Friday, April 5, 2019

Sunlight and Moonlight Edition Choices from Jermaine Rogers

    My favorite holiday this month is Wrestlemania, but Easter is cool too.  I like candy sometimes, I like finding things that people have hidden, though it's much more fun when they had no intention of me actually discovering it.  And I like bunnies, which are not a good idea to give your grubby little kids as pets.  Children have the attention spans of rocks and bunnies are living creatures that need lots of love and attention that spans beyond the point of novelty gift.  Just don't do it.  Buy them chocolate ones, or plush ones, our taxidermied ones, but never live ones.

    I take it back, you should always buy your kids rabbits who know how to wield knives and have murderous intentions.  The thing I love about the Choices figures from Jermaine Rogers is...everything.  They're adorable, they're stabby, and they're tired of your crap.  Not necessarily you the reader, but you as in society, kinda like Michael Douglas in Falling Down.  They also look like they might have just witnessed something really bad happen and have picked up the knife and are now contemplating calling the police as soon as the initial shock wears off.  Maybe.

    There are two different versions of this vinyl figure: Sunlight, with its pretty pink eyes, and Moonlight, which looks like the Blue Bunny ice cream mascot getting ready to lose his damn mind.  Both versions are available today, Friday April 5th, at 3pm eastern time exclusively from

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