chills when it happened.  We thought the most exciting part of the night was gonna be seeing Vince McMahon in person, but when Reigns won the title it reaffirmed everything that's great about professional wrestling.  And ya, I do in fact know that it's scripted, but I think that makes it even harder when you're talking about a show that runs every week of the year.  You have to plan out the ebb and flow of the story, you have to many times do the opposite of what the viewer wants so that when you hit them with a great moment it is even more powerful.  You need a hearty dose of familiarity while still attempting to surprise.  And if you think about any other tv show they don't have to deal with major characters getting hurt out of the blue and they also get plenty of down time to rethink plot points.  I've always enjoyed it since I was a kid but learning about what it takes to actually make the WWE happen has made me fall in love with it for different reasons.

     This March you can add the champ to your Pop! Vinyl collection when Funko releases this figure.  I have a suggestion for the people in charge of making these things.  How about a set of accessories to go with the toys?  You could make all of the belts, the Money in the Bank briefcase, a steel chair, a ladder, and countless other items to enhance our displays.  Just a thought.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas Candy Cane Marbled Keshi Franken Corpse from Radioactive Uppercut

   My favorite candy in the world is that Christmas hard candy that only people above the age of 85 seem to know where to get.  I look for it every year and I can never find it.  It usually comes in these big tins and half the time it's all stuck together and you have to break chunks of it off with an ice pick to even eat it.  But once you manage top free a section small enough to fit in your mouth it is beyond worth all the work.  Unless you get one of the spicy ones, then it's like your taste buds were assaulted to the point that a police report should be filed.  Those always end up in the trash where they should have been put in the first place.  

    I like candy canes too though, cause they're like non portion controlled peppermints.  They're the equivalent of half a bag of candy but it's ok to eat it because its the holidays and social norms about sugar consumption are put aside in favor of more rational thinking.  Radioactive Uppercut celebrates this yule tide tradition with his Franken Corpse keshi figure.  He's 3 inches of marbled goodness that probably would taste a whole lot worse than he looks.  Get one right now by visiting  

Sket One's "Sketracha" 3 Inch Dunny from Kidrobot Available Now

    I have no idea what Sriracha tastes like because I have a fluffy little lamb for a stomach.  I've been trying to be more food adventurous, but that is way less Indiana Jones and more not skipping over as many aisles in the grocery store as I used to.  For me that's a big step, though a very cautious one, cause just one wrong move and I'm doubled over begging sweet death to take me.  I suppose that's a bit dramatic.  

    Sket-One is the king of condiment Dunnys and he has expanded his range with this gastorintestinal heathen.  Kidrobot just released this 3 inches at the end of last week and from what I understand they are tough to come by.  But I believe in you way more than I believe in my ability to digest this stuff without complication.  Oh, and there's a 2 in 5 chance you'll get a nearly-empty chase variant.  

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Kenth Toy Works Takes on Paul Kaiju's Mockbat

    Paul Kaiju really doesn't need anyone to paint his toys, cause he does an incredible job all by himself.  So when I see that someone is doing their own release of one of his crazy characters I'm very interested to see what they've done with it.

    Behold, the Mockbat as interpreted by Kenth Toy Works. It's certainly a different look than what we're used to seeing, and that's what makes it interesting.  The figure already has boatloads of personality which is well enhanced by this technicolor paint job.  Now, being that I've sold you on this and you can't live without having one in your life, I'm gonna give you the details on how to make all your dreams come true.  Just follow these instructions as provided by Kenth:

December 19th (Sat) 0:00 to December 25th (Fri) 23:00 (Japan time) • Item

Paul Kaiju "Mockbat" Kenth Custom $200 (Shipping fee is not included) • Payment Method

- PayPal 

Please enter your Name, Address, Phone No and Email to [] * If the orders over the limitation then we are going to raffle and winners are announced by Email. * After we accept orders, we cannot accept any cancel requests. Please be careful, if you cancel your order, we are afraid to say that we will refuse any orders in the future.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Mini Plasma Seated Boo and Kuma from Kathie Olivas x Brandt Peters

    My Christmas gift giving philosophy is this: I never buy people stuff they need, only things I don't think they'd buy for themselves but would totally want.  Right now we need to get our washing machine fixed, but I'm not gonna be surprise my wife with a trip to the basement to show her the new agitator wrapped up with a bow on it.  That's dumb, and a sure fire way to being forced to sleep underneath the porch with the family of chipmunks that reside there.  Though it has been unseasonably warm as of late, and the idea of chipmunks sleeping next to me is reeeeeeaaaaallllly cute, I'd probably die.  

     For the toy/art lover in your life things couldn't be any easier when it comes to gift giving.  They practically smack you over the head with everything they love.   How about this nice set of figures from Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters?  These resin guys are cast in a dark, see through resin and feature hand painted faces.  You can buy them individually for $65 each or as a set for $120 (which saves you some money for those of you playing along at home).  Only 50 of each were produced and they're available right now from  

Saturday, December 12, 2015

TKOM's Hibiscus Pink Doublethink Lottery from Toy Art Gallery

    Call me crazy (what are you, my therapist?) but I equate the price of a toy to how big it is.  My brain refuses to take into account how rare it may be, whether or not the Pope blessed it, or anything else that could drive the cost up.  I am unable to justify buying something for a ton of money that could fit inside one of those plastic eggs in a 25 cent machine.   I refuse to partake in trinkets that the average child could shove into their nose unless they're priced accordingly.  

   Standing at 10 and 1/2 inches tall this Doublethink figure from TKOM is a lot of toy for your money.  And it even has two heads, so it's kinda like getting two different toys that have been melted together by science.  That's called value.  Toy Art Gallery is running a lottery right now for this unpainted dude cast in hibiscus pink vinyl.  But guess what? The lottery ends Monday, at noon pacific time, so follow these instructions on how to win the opportunity to buy one:

Email with “Doublethink Lottery” as the subject along with your paypal address and shipping info. If selected you will be sent an invoice for payment. Please allow 24 hours for a response after the closing time (Monday 12PM PST). Winners will be chosen at random, one entry per participant please (if you submit more than once you will be disqualified). Good luck!    

Friday, December 11, 2015

10 Inch Stache Labbits from Frank Kozik x Kidrobot Available Now

    The best performance in the history of film by a mustache would have to have been the stellar acting job featured in Smokey and the Bandit.  Not that Burt Reynold's furry little buddy is mentioned in the cast list on IMDB, or was rewarded for his hard work during award season, but the entire plot of the film could not have advanced to such stellar heights without his subtle, yet strong presence.  At the end of filming Mr. Reynolds should have shaved him off and had him bronzed like a pair of baby's first shoes.  The he could have been enshrined at some worthy museum, most likely a branch of the Smithsonian, where his fans could gather to pay respect to Hollywood's most important facial hair.  God bless you Burt Reynolds for continuing to inspire my follicles to reach for greatness. 

    Look at these Labbits,  with mustaches so glorious they could run for public office.  It's impossible not to trust a face accented in such a beautiful way in what can only be described as art.  They would embarrass a lesser man, bringing shame to the wispy little baby hairs that plague the upper lips of some folks from adolescence through death.  The fact that they are not left in the woods to fend for themselves is a testament to their family's compassion.

    Frank Kozik has finally made some more giant sized big ol Labbits for me to line my entertainment center with.  You can choose from back or white, but I say in the spirit of plastic bunny racial harmony you get em both and set a good example for the rest of the world.  They are available right now at for $49.99 each.