Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April Preorders from Gentle Giant

    Ooooooooooooooh. These are some of the new thingys that Gentle Giant have made available for us to preorder in April. My favorite is this killer Death Trooper statue. As you can see he's got a touch of that zombie bug that's going around, which normally I'd say I'm sick of, but since it involves Star Wars, I'll let it slide. Plus it's cool. And $225.

    You remember what you used to always say when you were little? "Boy, I sure do wish they'd make a big ole Snaggletooth figure for me to play with". Well consider all of your prayers answered because here he is in all his awkward glory. For $70 he can loom large over your toy collection and creep out your mother.

    Continuing with the space theme I have found myself to be obsessed with, it's a Mars Attacks Christmas ornament. Once the aliens do land the first thing on their agenda is to steal all of your nicest things, so if you have their likeness hanging on your tree, they just might spare the socks your Aunt Linda got you. For three years in a row. Ridiculous woman.

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