Monday, December 28, 2015

Steel Age Batman from 3A

    Hope you saved some of that money you got for Christmas, cause I'm about to spend it for you.  Allow your eyes to gaze upon the beauty that is this Steel Age Batman from 3A.  He's always been  man defined by his duel personas and the design of this figure echoes the fight within.  His medieval armor says "I'm ready to dole out some rough justice", while his Dr. Marten-esque boots say "I've got tickets to the Nine Inch Nails show."   Either way, heads are gonna get stomped.  

    You already know you want one.  Heck, you might have stopped reading this awhile back and are currently planning what you can get rid of to make room for it.  After you've finished you're going to want to know that this figure, in all of its 1/6th scale glory, will be available December 31st for $240. Be the envy of all your friends only from

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